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Download free Board games for Windows 10

The most popular board games often also have a digital version that you have on your computer can install and play. On this page you will find a list of the best board games that you can download for free.

Open Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a popular dice game in which worldwide more than 50 million copies are sold.

Open Yahtzee is an open source program that is based on this classic. This game plays through three times to throw five dice. After each turn, you can select which dice should continue are and what you want to re-throw.

After the three throws you need the highest possible combination. The highest hand consists of five dice with the same number of pips (for instance 5 times a 6). Other combinations are made up from three times and two times the same number of eyes (for example, 3 times 6 and 2 times a 5) and a rising number of eyes (for example, a 1,2,3,4 and a 5).

After your turn is over determines Open Yahtzee the number of points and you can start of your next turn.

Open Yahtzee has the following characteristics:

  • open source board game based on Yahtzee,
  • highest achieved point levels to save,
  • suitable for Linux and Windows.


DreamChess is currently the most popular open source chess game.

In the game you can choose different styles for the game board and chess pieces. This can be a flat plate, but you can also opt for a three-dimensional game board. Every move can be a nice moving animation of the move of the chess piece being played. During the game you can create both music and sound effects to listen to.

DreamChess has the following characteristics:

  • three-dimensional chess game with animations when moving of chess pieces,
  • uses 3D OpenGL for three-dimensional display,
  • choose from different layouts for the board and the pieces,
  • music and sound effects playing during the play of the game,
  • schaakzetten view using SAN notation,
  • data of games of chess, save it in PGN format.


Domination is a free computer game that is based on the classic game Risk. Just like in the real game you can play on the world map, but you can also choose from one of the many fantasiekaarten that to the game are added.

Players must be with their army and see the world to conquer. The army grows faster when more countries have taken. In addition, you can use collected cards to redeem against additional troops.

Domination can be either against the computer or via internet against other gamers played. The software is suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux and there is even a mobile app for Android released.

Domination has the following characteristics:

  • free board game based on Risk,
  • choose from many different playing cards (not only the real world map),
  • available for all popular operating systems,
  • mobile app available for Android.

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