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Almost every email user has suffered from: unsolicited e-mail or spam.

There is free software to this spam are automatically deleted from your mailbox. With this spam filter, you need no more time to waste manually move e-mail to the spambox.

On this page you will find a summary of free spam filter software. This list contains both programs in a server room to install programs that you use on your own computer.

Scrollout F1

Scrollout F1 is a complete email security solution includes spam and antivirus filter. In addition to the free version be also paid to the services offered. The application is in a short time to install and configure.

Scrollout F1 has the following characteristics:

  • free spam filtering with virus detection,
  • unlimited number of domains and e-mail servers add,
  • secured with 256-bit TLS/SSL encryption,
  • suitable for Linux and Windows.


POPFile is a free spam filter program for Windows and Mac. The program acts as a proxy between your e-mail client and the e-mail server (POP3). All incoming e-mails are checked and classified on the basis of your settings.

You can see all your e-mail organize them in different categories, such as for example private, business, and spam e-mail. POPFile adjusts the subject line of incoming e-mails to your e-mail client so you can set your e-mail to be sorted on the basis of this subject.

While this spam filter is used, it is becoming better trained to spam, to recognize your e-mail to the selected categories.

POPFile is a very powerful program, but it is not very easy to install. It is therefore only suitable for the gevordere computer user. The extensive possibilities, the program is also suitable for business users who have large quantities of e-mail received.

POPFile has the following characteristics:

  • free spam filter,
  • makes use of a Bayesian filter,
  • to change settings via a HTML user interface,
  • open source license,
  • available for Windows and Mac.


MailScanner is an email security and anti-spam package for email gateway systems. Therefore it is not suitable for individuals that it on a Windows or Mac system, want to install but only for companies and the internet service providers that their customers want to offer. This assumes that customers work off your hands since they are themselves nothing at all on their system need to install.

The software of Scanner works with any system that is Unix-based. It supports more than twenty different virus scanners, including the open source ClamAV scanner. It makes it also possible to have multiple virus scanners in parallel next to each other in order to increase safety. The spam filter is for a large part based on the SpamAssassin package that is also an open source license. This package is complemented with fast blacklist queries for which large quantities of messages with minimal computational power can be filtered.

The protection against malware is organized through a broad selection of checks and tests ranging from a simple file name control to an advanced scan of the content. All e-mail can also be scanned for phishing messages.

MailScanner is completely free adjustable. Each configuration option can be infesteld per-user, per-domain, or on the basis of IP address.

The spam filter is extremely easy to integrate into existing email systems. In most cases, without any changes in the existing sendmail configuration must be made. In the situations where that is the case, everything is clearly documented and available as a manual and on the website.

MailScanner is completely free to use. You do not have a license or subscription to purchase. Through a newsletter, and IRC is direct support is provided. Not only SMES but also big organizations make use of this program. Examples that the developers bring to the table are the U.s. government and defense.

MailScanner has the following characteristics:

  • free spam filter and email security,
  • installation on Unix servers,
  • configuration per domain, user or IP address,
  • not suitable for installation on desktop systems,
  • available under an open source license,
  • supports more than 20 anti-virus scanners (also in parallel),
  • suitable for organizations from small to large.


Spamfence is based on the eXpurgate technology of the German company Eleven. That service is not a program that you must install, but from a server via which all e-mail is sent. For this, you must set up all your e-mail automatically forwarded to this service.

The service then checks the e-mails on the presence of spam and an additional text to the title of the e-mail message. Then, all e-mail forwarded to your actual e-mail account.

Because the e-mails that are spam, contain an additional title have been given you can use your e-mail account is easy to set up all the spam in a separate folder..

A disadvantage of this service is that you have two e-mail accounts to create the spam filter because it makes use of the automatic forwarding.

Spamfence has the following characteristics:

  • free spamfilterdienst,
  • no installation is required,
  • suitable for all e-mail accounts that can be forwarded,
  • automatically adds any extra text to the titles of spam messages,
  • two e-mail accounts required.

BullGuard Spamfilter

BullGuard offers in addition to a number of other security programs also have a free spamfilter. This program automatically learns from the e-mails to you as spam consider. Based on this it allows BullGuard to automatically in an algorithm to determine which e-mails are desired and which are not.

