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With the emergence of mobile phones with which it is possible to surf the internet (smartphones), there is an important market for mobile web browsers that make it possible to surf on the mobile phone.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is available for iPhone and Android phones. What the browser is particularly special is that it with gestures on the screen can be controlled. So you can, for example, by making a motion directly to your favorite website open. In addition, the browser is very fast and still in development. In July 2011, the creator of this app a 10 million dollar deal of investment money collected to Dolphin Browser for further development.

Dolphin Browser has the following features:

Firefox Mobile

Firefox Mobile is a free browser for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. As you of the PC version of Firefox are accustomed to is the functionality of Firefox Mobile easy to customize using add-ons. These are small programs that you use in the browser can install.

Firefox Mobile allows you to via the internet by default to synchronize with the Firefox web browser on the computer. In this way, the browser history, bookmarks, passwords and even open tabs synced between all the devices on which you use Firefox. The synchronization takes place between Firefox on the mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac. To do this, you will first need an online account with Firefox. It then notifies you of all of your Firefox browsers by once to enter a code.

Firefox Mobile has the following features:

  • free mobile browser for Android and the Nokia N900,
  • suitable for use with touch screens (touchscreen),
  • to sync browser history, bookmarks, open tabs, and passwords between Firefox on PC and Firefox Mobile,
  • immediately after start-up is a overview of your favorite web sites displayed,
  • functionality with add-ons,
  • integrated wachtwoordenbeheerder,
  • integrated spelling checker,
  • manage bookmarks,
  • block pop-ups,
  • with one press of a button all your private data to delete,
  • easily zoom in and out on a website,
  • quick links, bookmarks, history, or share photos with others via email, Facebook, Google Reader or Twitter.

Opera Mini

Very easy to download and free to use browser developed by Opera for your mobile phone. You can directly to your mobile or via your PC download on your mobile phone and instantly browse the internet, if your mobile phone is suitable.

Opera Mini has the following features:

  • with your mobile phone to surf on the internet with a sensible phone,
  • RSS-news to keep track on your mobile phone,
  • easy with your mobile-made photos to share via a blog, forum or e-mail,
  • text-, audio - and photo files easy to download on your mobile phone,
  • secure banking sites, e-mail and shopping sites to visit
  • faster browsing; Opera Mini keeps an open connection between server and client. This reduces the overhead TCP set-up times,
  • available for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.

Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser is a free mobile browser for both Android and iOS devices.

This browser differentiates itself from the others because the Javascript and Flash very fast process. These are techniques that are used to create websites build. By this via remote server already to load Puffin Browser sites that make use of this much faster to open.

Another nice feature is that Puffin Browser a file directly from internet can be downloaded to your storage in the cloud. When you have an account with for example Dropbox, then you don't need a file to your smartphone and then use it to Dropbox to upload. Puffin Browser makes this step unnecessary, allowing the move of this file is also not at the expense of your mobile data limit.

Puffin Browser is offered as a free app, but there is also a paid version. The functions described above are only unlimited to use as you pay. However, you can during the trial period, see if this browser is for you.

Puffin Browser has the following features:

  • mobile browser for smartphones and tablets,
  • loads websites and in particular, Javascript and Flash faster,
  • can files from the internet directly to your cloud storage download
  • available for Android and iOS.

Chrome for mobile

Chrome for mobile is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet.

An important advantage of the browser is that it syncs with the Chrome browser on your laptop or desktop computer. So you have all your devices access the same bookmarks and tabs. To sync to use you must log in with a Google account.

Chrome for mobile has the following features:

  • browser for smartphones and tablets,
  • tabs and bookmarks sync across all devices where you use Chrome,
  • incognito feature that allows you to surf without the history is stored,
  • suggestions when entering a web address or keyword,
  • available for iOS and Android.

UC Browser

UC Browser is a free internet browser for almost all types of smartphones. Android and iPhone to cheap or older phones with Windows Mobile or only Java apps can be run.

This mobile browser is offered by a Chinese organization, and distinguishes itself especially by its high speed and the very convenient interface. There are also some nice advanced features such as voice command and control in the versions for Android and iPhone, and an integrated RSS reader.

Also very useful are the multitouch functions to the tabs to operate. When you two fingers up to drag you close the current tab, when you go to the right or to the left, drag, open other open tabs and down with two fingers to drag, you open a new tab.

UC Browser has the following features:

  • free mobile browser,
  • focus on speed and ease of use,
  • of Chinese origin,
  • suitable for iPhone, Android, Symbian, Java, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Boat Browser

Boat Browser is a free browser for Android tablets and smartphones. The browser offers many handy extra features and supports the use of themes and add-ons. According to the developer, this was the first mobile browser for Android with voice control. This allows you to surfing by the word "Facebook" in to speak.

In addition to a normal version with all the extensive extra features, there is also a slimmed down version of this web browser named dolphin Browser Mini. This version is specially suitable for phones with a small screen and for older smartphones.

Boat Browser has the following features:

  • free mobile browser,
  • offered in a comprehensive and a slimmed down version,
  • free add-ons and themes available,
  • zoom in and zoom out with multitouch gestures,
  • favorite web pages to add on the shortcut menu,
  • advanced download functions including pause and resume,
  • support of cut and paste,
  • toolbar settings,
  • integrated voice control,
  • setting user-agent to sites as in any other browser,
  • option to have the support of tabs for more screen real estate,
  • saved to bookmarks sorting in folders,
  • bookmark import and export via SD card,
  • only available for Android tablets and smartphones.


Maxthon is a web browser for Android and iOS and also desktops that will run on Mac OS and Windows.

Information that is saved in this browser, such as bookmarks, will be automatically synchronized between all installations on desktop and mobile. To do this, you have to register for a free Maxthon Passport account.

Maxthon has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile browser for Android and iOS,
  • synchronization between mobile and Windows or Mac desktops,
  • special HD version for tablets with Android and the iPad,
  • focus on speed and stability.


Lunascape is a free mobile browser for the iPhone and Android smartphones, and Android and iPad tablets. The developers are focusing on it the user as few actions as possible need to perform in order to carry out a task. There is a menu at the bottom of the screen where the most important features are included such as saving bookmarks, send via social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and the search for a word within a page.

You can switch between open tabs by sliding your finger left or right across the screen to scroll. The bookmarks that you have stored in Lunascape for Windows or in Firefox, you can sync with this mobile browser.

Lunascape has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile browser,
  • available for iOS and Android.
  • also available for desktop computers running on Windows,
  • bookmark sync with Lunascape or Firefox on your laptop
  • user agent change to websites as in any other browser,
  • integration with other services such as Twitter, Facebook, Read It Later and Dropbox.

Opera Coast

Opera Coast is a free mobile browser for devices that run on the iOS operating systems. These are the iPhone and iPad of Apple.

Opera Coast offers no innovative features or a ground-breaking user interface. However, the browser app is really clean and there are no buttons shown. Because of this, the focus is entirely on the content of the web page itself. In addition, sites in your favorites and in the search results with a tile displayed as you are used to the apps on your smartphone and tablet.

Summary: Opera Coast is particularly interesting when you a browser looking for one that is slightly better than the default browser Safari.

Opera Coast has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile browser app,
  • an alternative to the Safari web browser,
  • makes no use of permanent buttons, and search bars,
  • possibility to put your own background image to set,
  • suggestions for websites that you might find interesting to view,
  • only available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).

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