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Used to let a lot of people by their parents or friends examine to test whether they the material well mastered. Nowadays, this is no longer necessary because you can also do a computer can use. The right computer programs can help you to remember new information.

On this page you will find a list a free overhoorsoftware.

The Mnemosyne Project

The Mnemosyne Project is a free program for your laptop, smartphone and tablet that allows you to memory cards. These memory cards help to make information quickly and efficiently information in your langetermijngeheugen to save. The Mnemosyne Project uses an advanced algorithm to determine what the best order is to get the cards to show. Memory cards that you already remember, therefore, are less often shown so that you can focus on the cards that you have not remembered.

Memory cards can not contain only text, but also images, sounds and movies (including Javascript and Flash).

You can get all the stored memory easy to search, among other things, on the basis of date and level of difficulty. By tags to cards to link it even easier to organize. The software allows detailed statistics to show your learning process to analyze.

The Mnemosyne Project is suitable for laptops that are run on Linux, Mac and Windows. In addition, there is also a mobile app available for Android devices (smartphones and tablets).

The Mnemosyne Project has the following characteristics:


OpenTeacher is an open source tool for all popular desktop systems. You can set it on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The software after installation also set to be in the Dutch language. The software is specifically focused on expanding your vocabulary in a foreign language.

For use you can create word lists, enter, or a previously saved dictionary from opening when in the correct file format is stored. These dictionaries consist of both the word in a known language and the translation in the foreign language you want to learn. These word lists can be saved and opened as T2K- (Teach2000) files. In addition, files with words supported of the online overhoordienst WRTS.

You choose whether the foreign words want to see and the Dutch meaning to write or that you are the Dutch words want to see and the foreign translation. But the software can be more than just words in a fixed order examine. The program will be the words that you error translated more questions and words that you already know less often coming back. So is your time best spent on learning the words that you have not yet mastered.

In addition to translating words, you can OpenTeacher also be used for questions on the basis of YouTube videos. So you can ask about a movie to test or the others have followed. Examples of questions are, for example, what is the name of the person in it prevents, what is the theme of the movie or where you play it. Finally, you can OpenTeacher also use geographical knowledge to the test. With the help of pins on a world map, you can view the names of places and cities practice.

OpenTeacher has the following features:


Anki is a free program for learning new information with the use of flash cards. With the help of this software you can effciƫnter learn so you can learn more in the same time or more time for fun things.

Flash cards are cards which are on both the front and back contain information. This information corresponds with each other and through the one side of the card to view the contents of the back recommend. When you get there then does not suit you, you can use the card to flip to cheating. You go on this way just as long by a pile of cards until you have everything memorized and no longer need to peek. This approach is often used when learning vocabulary in a foreign language, but for example, it can also be used to names with faces or guitar chords to learn.

In addition to the programs for desktop systems of Windows, Mac, and Linux provides Anki also mobile apps for Android and iOS. The Android app is free, but the iOS app unfortunately it must significantly be paid. To all of the flash cards to store, and between different devices to sync, you can use the online service called AnkiWeb. It also allows you to your collection of flash cards to share with others or just the flash cards use others for your own learning purposes.

Anki has the following characteristics:

  • use of digital flash cards for learning new information,
  • available for free for Linux, Mac and Windows,
  • mobile apps suitable for Android (free) and iOS (paid),
  • flash cards synchronize with the help of web service.

Download and install one of the versions programs Overhoor software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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