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With notation software you can create your own music composition to create. You can use notes to enter, and then save it as sheet music or the melody of the song playing as a MIDI file. Well-known paid programs are Sibelius, Finale and Encore, but there are also a number of free alternatives.

On this page you will find an overview of free music notation programs.


ScoreCloud is a program that particularly distinguishes it from other software in this list. The desktop software and mobile app created by a Swedish company to be developed are based on highly sophisticated technology that automatically played music into sheet music. After using this service a muziekfragment have absorbed this within a short time, are automatically converted into written sheet music.

ScoreCloud is an ideal service for teachers, musicians, bands and students. For more extensive features, such as online editing, sharing and syncing of sheet music must be paid. The basic version is completely free to use. So if you like music based on music played then we recommend ScoreCloud agree to install.

ScoreCloud has the following characteristics:

  • free automatic music notation program,
  • convert recorded music files automatically to sheet music,
  • desktop agent is available for Windows and Mac OS,
  • mobile app for iOS (iPhone and iPad).


LilyPond is a software that allows you sheet music with a classical engraving.

This program has no graphical user interface, you must have the score, so by entering text. LilyPond then convert it to sheet music. The creators of the program focus on the creation of a professional classical music engraving.

There are other projects based on LilyPond, adding extra functionality, including a graphical WYSIWYG environment, and the ability to play sound.

LilyPond has the following characteristics:

  • music notation program,
  • used a classical engraving,
  • the sheet music, export to PDF, SVG or PNG,
  • available for all major operating systems.

MC Musiceditor

With MC Musiceditor, you can create professional compositions, listen to, and the corresponding sheet music create. The open source program is only suitable for Windows operating systems.

MC Musiceditor has the following characteristics:

  • music notation software for Windows,
  • open source license,
  • score, save it as PDF or MIDI file,
  • notes enter using a keyboard or a mouse,
  • input notes in real-time in an external viewer if sheet music is displayed.

Download and install one of the versions programs Music notation for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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