BullGuard is only suitable for Windows and integrates with email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail.

BullGuard Spamfilter has the following characteristics:

  • free spam filter for Windows operating systems,
  • protects against e-mail scams, phishing, and viruses,
  • step-by-step wizard helps you through the settings,
  • free support via e-mail or chat.


SpamAssassin is a very popular antispam program that is directly installed on a server should be. The programme is therefore only suitable for experts or business users.

The spam filter makes use of various techniques to spam to recognize, including text and header analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collective filter databases. Because SpamAssassin on the server is installed, it filters all the spam even before the computer arrives.

SpamAssassin has the following characteristics:

  • free spam filter,
  • open source license,
  • use of Bayesian filter,
  • written in Perl,
  • installation should be directly on the server occur,
  • only suitable for users who have their own mail server. This will, therefore, generally business users are.


Spamihilator is a spam filter freeware. Spamihilator will scan the traffic between your email client and the internet and monitors all incoming e-mail. Spam e-mails are then filtered out. This process occurs fully automatically in the background on your PC, you notice nothing of.

The self-learning filter (Bayesian filter) calculates the spamfactor of every e-mail. By indicating which e-mails are spam the filter will still function better because it allows the spamanalyse can improve. Additionally, Spamihilator a word filter that e-mail scanning on common spamteksten.

Friends can be added to a: so these e-mails, you will always achieve. In addition, you can add email addresses to a black list that automatically blocked will be.

In addition to an installation file provides Spamihilator also a portable version. These you can use without installation directly booting from a USB-stick.

Spamihilator has the following characteristics:

BitDefender FRAMS

BitDefender FRAMS is a free antispam program for Linux email servers. This is also where the abbreviation FRAMS stands for: Free AntiSpam for Mail Servers.

The fact that this program only works with Linux-based e-mail servers, that makes it only suitable for professional and business users. Private can use a program such as SPAMFighter install.

Before you can start with downloading the software, you will first need your first name, last name, and e-mail address.

BitDefender FRAMS has the following characteristics:

  • free antispam software for Linux e-mail servers,
  • also free for business users,
  • unlimited number of e-mail accounts, filtering,
  • offered by security company BitDefender.


Spamfighter is a free spam filter. You can integrate the program with your own e-mail client: Windows Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. The spam filter automatically blocks spam received and also filters phishing emails.

All incoming e-mails will be automatically scanned and tested by the SPAMfighter software. When spam is detected this is immediately in the special spam folder. If you are not recognized as such spam message will receive, you can block them with a single press of the button. Within a few seconds, these are spam e-mails then also blocked in the more than 7 million other users of SPAMfighter.

This spam filter is free only for consumers. Companies have to pay for a SPAMfighter Pro license.

SPAMfighter has the following characteristics:

  • free spam filter,
  • suitable for Windows Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird,
  • filters phishing fraud.


MailWasher is an easy-to-use spam filter. MailWasher is both a paid and a free version to obtain.

The free version of MailWasher offers less functionality than the paid version. It works but on one e-mail account, has no direct access to Hotmail and no self-learning filter in contrast to the paid version. Nevertheless, you can get the free edition is fine to use for the filter of your personal e-mail account.

MailWasher has the following characteristics:

  • free anti-spam program,
  • preview of e-mails on the server,
  • e-mail on the server delete,
  • friends list and a "black list" to create filtering to improve,
  • customizable filters,
  • easy "drag and drop" interface,
  • POP3 access.

Cloudmark DesktopOne

Couldmark DesktopOne is a spam filter program for Windows. There is also a beta version for the Mac. The software is available in a paid and a free version. The free version is a maximum of 1 directory within 1 e-mail account to filter. Both versions protect was as good against spam, phishing and viruses.

You can control the behavior of CloudMark DesktopOne in between to check the statistics or the comprehensive details.

Cloudmark DesktopOne has the following characteristics:

  • spam filter,
  • available in a paid and a free version,
  • integrates with your favorite e-mail client,
  • won lots of awards from leading computer magazines, including SC Magazine and PC Magazine.

Cloudmark DesktopOne supports the following email programs:

Download and install one of the versions programs Spam filter software for Windows 10.

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