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A media player (media player) is a computer program for digital audio and video files to play on the computer.

On this page you will find an overview of the best free media players.

VLC Media Player

VLC is an open source media player that almost every video and audio file playback. The program plays among others, the following files without any problem: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H. 264, DivX, MPEG-1, mp3, ogg, aac, and also DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

If you have problems to get a particular file to play, you should definitely VLC a try, because this in 95% of cases, audio and video can easily play without that you don't need to worry about installing the proper codecs.

You can with VLC Media Player, audio and video files from one format to another. However, this is not as easy as with Miro. For example, you can not directly select target device. Because of this, you must first find out which file formats, for example, an iPad does, then format in the menu of VLC Media Player. So, when you plan to often media files to convert then we recommend using Miro to install.

In addition to downloads for all major desktop systems you can also install the apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. As with the version for the desktop can mobile VLC apps almost all audio and video formats to play. Therefore, you do the files not have to convert to a suitable format for your smartphone or tablet, which is much time saving.

Since June 2014, supporting both the mobile apps and the desktop programs VLC also Chromecast. This allows you to from VLC media Player video to the tv and stream from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

VLC Media Player has the following features:

  • open source media player,
  • music and other audio files,
  • video with subtitle playback, it
  • no ads or installed adware,
  • movie and music files to convert to a different file format,
  • available for all desktop systems,
  • VLC apps and desktop programs support Chromecast,
  • mobile apps suitable for Android and iOS.


Miro is a very comprehensive media player for all major operating systems. The open source program can do a lot more than just play audio and video files. With Miro you can search files, download, convert and sync it with your Android devices.

For the conversion you don't need to out yourself to find out which file formats your device supports. In the menu you can directly select which device you want the file suitable want to create. This can, for example, for iPhone, iPad, or a specific type of Android device. You can also videos from YouTube download and convert. This is then as a video or audio file (mp3) stored on the hard drive of your computer.

The software is open source, very user-friendly and also translated into Dutch. When you are looking for a good media player with very much possibilities than you should definitely Miro a try. All the features you may need with regard to downloading, converting, and playing of digital media will be in this program integrated.

Miro has the following features:

  • open source media player,
  • integrated BitTorrent application,
  • media files with high speed download
  • convert files to other formats for specific devices,
  • sync with Android mobile devices,
  • file sharing and streaming between devices on the same wi-fi network,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Kantaris Media Player Lite

Kantaris Media Player Lite is an open source media player based on VLC. The Lite version is the same as the original with the only difference that there are no additional programs installed.

Also with this media player you do not need to find separate codecs to exotic file formats to be able to play. By default almost all audio and video files supported.

Kantaris Media Player Lite can be integrated with and Apple movie trailers to music and movie trailers to stream. Moreover, it is possible to have media files that are compressed in a RAR archive file without first the compressed file to extract.

Kantaris Media Player Lite has the following features:

  • based on VLC Media Player,
  • is installed without additional software,
  • plays almost every audio and video format without any problem,
  • DVD's and audio CD's play,
  • RAR archive files play without this first extract,
  • to display visualizations during music playback,
  • connects with online database to subtitles download
  • only available for Microsoft Windows.


UMPlayer is an open source media player for all major besturingsssytemen for desktop computers. Because it is virtually all digital media files can play and also offers many advanced features, this software is certainly recommended.

In addition to digital files, you can also audio CDS, DVDS, (S)VCDS, TV and radio (if you have a card), YouTube-movies, and SHOUTcast radio streams to play.

UMPlayer has the following characteristics:

  • open source media player,
  • subtitles and audio of a video synchronizing,
  • built-in function to get the correct subtitles in a movie to search and download,
  • integrated YouTube video player and recorder,
  • damaged or non-complete files,
  • suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux.


Banshee is a free media player for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The program can not only video and music playback, but also subscriptions to podcasts, manage and media sync with mobile devices.

Banshee has the following characteristics:

  • audio and video files, manage and play
  • sync files with your mobile devices,
  • new find podcasts and podcast subscriptions manage
  • possibility of using the integrated Amazon MP3 Store, music to buy,
  • the media files in a playlist to place this in your order you want to play,
  • music shuffle via the shuffle function,
  • through various sites, automatic album art download that are associated with a particular audio file.


BSplayer is a free media player that all types of media files playing such as avi, mpg, asf, wmv, wav, mp3 and specializes in video playback and DIVX.

BSplayer has the following characteristics:

  • free software for audio and video play,
  • display of subtitles,
  • appearance is all to adjust,
  • support of different languages,
  • drag & drop support,
  • support of playlists,
  • frame capture function,
  • support external audio files.

Winamp Media Player

Winamp is a freeware multimedia player with support for skins and many file formats. It is also suitable for playback streams. Winamp features a plug-in for portable media players, which allows you to your local media with iPod, Creative, or Microsoft Plays For Sure device you can sync.

Winamp Media Player has the following features:

  • support the following file types:
    AAC, AIF, AIFF, amf, VLB, ASF, AU, AVI, CDA, far, 669, it, the controls don, KAR, M2V, mp3, M4A, mdz, MID, MIZ, VOC, mod, MP1, MP2, MP3, m3u, MP4, MPEG, MPG, mtm, NSA, b4s, nst, NSV, OGG, okt, m3u8, ptm, RMI, s3m, s3z, SND, asx, stm, stz, ult, flac, pls, WAV, WMA, WMV, xm, xmz and wpl,
  • automatic album art retrieval and display,
  • auto marking: automatically update your song data to update,
  • dynamic recommendations of music,
  • remote media: remote access to your media,
  • thousands of skins and plug-ins available,
  • radio stations to listen to,
  • iPod synchronization support,
  • support of the Dutch language,
  • iTunes library import.

Daum PotPlayer

Daum PotPlayer is a free media player for Windows operating systems. The program is based on KMplayer and shows a lot of similarities, but is still actively developed.

Daum PotPlayer has the following characteristics:

  • lightweight media player,
  • freeware license,
  • appearance of the user interface all the way to adjust,
  • support for most media formats (audio, video, and DVD),
  • integrated DXVA video codecs (H. 264/AVC, VC - and MPEG2),
  • developed in Korea, but is also translated into English,
  • only suitable for Windows.


Gom player supports many codecs including XviD, DivX, FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4 and H263 so that you do not separately need to install for video playback. When you want to play a video with a codec that is not support is looking for Gom automatically to the place where you have an open source version of this codec can download. Gom can, in contrast to many other media players, AVI movies that are damaged or are not complete.

Gom has the following characteristics:

  • plays most audio and video without problems because many of the codecs it supports,
  • support SMI, SRT, RT, SUB (with IDX) files for subtitle,
  • damaged or incomplete AVI files with Gom also be played,
  • support for streaming Windows media formats: WMV, ASF and ASX,
  • make screenshots of a video image,
  • playback of audio and video is all set, including: brightness, contrast, audio equalization, etc.

Download and install one of the versions programs Media player software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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