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Download free Screen recorder for Windows 10

There is various software that makes it possible to to make a movie of your computer screen. Thus, you can easily a how-to video or record streaming video, record.

All the software is free and safe to download. UPDATE: For Mac users we recommend the free software from the QuickCast .


ActivePresenter presents itself mainly as a paid program for making screen captures, but there is also a free version. The free version differs from the paid versions because of the no Powerpoint presentations can also import and screencasts can only be exported to a JPEG or PNG image file or a WMV, AVI, MPEG4 or WebM video file. It is even possible to export into the SCORM format. This format is suitable to provide within a suitable electronic learning environment. Finally, there in the freeware version, no interactive elements to the screencast can be added. However, the chances are that you won't have any problems with the more limited functionality of the free version.

Also in the free version includes the created screen capture no time limit or watermark. In addition, you can also your spoken text to include with the help of a (probably in your laptop's integrated microphone.

After the screencast is recorded, you can this within ActivePresenter also edit. So you can trim, merge, volume levels change or break down. In addition, you can take notes in different standard forms add.

ActivePresenter has the following characteristics:

  • freeware program for creating screen captures,
  • available in one free and two paid versions,
  • visual and sound effects and notes to the screencast to add,
  • result export to the formats WMV, AVI, MPEG4 or WebM,
  • video easily share or upload to video sites,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

CamStudio Open Source

CamStudio Open Source can all activities on your PC screen, including related audiogeluiden record and save as a video file. The video is saved in the commonly used .avi format and is so easy to play on any PC with a video player.

In addition, CamStudio has a built in function to convert AVI video files to convert in Streaming FlashVideos (SWFs), so you can get your videos from your website can play without a lot of bandwidth costs.


Ezvid is a free package that allows you to very many opportunities to screencasts and editing including background noise, or layers, for example, with a logo over the video. Ezvid is only suitable for Windows operating systems.

The software is available for free but automatically includes the movie, however, an introduction with Ezvid itself is promoted. By what operations to perform you have to cut this introduction. You can watch the video direct upload to YouTube from within the program itself. The software contains a number of standard pieces of music to add. You can also own audio file as a background sound set. When you are completely no sound select adds Ezvid themselves a sound that is much like the sound of a fan.


Jing is a free program for Mac and Windows PC that screenshots and screencasts can be made.

With the program can free videos of maximum 5 minutes. It is possible to the movies-quickly share via the internet, the videos can be hosted on an own server room or the server room of Jing. The program makes it easy to create the part of the screen to choose that.


Screencast-O-Matic is an online tool that everything within your browser. You do not need to install software, just a plugin for the web browser. The program works on both Windows and Mac computers.

Because Screencast-O-Matic works from your web browser, you can only make a screencast recording of websites and applications within this browser. If you have a screencast to create, for example, another computer program, then you must use one of the other screen recorders to use this page.

U2Any Screen Recorder Free

U2Any Screen Recorder Free is since 2015 unfortunately no longer available.

U2Any Screen Recorder Free is a free version of software that otherwise is available for a fee in the Mac App Store. It is a full screen recorder for Mac, but the major drawback of this free version is that the films up to 180 seconds may take. After 3 minutes switch U2Any Screen Recorder Free the recording by itself.

At the start of the screen capture, select yourself or the whole screen or just a part of it want to record. It is also possible to have the video of the webcam to save it. If you want you can add a text or watermark to the video to add. The screen captures can be presented in different formats to be exported, including avi, MP4, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, flv and swf format. Therefore, it is also possible to have the images on your mobile devices.

U2Any Screen Recorder Free has the following features:

  • free screen capture software for Mac OS,
  • the total screen or only a selected part of record,
  • text or watermark to add recording,
  • supports the recording of webcam images,
  • available only for Mac OS operating systems.

IceCream Screen Recorder

IceCream Screen Recorder is free software that makes it possible for any part of your screen to capture in a video or a screenshot.

IceCream Screen Recorder offers many additional features that make it also very suitable for professional users. It is used for game tournaments in high-definition capture, Skype videoconferences to take screenshots and to make. The program is as intuitive as possible designed. At this time, IceCream Screen Recorder is only released for Windows operating systems. There will be short-term also a version for Mac OS to recover.

Free Screen Video Recorder

With DVDVideoSoftware Free Screen Video Recorder is easy to create both screenshots as screencasts. In addition to simply making images and videos it also includes the tools to modify the size, parts of it off or cut the image or video to rotate.

List Screen Video Recorder is today actively developed and is suitable for the latest Windows versions. Note during the installation that you have the option to select additional software to install, uncheck.

Free Screen Video Recorder has the following features:

  • free screenshot and screencast software,
  • video files are saved as AVI-file,
  • screenshots are saved as BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder from the developer called Rylstim is a straightforward screen capture program for Windows.

The software has four different settings that you can customize. First of all, you can choose whether only right mouse click or left mouse click or both should be displayed. For the movie file in which the recording is saved, you can choose from a number of different codecs. Finally, you can choose how many frames per second are recorded. More frames results in a smoother image and less frames in a smaller size. Finally, enter in where the file should be saved and you can start recording.

The next time remember the program to the chosen settings, and you do so only on the "Start Record" button. In all its simplicity is Rylstim Screen Recorder is one of the most easy-to-use programs in this category. The software is only suitable for Windows operating systems.


oCam is a freeware programma that the images on your computer screen and the corresponding sound recording. The program, by default, contains a number of codecs, so that the images in different file formats can be saved.

You can select whether you want the entire screen to include or only a part thereof. In the latter case, you can use a frame on the screen, the size of the image that you want to include.

oCam is completely free for both personal and business users. There is not a different version for a fee.

oCam has the following characteristics:

  • freeware to capture images of your monitor to create,
  • use the built-in codecs (AVI, MP3, MP4, MOV, TS, and VOB),
  • supports large video files of more than 4GB,
  • also the audio of your computer to record,
  • sound quality of recordings set,
  • select whether you want the mouse cursor, or does not wish to record,
  • can the full screen or a smaller portion to record,
  • can also be used for creating screenshots,
  • supports the inclusion of a dual display,
  • free for both personal and business applications.

Krut Computer Recorder

Krut Computer recorder for instance makes it possible to have audio and video that will be shown on your PC screen and .mov, or .wav files of.

With this program you can easily watch instructional videos, computer games or recording streaming video and record audio. Krut Computer Recorder is open source software.

Download and install one of the versions programs Screen recorder for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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