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Regularly in the news to read that many individuals and businesses experiencing problems with their Wi-fi connection. Because many devices use Wi-fi and in office and apartment buildings, many routers near each other are to be Wi-fi connection is slow and unstable.

A solution could be to, for example, the channel on which the WiFi connection is transmitted to adjust. With the software and apps on this page, you can view the signal strength on different channels measure.


KisMac2 is a free Wi-fi signal strength analysis tool for Mac OS. It is based on the original KisMAC software that is no longer actively developed.

This program not only makes it possible for all the Wi-fi connection to analyze. It also helps to verify connections and connected devices is well enough protected. You can KisMac2 test your own WEP or WPA keys are not easy to crack.

KisMac2 is only suitable for professional users as it is on the first glance definitely not user friendly.

KisMac2 has the following characteristics:

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-fi Analyzer is for the non-professional user probably the most simple service in this category.

Unfortunately, this mobile app only available for Android smartphones and tablets. This can not be otherwise because Apple, for some reason, this kind of apps in its App Store. So when you have only an iPhone or iPad has worth to someone else is an Android phone or tablet to borrow.

Within Wi-fi Analyzer is in a very nice way to visually show how the different wi-fi networks partially overlapping. When the graphs of two networks too much about each other are these signals interfere with each other. This is the connection with your devices or it is slower. Therefore, select a channel that is not yet widely used by the routers in your environment.

Because it is a mobile application, it is very easy to use this signal to test at various places in your home or garden. Just walk around with your smartphone or tablet while the app is open.

Wi-fi Analyzer has the following features:

  • app to wi-fi signal strength to be measured,
  • most user-friendly service in this category,
  • visual representation of overlapping signals on different channels,
  • the signal strength on the router to display in dBm (closer to 0 is better signal),
  • only available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Acrylic Wi-Fi

Acrylic WiFi is a free WiFi scanner that Wi-fi access points and connected devices, shows. It shows both the network information SSID/BSSID as the connected users.

This Windows freeware collects information about 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac networks. There is a free and a paid version. The latter offers more options such as the display of hidden wi-fi networks, and automatic integration with Wireshark (a network protocol analysis program).

Acrylic Wi-fi has the following characteristics:

Download and install one of the versions programs Wi-fi signal strength measure for Windows 10.

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