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Download free Virtual Wi-fi hotspot for Windows 10

You have one device with a fixed or mobile internet connection and want to connect to other devices to share? This can be done with a free computer program that lets you create a virtual wi-fi hotspot setup. So it is not necessary to provide separate hardware to purchase.

On this page you will find an overview of the virtual wifi hotspot software for both smartphones, tablets and laptops. Programs that will soon also be added to this list will be Connectify hotspot and Wi-Host.


mHotspot is a free computer program that lets you use your Windows laptop into a virtual wi-fi router. It ensures that your computer has a Wi-fi signal emits where multiple (mobile) devices can be connected. Creates a daardloos network for multiple devices from one Wi-fi or LAN internet connection.

The broadcast signal may not only tablets and smartphones to be connected, but also other laptops. This is not only used for the creation of a new wireless network or expanding an existing network, but also for the easy introduction of a local LAN network for multiplayer games to play.

The dashboard of mHotspot provides information about the network, such as upload and download speeds and amount of transferred data. There can be up to 10 devices to a hotspot can be added. To ensure the safety and to further increase sets the maximum number of connected devices. The connection is protected with a WPA2 PSK password.

mHotspot has the following characteristics:

  • free software for wifi hotspot to realize,
  • up to 10 devices with wi-fi hotspot,
  • program is less than 500 KB in size,
  • follow the network use,
  • available for Windows desktop systems,
  • available for Android mobile devices.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

Free WiFi Hotspot is a simple solution to turn your laptop or notebook to a Wi-fi hotspot. The internet connection on your computer is by Free Wi-fi Hotspot sharing with other devices. The only thing you need to set is a hotspot ID (SSID) and a password. Creates a Wi-fi hotspot without additional hardware having to buy.

The software is provided by users used their connections to share with friends, family and colleagues. But it can also ensure that you are on your smartphone or tablet can browse the internet when only a wired computer.

Free Wi-fi Hotspot has the following characteristics:

  • free wi-fi hotspot set up,
  • has freeware license,
  • itself a SSID and password select,
  • connects all mobile wi-fi devices to the internet,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator

Do you want to from your computer a Wi-fi hotspot to create no additional hardware to purchase? This can be done with the free software of Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator. This program makes it possible to your fixed or mobile internet connection to share from your computer to a Wi-fi network signal to send out.

Just as with a Wi-fi router allows you to set a WPA2 PSK password. This is the password that you or others must enter to access the Wi-fi network to get. Strangers can't just connect.

For the setting up of a Wi-fi network, you only need a few steps to follow. After the startup of the software gives you, first of all, your network a name (for example, "JansNetwerk") and you set the password in. Finally, select the network connection that should be shared (for example "Local Area Connection" for a wired internet connection). The program ensures that your smartphone, tablet and laptop via this virtual Wi-fi hotspot to connect to the internet. Part of the netwerknaan the password with family, friends, and acquaintances to also access.

Wi-fi Hotspot Creator has the following features:

  • free virtual WiFi hotspot set up,
  • wired LAN or Wi-fi connection sharing,
  • there is no malware included,
  • secure network with a WPA2 PSK password,
  • email helpdesk is available after registration,
  • only available for Windows.

Virtual Router

Virtual Router is an open source router program for computers running Windows. Lets you share any internet connection (LAN, WiFi, dial-up or 4G) wireless with all the devices via Wi-fi to connect. This can not only smartphones or laptops, but also smart TV's and wireless printers.

The connection is secured using WPA2 wireless encryption. The software includes no ads or trackers that your internet follow.

When you give others access to your Wi-fi hotspot want to give you only need the password that you have set (maximum 8 characters) to share.

Virtual Router has the following features:

  • free virtual wifi router,
  • has an open source license,
  • contains no ads or trackers,
  • all kinds of devices to access the internet,
  • only available for Windows operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Virtual Wi-fi hotspot for Windows 10.

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