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More and more people be aware of the fact that it is important to protect your privacy while using the internet. An important part is the choice of the correct web browser. There are many free web browsers that you help the companies harder to make you on the internet and to ensure that as little information as possible in the browser itself is stored so that others who use the same computer information about your web browsing can not view.

On this page we give an overview of the best free browsers for Mac, Windows and Linux that are specifically designed with the eye on protection of privacy.

Tor Browser Bundle

Tor is a network of servers that act as proxies to your data traffic over the internet anonymously. This network is composed of volunteers who are the open source Tor software installed. This is done to prevent others, your data can easily drain, that governments of visits to specific websites to block, and that the sites you visit, your IP-address to get your hands on. With such an IP address is relatively easy-your location to find out.

You can use the regular Tor package to install on your computer, but this requires knowledge of data and server settings. To the for the average computer user, all to make life easier is a bundle developed with an integrated web browser. Tor Browser Bundle works without settings. The program do not even need to be installed first. The browser will by default always connect to the internet via the secure Tor network. You can use the web browser, so directly from a DVD-disk or USB-stick to start. It works on all major operating systems: Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

If you are concerned about your privacy and about all the data that is tapped by governments and hackers but if you are not an IT specialist? Then we recommend the Tor Browser Bundle to use. You are assured of optimum protection without additional configurations. Because this bundle Tor with an integrated browser combines only the data traffic of this web browser is protected. Connections that other programs such as Skype and your e-mail client to create, so not via the Tor network. When you do want to then you have the regular Tor package to install.

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a free web browser for Windows operating systems. Also this browser is based on the open source software Chromium.

This browser also blocks all cookies and other techniques that be used to your surfing habits. In addition, it improves your internet experience because of the speed of browsing significantly increase. Unfortunately, this browser is only designed for computers that run the Windows operating system from Windows.

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser has the following features:

  • protects your privacy and increases the internet speed,
  • developed on the Chromium open source project,
  • only available for Windows operating systems.


Browzar is a Windows web browser that specializes in blocking and deletion of data that other browsers will automatically be saved on your computer. Unlike most other privacy browsers that Chromium use as a base and is Browzar developed as a shell for Internet Explorer.

Other browsers store other default the searches conducted on to this as a suggestion to give the next time you enter the first few letters of the search query entered. This can be useful, but it also impairs your privacy when someone else uses your computer to surf the internet. This person then gets the same to see suggestions based on your internethistorie and thus get insight into your surfhistorie. Browzar prevents this by default this data block, not to save or delete after the browser has made use.

By default, the following things are blocked or deleted after use: cookies, internethistorie, temporary files, passwords, and cache memory.

Browzar does not need to be installed before you can use it. You can, therefore, also from a USB stick to boot. This makes it suitable to be safer to use the internet in for example an internet café or on someone else's computer.

Browzar has the following characteristics:

  • protects your online privacy and any information on your PC to save,
  • doesn't need any installation and can even from a USB stick to be booted,
  • developed as a shell to the Internet Explorer browser,
  • only suitable for Windows systems.

SRWare Iron

The SRWare Iron browser is based on Chromium open source platform.

The ease of use and the design of SRWare Iron are almost identical to Google Chrome, only on the background of a number of elements turned off. For example, this browser is no unique IDENTIFIER that allows you as a user, to identify you and no information to any other party, sent about all the times that the browser crashes, or when an error message is given. All the features in this way, consciously or unconsciously invade your privacy, blocked, or completely out of the software removed.

By the developer of SRWare Iron is your privacy really seriously. Thus, even the time stamp that is normally saved automatically at the time of install are not logged. It is therefore not possible to determine at what point your browser installed. In addition, the portable version of SRWare Iron also from a USB-stick to be started (only on Windows systems) and works the regular versions on all popular operating systems. A must so if you are looking for a free browser in this category.

In SRWare Iron, the following Chrome features are disabled to protect your privacy:

  • RLZ identifier,
  • a unique ID that users can be identified,
  • error messages hosted by Google when a server is not found,
  • a timestamp when the web browser is installed,
  • The Google Updater which updates automatically download and install,
  • automatic search suggestions in the address bar,
  • DNS prematurely to retrieve,
  • bugtracker that are sending information about errors and crashes.

SRWare Iron has the following features:

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser is built on Chromium, the open source project on which Google Chrome is based on. In addition, extra features to Chromium added that the methods that companies use to track your surfing behavior be blocked.

A nice side effect is that web pages are also faster to load because of the scripts and ads that your behaviour is not allowed. In addition, can with a click on the button to use a proxy server so your IP address difficult to track down. In addition, as much as possible, the use of a through the use of encryption encrypted connection with websites.

Standard is within Epic Privacy Browser is always the privacy-mode turned on. This will, among other things, no internethistorie, extensions, cookies, input fields, cache, and passwords stored. After the closing of the browser addition, all data that is stored on a short to surf on the internet support is deleted from the computer. This also makes for other users of your computer impossible to use the browser information information about your surfing habits to figure out.

Epic Privacy Browser has the following features:

  • free browser focused on protecting your privacy,
  • by default, the privacy mode was always enabled,
  • after the browser is closed all data is always removed,
  • speeds up the internet by scripts and banners that you follow to block,
  • integrated proxy function to change your IP address to shield,
  • available for Mac and Windows operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Privacy browser for Windows 10.

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