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Download free Web-based office services for Windows 10

To type a letter, a spreadsheet, or a presentation to prepare, you can download free software such as Apache OpenOffice. However, you can also choose an online service to use. To do this, all you need is a PC with an internet connection, you then go to the website of the service where you online to create documents, manage and optionally share it with others.


OnlyOffice is a full office suite that you own on a private server space for you to install.

It is a notification, but then in the most comprehensive sense of the word. In addition to a word processor, a spreadsheet program and a presentation tool contains also a CRM and project management system, e-mail server and blogdienst. Focus the developers themselves so specifically on business users. Private users may be better to opt for one of the other programs in this list.

In the future, the company behind OnlyOffice also a paid version (Enterprise Edition) to provide you with even more features. The current free version will also continue to exist.

OnlyOffice can be used via the website of the makers. By here to create an account, you make use of the version provided by OnlyOffice hosted and managed. There is also a file available that you the entire package completely free of charge on a private server room installs. That way you will have full control over all of your (business)data.

OnlyOffice has the following characteristics:

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

With Google Docs you can use a free online spreadsheets and text documents, create, edit, and share with others.

iWork for iCloud

iWork for iCloud is the answer from Apple on the online office services from Google and Microsoft.

In 2015, Apple has this online office suite is opened for everyone. It is therefore not only to use by people who have a Mac, but also Windows or Linux computers. The online service works in any modern web browser such as Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

iWork for iCloud consists of three components: a word processor (Pages), spreadsheet program (Numbers) and a presentation program (Keynote). Also, users get 1GB of free online storage for files created and saved with iWorks for iCloud.

You can use the Microsoft Office import and export files. Also, edited documents as PDF-file to be exported.

iWork for iCloud has the following characteristics:

  • online office suite,
  • includes a presentation tool, word processor and spreadsheet,
  • to use via any modern web browser.


ThinkFree Online is a free web-based office productivity. The productivity office suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program, and a WYSIWYG HTML and blog editor.

The free version of ThinkFree provides 1gb of free online storage space for documents. Users can jointly edit documents, and documents to embed on a blog or other website.

ThinkFree has the following characteristics:

  • online office productivity,
  • up to 1GB of storage for free,
  • contains a word processor, presentation program, spreadsheet program and a HTML editor,
  • collaborate with other users,
  • change history is stored.

Microsoft Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps is a free online office productivity of Microsoft.

With Office Web Apps you can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote files without additional software. The only thing the user needs is a (free) Live ID, an internet connection and a modern web browser. After you go to the website of the Office Web Apps are going you will need your Live ID to enter. Then, you can use existing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote upload files or create new files online create. These files you can then edit and possibly share them with other users.

Microsoft opens with the attack on Google Docs, the online productivity office suite from Google, which in short time has become immensely popular.

Microsoft Office Web Apps has the following features:

  • free productivity office suite,
  • web-based,
  • offered by Microsoft,
  • log in with your Live ID,
  • suitable for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote files,
  • open office files,
  • to edit office files,
  • online storage of office files,
  • sharing files online with others.


Zoho offers a huge amount of web-based applications, most of which is free on a small scale.

Zoho Writer
This web-based word processor that offers free the most used features of Microsoft Office Word. With this software you can create text documents for free create, save, manage, and share with others. A special feature is that it provides the possibility to work with multiple people in real-time, to work together on a text document, regardless of where they are. Text documents created with other word processors and text editors, are easy to import in Zoho Writer, the following text and image formats are supported: Microsoft Word (.doc), OpenOffice (.odt & .sxw), HTML, RTF, JPG, GIF, and NPG. Text documents created in Zoho Writer, you can quickly be exported to .pdf, .doc, .odt, .sxw, HTML, and text files.

Zoho Sheet
A free web-based spreadsheet program, supporting more than 300 functions. Makes it easy to 2D - or 3D-graphics to create and to integrate in Zoho Writer, or in your own weblog.

Zoho Show
Free web-based presentation software that the basic features of Microsoft Powerpoint. Easy integration with other Zoho products such as Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet. Ability to import powerpoint presentations and OpenOffice presentations (.sxi). Zoho Show can be viewed online or exported. Presentations you can easily share the presentation with one click of the button to a website address to link to. Zoho Polls Creating online questionnaires.

Zoho Creator
Creation of web applications.

Zoho Planner
Online organizer.

Zoho Web Site Monitoring
Automatically ontroleren or your sites online to reach. You will immediately get a warning when it is established that a site is offline.

Zoho Virtual Office
Free up to 10 users.

Zoho CRM
Free up to 3 users.

Zoho Suite offers the following applications:

Etherpad Lite

Etherpad is an open source package which gives you a web-based word processor to install on a private server room. Unlike Google Docs, running the application on a private server and all the files stored on your own server.

After installation, you can with different users at the same time to collaborate on a text document. The changes in the file appear in real time on the screen of everyone currently logged in. To obtain an overview in everyone's contribution, the changes of each person in a different color are shown.

The built-in chat system makes it possible for all contributors as possible to get out of the text file, discuss with each other.

Etherpad makes use of the Node.js. This is an application of JavaScript on a web server. Because the requests asynchronously handles makes the real-time designspecifications, if this is possible.

Originally, this application is offered as an online service that only could be used by logging in to In 2009, the company behind Etherpad was acquired by Google, the technology wanted to incorporate into Google Wave. In the same year, Google, the source code is available under an open source license. From then on it was therefore possible to use the software to download, possibly modify, and install on a private server room.

Etherpad Lite has the following features:

  • open source online text editor,
  • installation on own server space,
  • in real-time to collaborate on the same text file,
  • package is based on Node.js.

Download and install one of the versions programs Web-based office services for Windows 10.

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