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Create a survey and collect answers works the easiest via the internet. You need people only to ask to go to a page, where the answers can click and enter in an online form. The answers are then automatically in a database are collected. If necessary, you can also get the results of the survey are automatically public (of course anonymously).

On this page you will find an overview of free software that you questionnaires for you to create and use it via the internet.


LimeSurvey is an open source package that you are on a private server space for you to install. Then you can create an unlimited number of surveys to create and at the same time through the same system decrease. Moreover, these questionnaires have an unlimited number of vragengroepen contain within it an unlimited number of questions.

You can be in your surveys 20 different question types such as multiple choice, cijferwaardering, meekeuze with comment field, yes/no, upload a file and free text input.

You can set or anyone in a questionnaire on a certain page can fill, or that they must first register. It is also possible to only surveys within a limited group of respondents.

There can be several conditions in the questionnaires. So a question to mark the answer that is given is. This allows you to create branches within your survey so respondents only relevant questions are presented.

Respondents can half filled in questionnaires in the interim save for later to complete.


SurveyMonkey is an online survey service that you can use directly by you on the website to sign up. The service is developed by an American organization, but is also available in the Dutch language. Worldwide, this is the most widely used web-based enquĂȘtedienst.

Unfortunately, the free version of SurveyMonkey constraints. So you can create up to 10 questions per survey use and up to 100 responses per survey, collect.

The paid versions also offer a lot more additional features such as adding a logo to your survey, custom layout, custom thank you page and the filter and download responses. For these extra features, you must be pretty hefty to pay. The cheapest paid version starts at 25 euro per month.and the most expensive will cost even 800 euros per year.

When you completely do not want to install, and only a small questionnaire to decrease, or has no problems to pay, then SurveyMonkey is a safe choice. When you are completely free to have advanced features and an unlimited number of surveys and questions to take then you can better LimeSurvey download.

SurveyMonkey has the following characteristics:

  • web-based survey service,
  • 31 survey templates,
  • 15 different question types,
  • real-time results collect and understand,
  • questionnaires administering through the website, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or by embedding it on your own site.

Download and install one of the versions programs Survey software for Windows 10.

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