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Sending large files via e-mail can give problems. Many mailboxes have a limitation that not more than a few MB's of storage space available. Also, many providers place a limit on the maximum size of the attachment. Files or programs, send a few dozens of mb's large, it is not possible.

However, there are free computer programs, web services and mobile apps that make it possible to easily large files to send. On this page we give an overview of the best free alternatives. Another useful program for sending large quantities of files is Cloudup. This program will soon be added to that list. is currently one of the most useful programs for people who regularly have large files with each other have to share. This service makes it possible to send files by this to the saved person in the program to drag.

Unlike many similar services, is a peer-to-peer connection set up between the sender and the receiver. The files are so through a direct connection transferred without using an external server expires. This is the case with so-called "cloud"services. The advantage is that the bestandsoverdacht with is much faster and that the data is less easily accessible for hackers because it is not on a remote server is stored. For additional security, all data is also automatically encrypted for transmission.

The software to up - and download is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is for the receiver of a file not required to install the software. When you select the file via sent to an e-mail address to get this person a link to a page which directly download the file. It does have extra advantages of the desktop client to install. If can downloads then paused and resumed, and can you have a list of contacts to save.

One of the most beautiful features of this service finally, is that the size of sent files is unlimited. At this time, all functions are completely free, it is expected that in the future will have to be paid for certain advanced functions. has the following characteristics:

  • unlimited send large files,
  • files send it directly via drag & drop,
  • direct peer-to-connection for unprecedented fast data transfer,
  • installation of software is for the receiver not required,
  • especially suited for creative people who need a lot of material with fixed persons share,
  • for the time being, all functions are completely free, desktop program for Mac and Windows.


With WeTransfer, it is possible to create files up to 2GB for free to send. It is with WeTransfer not need to install software. It is also not necessary to register, and files sent are no less than two weeks available for the receiver.

The only thing the user has to do is select the files that are sending and the email address of the recipient and sender. If you have a message for the recipient type. The recipient will then get a link emailed from the location where the files can be downloaded.

WeTransfer has the following characteristics:

  • free for files up to 2GB share
  • you need to install any software to send files or to receive,
  • no registration required,
  • send to up to 20 recipients at the same time,
  • files are two weeks available for the receiver.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a free service aimed at sending large files.

This service distinguishes itself because the files not through a server of a third party to be shared. The data is thus directly from the transmitter to the receiver so your privacy is better safeguarded. Only when a direct peer-to-peer connection is too slow files via external servers.

Other details of this service are that both the sender and the receiver has no account have to create. Two devices are linked to each other by means of a temporary key of six characters. You need only to enter at the time that two devices for the first time be linked. The next time that you are the files you are trying to send is this connection automatically recognized.

The creators set no limit to the number of the shared files or the file size of files that are free to be shared.

In the basis is Send Anywhere through the online platform, but there are also desktop applications for Mac and Windows and mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone developed.

Send Anywhere has the following features:

  • free service to send large files,
  • direct peer-to-peer connection without intervention from a remote server,
  • unlimited number of files and unlimited file size free share,
  • desktop applications for Mac and Windows operating systems,
  • mobile apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Dropbox makes it possible to have your files automatically sync between different computers. All the files in the Dropbox folder on the desktop are also stored online and synchronized automatically when you use a different computer. The free version of Dropbox offers up to 2GB of online storage. You can use the online saved share files with others by a link to create and send.

Dropbox is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. In addition, there are also free apps available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and the iPad.

Dropbox has the following features:

  • free online storage and synchronization software,
  • all types of files in sync between different computers,
  • 2GB of storage for free,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop systems,
  • apps are available for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.


GigaTribe is a free P2P file sharing program but works differently than other programs, such as for example LimeWire. GigaTribe is intended to create files only with people you know and share with everyone. The user needs to specify who has access to selected files and folders.

GigaTribe has the following characteristics:

  • free P2P file sharing,
  • unlimited file sharing with friends,
  • download be protected with Blowfish 256-bit encryption,
  • suitable for all types of files including documents, video, audio, and images,
  • suitable for any file size.


MEGA is the free cloud storage service from Kim Dotcom. He was also the brain behind the illegal bestandsdeeldienst Megaupload. After this in 2012 with a lot of excess power is rolled up Kim MEGA developed. This service focuses on the limitations of sharing files between the users.

The free version of MEGA offers a whopping 50 gigabytes of free storage space. In addition to the online service, there are also desktop applications for Mac and Windows computers and mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

MEGA has the following characteristics:

  • cloud storage and deeldienst,
  • free version offers 50GB of storage,
  • desktop applications for Windows and Mac systems,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.


Jumpshare makes it easy to share files, all shared files to manage and more than 200 file formats directly from the online service.

Files you will upload it to the Jumpshare window or icon in the taskbar to drag. You then copy the generated link, or share them from Jumpshare via social media or e-mail. During the drag the ALT key to keep the files directly on Facebook or Twitter posted. With other keyboard shortcuts to create and upload, the program automatically screenshots.

The free version of Jumpshare contains 2 gigabytes of storage, and individual files can't be larger than 100 megabytes. The paid version costs $ 100 per year and provides extensive features.

Jumpshare has the following characteristics:

  • share files by it to the system tray,drag and drop
  • make screenshots with keyboard shortcuts and this direct share,
  • real-time statistics with respect to the sharing of files,
  • share files via a link, e-mail or your social media account,
  • receive a notification when someone a file you are sharing,
  • also works behind a (corporate) proxy-connection,
  • up to 2GB of free storage, and individual files up to 100MB,
  • desktop suitable for Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Send large files for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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