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Download free Photo mosaic software for Windows 10

When you have a very special effect to give your digital photos then it is a nice idea to have a mozaïekafbeelding. It can be a lot of small digital photos one great image is created. With the right software, this is trivially easy.


Foto-Mosaik-Edda is software for both Windows, Mac and Linux computers that lets you have a mosaic of photos creates. Order a photo mosaic to import one large image and a collection of small photos.

The software analyzes the selection of photos that you import. Then it is calculated how this within the colour scheme of the big picture fall. The photos are then placed next to each other that they together the picture in the large picture forms.

You can choose from three different mozaïektypen. With the classic mosaic the photos into an array of tightly adjacent to each other arranged arranged on vertical (potret), horizontal (landscape) and square photos. You can also opt for a "parketmozaïek". This can be vertically and horizontally taken photos together, arranged like a parquet floor. In the "chaotic mosaic" of the different types of photos freely placed next to each other.

Foto-Mosaik-Edda has the following characteristics:

free photo mosaic creating,

  • supports photos in the image formats BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIF,
  • automatically detects whether a photo is horizontal or vertical,
  • integrated viewer to display the result directly to view,
  • choose from three different types of mosaicand,
  • available for Linux, Mac and Windows computers.

  • AndreaMosaic

    AndreaMosaic is a freeware that allows you to a mozaïekafbeelding can create multiple pictures. AndreaMosaic will automatically create a mosaic (see image below) of an image you selected. You can also decide which collection of your own digital photos used to be.

    The program is quite easy to operate. You can easily find the number of tiles to select from which the mosaic is built up, and the size of the overall mosaic. You can even choose to automatically images from a AVI movie in a mosaic. This free program is a must for everyone who want something special to make with digital photos.

    AndreaMosaic has the following characteristics:

    • free photo mosaic creating your own digital photos,
    • it can also extract images from AVI videos get
    • many configuration options: you can set the image size, number of photos, the number of times that a picture should repeat, etc.


    Mosaizer is a mozaïekprogramma, which you of one or multiple photos for a larger image. It is a freeware program and thus free to download and free to use. However, you must register after 30 days by e-mail to register but this is free.

    With the Mosaizer software you can apply different effects on your mozaïekafbeelding. So you can create a mosaic built out of puzzle shapes, honingraatvormen, Escher figures, etc.

    Furthermore, Mosaizer has professional image processing functions such as the ability to 3D effects and shadows to add.

    Mosaizer has the following characteristics:

    • free mozaïekplaatjes of self-chosen images,
    • create bitmaps of the same picture to a mosaic,
    • function to professional applying effects such as shadows and 3D effects.

    Download and install one of the versions programs Photo mosaic software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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