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Below you will find an overview of free calendar software and mobile calendar apps to make your appointments digitally record and manage.

All the software is free to download and virus and spyware free!

Sunrise Calendar

UPDATE: in February 2015, it was announced that Microsoft, the company behind Sunrise Calendar has taken over for $ 100 million. The app continues los be offered, but the technology behind it is also going to be used for the calendar functions of Microsoft itself.

Sunrise offers an online service, and Android and iOS apps that let you share your calendar you can manage and consult. The service also syncs with Google Calendar. It offers a number of features that other calendar apps do not have, but the advantage is mainly the beautiful and functional display of your calendar. So it has not only a calendar display but also a Google Maps view locations, photos, contacts, weather, and integration of Facebook events and verjaardagsdata.

There is also a calendar widget for your Android home screen that allows you to iw agenda at a glance see and new events to add. It makes use of Google Maps to locations auto-complete while typing. Other useful features are the time zone selection and after the openklikken of events, a map or even a Google Hangout to appear.

The goal of Sunrise Calendar for the longer term, to other categories of services easy to access this kalenderdienst. So would a project management tool , for example, data about the status of projects to Sunrise Calendar can add.

Sunrise Calendar is probably the best calendar program, of the moment when you're looking for one service for all the different platforms (web, Android and iOS). It is very nicely designed and offers more additional features than Google Calendar.


Chandler is a personal information management program (PIM) for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

With Chandler you can choose your tasks and calendar to manage. The open source software is inspired by a similar program from the 80's called Lotus Agenda.

Of course, you can also use this program to share your calendar with others or even a group calendar create. Within your calendar, you can also direct your organize tasks and reminders into a calendar appointment.

Chandler has the following characteristics:

  • open source PIM (Personal Information Manager),
  • notes, to-do's and appointments managing from the calendar,
  • alarm set for imported appointments,
  • different time zones add,
  • calendar view in a day, week, or month calendar view,
  • automatically repeating appointments set,
  • different calendars together show with other color settings,
  • suitable for Microsoft, Mac and Linux operating systems.


Concenturio is a freeware Windows program that helps you to remember important tasks to perform. So it is not a complete calendar program, but a digital reminder for the things that you should remember.

Every report you can enter a description of up to 250 characters. The notification may be given by means of a pop-up window or a sound to play. You can set the time a notification is to be given, and possibly daily, weekly or monthly repeat.

The software start automatically when you start Windows and displays as an icon in the system tray is displayed. When Concenturio not turned on the moment you a notification that you had set, for example because your PC was turned off, it will still give a message when the program is launched.

Concenturio has the following characteristics:

  • alerts on certain day and times,
  • daily, weekly or monthly repetitions set,
  • descriptions of up to 250 characters in each message,
  • pop-up window or a warning chime,
  • only available for Windows operating systems.


EssentialPIM is a program that allows you to access all of your personal appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, passwords and e-mail messages can manage. This allows this program to compete with many of the features that Microsoft Outlook offers. A nice extra of EssentialPIM is that there is also a mobile apps are developed for Android and iOS. So you can already store your personal information, and view both on your laptop, smartphone and tablet and synchronize data between all your devices.

EssentialPIM is available in a paid and a free version. The paid pro version offers many more features such as the online store of the database via Dropbox, sync with other services such as iCloud, Outlook, CalDav, calendars filter by categories, and create and send newsletters.

The free version is less comprehensive than for example Outlook. The program can be suitable for you if you are not so much advanced functions are needed, and would like to work with one program on both your Windows computer and your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet.

EssentialPIM has the following characteristics:

  • free personal information manager,
  • e-mail send and receive,
  • personal tasks and notes-write, save and read,
  • manage your contacts,
  • personal appointments to save in your calendar,
  • all of your add passwords to one database so that you will not forget,
  • suitable for Windows desktops and Android and iOS mobile devices,
  • also available as a portable version for Windows systems.

Yahoo! Calendar

Yahoo! Calendar is a free online calendar similar to Google Calendar. The service has particular benefits for users of Yahoo! Mail, because that service with Yahoo! Calendar is integrated. However, it is not necessary to have a Yahoo! e-mail address, a Yahoo ID is required.

That the program is online, and has the advantage that calendars can easily be shared, and that you can reach. The only thing that you need is a computer with internet connection and a web browser.

The information provided by you in Yahoo! Calendar has saved, you can synchronize with various other programs, including Microsoft Outlook.


Rainlendar is a very flexible calendar program in the background of the operating system and all your important appointments and tasks on the desktop.

Appointments and tasks are in separate lists for a good overview. In addition, you can per appointment set an alarm so that you don't forget. Just like an alarm clock you can set the alarm snooze to be here at a later time again reminded to be.

The standard version of Rainlendar is completely free. With the paid Rainlendar Pro you can use the program to sync with online calendar tools such as Google Calendar.

Rainlender has the following characteristics:

  • free calendar program for Linux, Mac and Windows,
  • appointments and tasks appear in independent reviews,
  • all important obligations on the desktop view,
  • translated into about fifty languages including English,
  • set alarm for important appointments.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar with mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can use this calendar so anywhere where you have an internet connection at your disposal and you're not tied to your own PC to your appointments to schedule and view. Google Calendar is integrated with Gmail. Text in Gmail is automatically detected. If, for example, in an e-mail that you to 2 hours of an appointment will automatically have a button that allows you to this event to your Google Calendar add.

How to add appointments is extremely simpel: you click on where the event should come and fill in a short description. A smart detection feature, Quick Add, removed, then the essential information, and displays them in the calendar.

The strongest point of the application is that you have the possibility to agree on how to share. You will get the calendars to see that you have created or sharing, and can define different colors for data from different calendars. You determine whether a calendar to remain private, shared with a group or public and via the web to search. This offers the perfect support for projects or tasks in groups are planned and tracked.

The mobile apps for Android and iOS are very nicely designed. When the agreement contains an address is automatically a street map with the position shown. Also retrieves the app for events with a link to a website automatically an image to the event. So, in addition to your date for a dinner, for example, automatically a picture of the restaurant.

Download and install one of the versions programs Calendar for Windows 10.

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