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A printable help in the preparation of invoices, sending of invoices and monitoring of payments. On this page you will find a summary of free invoicing software.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an online and open source facturatiepakket. Users can choose to click the website to create an account to start directly with the preparation and sending of invoices.

The online version of Invoice Ninja is available in two versions. A free version, which holds up to 500 customers can be entered. For the formatting of invoices can be chosen from up to four free layouts. In the paid version allows an unlimited number of customers to be entered and you can choose from 10 different layouts.

Invoice Ninja offers an installation package. This allows you to free download and a private server room to install it. With this package, you are responsible for updating and maintaining the system. The advantage here is that all the data on a private server and remains. Other companies do not have access to this information.

Invoice Ninja offers a pleasant user environment that is free from all kinds of decorations and buttons. The possibilities are hugely extended. So you can not only one-time invoices, you can also create invoices that automatically and periodically by e-mail sent to the customer. There can be more than 30 payment methods in the e-mail be included so that the customer can pay with one click on the button. You can be in the system when an invoice is viewed, and when that is paid.

Invoice Ninja has the following options:

  • via browser to use fatures,
  • hosted version and installation package for your own server,
  • creating tasks and working time measurement,
  • invoices as PDF export or to customer mail,
  • integration of more than 30 payment methods,
  • 10 different layouts for invoices,
  • periodic invoices and send them,
  • track when invoices are viewed,
  • payment deadline set
  • color scheme set that is in style fits,
  • notification when invoices to pay,
  • company logo to invoices add.


DigitaleFactuur is an online invoicing service. The free version of this facturatiepakket contains all the basic functions of DigitaleFactuur, for users who want to get acquainted with this service or just few invoices to send.

To 36 invoices per year are free of charge with this service to send. The invoices can be formatted in your own style. Also, the sending of reminders and reminders are supported.

DigitaleFactuur has the following options:

  • to 36 invoices per year, free sending,
  • invoices in your own corporate design format
  • memories and reminders send,
  • accept payments through iDEAL (via Assurepay or Mollie),
  • automatic betalingscontrole run,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS.


If you are still used to manually creating your invoices in Microsoft Excel or Word? Then it is time for an online solution. This allows you to be everywhere and always invoices in a standard format.

With CoManage create new quotations and new invoices from your web browser. With CoManager send you up to 5 quotes and 5 invoices per month for free. Fee can you have more invoices to send and manage products.

This web application is developed by the Belgian company CRE8 Websolutions.

CoManage has the following characteristics:

  • billing service for small businesses,
  • details of all the customers in the database,
  • built-in calendar to make appointments, and manage,
  • ability to the calendar with Google Calendar integration
  • statistics about sales and customers access it via the special module,
  • multiple projects and/or dossies to one customer link,
  • create invoices with your own company logo,
  • free 5 invoices and 5 offers per month to send.

Open Source

Open Source provides, as the name already says, an open source billing solution. DDit package can be accessed via the internet after you install this on a private server room has been installed.

After installation, this invoicing service from anywhere via the web browser to use. An additional advantage is that you have the total control over the stored financial data. This is not the case when you make use of an online service that the data on their own servers and save.

Open Source has the following characteristics:

  • online invoicing program,
  • installation on own server space,
  • available under an open source license,
  • use anywhere via any web browser,
  • complete control over your financial data,
  • in the basic English only but it is self-adjusting.


SimpelFact is a simple invoicing program that is offered by the Dutch company Viscount IT.

The design of the software is perhaps a little dated, but it does what it promises to do. With SimpelFact you can, in contrast to many other programs in this overview, free an unlimited number of invoices to create.

The program makes use of a standard factuurlayout. Of course you can on each invoice automatically in your address and logo in place. Under settings, enter the default VAT rate in which your services or products covered. It is also possible to invoice with VAT 0 or with the value added TAX is shifted.

Created invoices, you can print or export in PDF format and via your own e-mail account to send.

It is possible to for a one-time payment of 55 euro SimpelFact to register. This will give you additional features such as the create PDF files without aanmaakmelding, the possibility of contact details of customers to enter, statements of invoices, turnover and VAT and the possibility of a discount on the invoice line to add.

SimpelFact has the following characteristics:

  • simple invoicing software,
  • developed by a Dutch company,
  • standard factuurlayout,
  • own logo and company details to add,
  • unlimited number of invoices with the free version,
  • extra features with the paid version,
  • available for Windows and Mac.

Simple Invoices

Simple Invoices is a free invoicing software that you are both on a own server space you can install locally on a Windows computer. When you run the software on a server install then you can use the software to use through a web browser on the system to log in.

You can save the created export invoices as a PDF-, Word-, Excel - or text file, or from Simple Invoices directly as PDF to the customer's e-mail. You can also select the payment system from Paypal to your invoices to integrate and recurring invoices automatically by the system to send.

The program is open source, so completely free of charge for everyone, including business users.

Simple Invoices has the following characteristics:

  • free billing software,
  • open source license,
  • installation on an own server space as possible,
  • local installation on a Windows computer,
  • PDF invoices to send.


MoneyBird is an online billing service. Freelancers that less than 3 tenders, 3 invoices and 3, purchase invoices per month send can MoneyBird is free to use. When you have more invoices to send, then you will need a paid subscription.

MoneyBird is very simple and is perhaps the most user-friendly billing service of the Dutch soil. Creating an invoice is very fast because only the fields of the template need to adapt. After sending the invoice to the customer, you always have an overview of all your invoices via the online dashboard.

MoneyBird offers the possibility to your customers via iDeal online payment.

MoneyBird has the following characteristics:

  • free online invoicing service,
  • quotations and invoices to format, send,
  • 3 bids per month for free, send,
  • 3 invoices per month for free, send,
  • 3 invoices per month for free, send,
  • iDeal payments received,
  • mobile app for iPhone available.

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