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Previously saved your notes in a physical notebook. Nowadays, do many people do this with a computer program. This not only has the advantage that you don't have a pen and paper, but, in particular, notes much faster can actually be found.

On this page we give a list of free software to make notes and to manage. The list includes programs for both Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


TagSpaces is an open source program for all kinds of personal data to store and manage.

With this program opens the structured storage and retrieval of photos, recipes, and invoices a lot easier. In addition, it runs on any popular platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. There is also a version that you decide on a WebDAV server room such as ownCloud can be installed. Finally, there are also plugins for the browsers of Chrome and Firefox.

All versions of TagSpaces are free, except the mobile apps. Both the Android and the iOS app should be in Google Play and the App Store for a one time small amount to be paid.

With TagsSpaces you can include photos, notes, recipes, e-books, invoices and to-do lists save. All these data are organized by tags to add. On the basis of these tags may all information stored in short time be found.

All of the entered information is standard only on the device itself are stored, and not to servers of the creators sent. This has the advantage that your data is safe. You can choose to have the imported information to sync via your own account with an online service such as Dropbox, Bittorrent Sync or ownCloud. This is not necessary to use the program on one device.

Google Keep

Google offers a free service to easily add notes and reminders to save with the help of photos, recorded audio and text. For all the stored notes, you can set a reminder so that, on the basis of your location or the time of day a message is displayed. A useful is, for example, to receive a notification that the milk is as soon as you near the supermarket.

The notes you are sharing with selected contacts. Then you will see live when, for example, the shared shopping list is checked off by the person in the shop.

Because Google Keep directly via the site, via the Chrome browser plugin and via the Android app can be used your note is always at hand. Unfortunately, there is still no iOS app developed.

Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper is a free annotations service for tabletes who are on Android, iOS or Windows Phone run. The app is offered by Wacom, the creators of stylus pens for tablets. It can be useful, but a pen is not necessary in order to make use of the notes app.

Bamboo Paper try the experience of pen, pencil and paper as much as possible. You have a choice of different types of pens and brushes. It is even possible to take photos of the sketches to add. That way you can use your notes or sketches on paper, start digital finish.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft offers a very easy to use and nicely designed service to notes and notes to store and manage. The service is not only available through an online site, but also through programs for desktops and apps for all popular mobile platforms.

Within your Microsoft OneNote account, you can get all the notes and files such as documents, images, and sound files, centrally store and synchronize between all the different platforms. You can do this through the apps, website or desktop programs, but also by a file to the e-mail address to send that to your own OneNote account is linked. All data is then easily searchable on save date, keywords, file type, etc.

All saved notes and files from the online account shared with others. You can grant rights to the files, only view or also edit.

For 2014 had users for a subscription to the service pay. In that year, Microsoft decided the service is now completely free to offer.


ResophNotes is a free notes program for Windows.

The software syncs with the popular online service Simplenote at an interval that you determine. You open the program the speed dialing key that you have set. Then, you create your annotation that is stored as a flat text file or in a database. For the formatting of the notes you can use Markdown to use.

ResophNotes is next to the installer file is also offered in a portable version. This gives you the program together with all of your notes are always collected on a single USB stick.

This program does not include all the innovative features, but it is in all its simplicity for many people be the favorite tool for quick notes to create and save.

ResophNotes has the following characteristics:

  • free notes software,
  • speed-dialing key set to the open directly and quickly to a note,
  • supports Markdown for adding HTML,
  • portable version available to run from a USB stick,
  • possibility of online syncing and consult with Simplenote,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.

Techno Notes Manager

Forget saving all the separate files with annotation or manage endless bookmarks.

With Techno Notes Manager for Windows, all of your annotations and notes will be structured and stored. With the integrated search engine, you can find all this soon again. Notes can have an attachment and be able to within a tree structure can be organized.

Techno Notes Manager is available for Windows only. There is also a portable version that you don't need to install for use. This is, for example, from a USB-stick to boot.


KeepNote is a free gnome translation updates for all popular operating systems. You can use this software for a variety of purposes including storing your class notes, to-do lists, research notes while, logs, etc. You can use the saved notes format with rich text and images. The files are stored in HTML and XML format.

In order to keep the overview you can select all the notes hierarchical classification. In the left column of the program folders displayed in a tree structure in which notes are stored. Of course, you can create these folders yourself, give it a name and organize.

KeepNote has the following characteristics:

  • digital save notes, and manage,
  • use rich-text formatting,
  • internet links and links between notes to save,
  • integrated spell checker (using gtkspell),
  • notes automatically save when entering,
  • integrated backup and restore function using ZIP archive files,
  • add additional features through extensions to install,
  • available for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.


Evernote is a free desktop and mobile tool for archiving text, audio, and image files. Because people are used to everywhere to make notes and save files, both online and on desktop and mobile devices, are all important notes and files are also distributed. Evernote offers a solution to all of the important data within a single service to store and quickly find. Why is Evernote not only as an online service, but are also mobile apps and desktop programs.

All data provided through the site, app on the desktop program is stored is at a later time, quickly found on the basis of keywords which you to the file you can attach, opslagdatum, and file type. With the help of OCR technology within scanned documents and images, the text recognized.

All data is automatically synchronized between your laptop, smartphone, tablet and the online service. You no longer need on your tablet and smartphone, and laptop to search for that one document. The use of Evernote makes your life automatically a piece georganiseerder. Take a picture of the wine that you like, take a voice memo with an idea that you don't want to forget or scan all the documents that you will need on your trip around the world, and save them to Evernote to never lose. This information allows you to in addition to from the service easily share it with others.

For a fee of five euros per month or 40 euros per year you will get additional options, such as upload of larger files, together editing notes and annotations offline caching on mobile devices. This premium subscription is not required.

Evernote has the following features:

  • notes, and digital archive files for later easy to find,
  • notes in files are synchronized between all the devices,
  • whole internet pages to save via the "web clipper" browser extension,
  • documents and sharing notes with colleagues and/or friends,
  • always be accessible online via your personal account,
  • available for Mac and Windows laptops,
  • mobile apps suitable for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


    With CintaNotes you can all your notes digitally, save it on your Windows computer.

    In contrast to many similar programs, you don CintaNotes does not first start to write a note to save it. The software automatically saves a new note when you select a text fragment, for example, on a website, copy to the clipboard of the Windows operating system. This works not only in the web browser, but from any Windows program that is capable of text to the clipboard. When you select a snippet of text from the internet save is also automatically the internet address is stored.

    Notes can be synchronized between different computers with the help of online services such as SugarSync and DropBox.

    When you run the software first not want to install it directly from for example a USB-stick and want to use, then you need the portable version download. Not only the program is running from a USB stick but also the notes are stored on it. That way you will always have access to all of your notes, regardless of which computer you're working on.

    CintaNotes has the following characteristics:

    • digital notes to create and manage,
    • automatically save notes through text to the Windows clipboard,
    • real-time search notes as you type a query,
    • system to take notes to share with the help of tags,
    • can also be booted and used from a USB stick,
    • only available for Microsoft Windows.

    Download and install one of the versions programs Annotations and notes for Windows 10.

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