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Download free 3D software for Windows 10

Below is a list of free software that you can use three-dimensional models can design. This applies to both static three-dimensional models, as well as moving animations.

The overview on this page contains 3D programs for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


RenderMan is a 3D program developed by Pixar. This is the company responsible for many successful animated films, including Toy Story, Cars and The Incredibles. RenderMan by Pixar used for the creation of movies, but since 2015 is for non-commercial use also a free version for the general public released.

Unlike other programs in this list, such as Blender, RenderMan is not a fully 3D package. It offers only a rendering engine so you have also another program, such as Autodesk Maya, need 3D models to create. That program, from Autodesk, is very expensive, but employees of Pixar have, fortunately, a plugin for Blender developed. This is also to be used in combination with that open source program.

The reason that Pixar, a subsidiary of Walt Disney, this software is free is that they in this way, more customers want to bind. The software is freely available to make it is more used by students and designers all over the world.

RenderMan has the following characteristics:


  • provides a rendering engine,
  • only free for non-commercial use,
  • available for Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Blender

    Blender is an open source software program that allows you to 3-dimensional models, rendering, interactive creation and playback. The software was originally developed by the Dutchman, Ton Roosendaal. Today he is at the head of a whole development team that is supported by membership donations.

    Blender is suitable for the creation of static 3D objects, but also for moving animations. The Blender Game Engine is a component of this program that can be used for the creation of real-time interactive content.

    The program offers features that are comparable to paid professional software. Thus, it is used to create complete three-dimensional movies. As the program advanced, you will take the time to take this program to get the hang of. For a small fee, you can through the website of the developer of the Blender Animation Toolkit purchase. This step-by-step explanation of how the software works and how to create a movie with moving characters.

    Blender 3D is on all the major operating systems : Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    Blender has the following features:

    • 3D models,
    • 3D models, rendering,
    • Create 3D animations,
    • real-time 3D gamecreatie,
    • extensive schaduwmogelijkheden,
    • read and write of different 3D file formats, including LightWave, Wings 3D, and 3D Studio.

    Autodesk Meshmixer

    Autodesk Meshmixer is a free 3D tool from the same developers as that of AutoCAD. This allows you, as a beginner, in a relatively short time a 3D object. The program focuses on the group of non-professional 3D editors such as people who have out of interest just a 3D printer have purchased.

    The program is linked with a database containing more than 10,000 3D objects are included. These can be used as a basis to make any adjustments to make or parts to add. Also for patterns and structures of the object can be selected from the database of shapes.

    When you're done with the design then you send this from Meshmixer to your 3D printer to start printing.

    Autodesk Meshmixer has the following characteristics:

    • 3D objects create and modify,
    • freeware program,
    • database of more than 10,000 objects to use,
    • different textures and patterns to use,
    • software for Windows and Mac operating systems.


    SketchUp is a free tool for 3D-images. Where normally CAD software such as AutoCAD is used for detailed drawings offers Trimble SketchUp is a simpler alternative for basic 3D software. This program is also suitable for people who do not have much time to want to devote to understanding all the features. It is so easy to use that within a half hour your first own design.

    You can use this tool to 3D models of anything you want. Many people use the program to make the interior of their home to put together. So you can get a spatial impression of the interior before you bought. But you can use SketchUp for the design of, for example, cars, gardens and buildings. When the program is still in the hands of Google offered the ability to in an easy way three-dimensional designs of buildings to Google Earth to add.

    In 2006, SketchUp was acquired by Google. This 3D software was then renamed to Google Sketchup. Since the software in april 2012, has been sold to Trimble the software goes under the name Trimble SketchUp.

    SketchUp has the following characteristics:

    • free develop 3D objects,
    • ease of use in comparison with other 3D-software,
    • ability to developed buildings directly in the Google Earth places.

    Art of Illusion

    Art of Illusion is a cross platform 3D modelleringsprogramma. This open source software is written in Java and is available for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

    This software is quite extensive, and it is possible to be both photo-realistic and abstract three-dimensional figures to create. It does in many respects not inferior to commercial alternatives.

    Art of Illusion has the following characteristics:

    • open source 3D-modelleringsprogramma,
    • detailed abstract or photo-realistic 3D models,
    • suitable for both Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating systems.


    Download and install one of the versions programs 3D software for Windows 10.

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