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Download free Virtualization software for Windows 10

Virtualization software makes it possible for computer programs that are suitable for a particular operating system on other operating systems to run.

On this page we give an overview of the free virtualization programs.


VirtualBox is a virtualisatieprogramma for commercial and home use. This virtualization software is open source so anyone can be downloaded for free.

The software is developed and offered by Oracle.

VirtualBox has the following characteristics:

VirtualBox supports the following host systems (hosts):

VirtualBox supports, among others, the following moderate-large networks (guests):


Bochs is a portable emulation software that is made available under an open source license. Through this program, several operating systems under a different system to run. For example it is possible to have a (another version of) Linux, Windows, or Rhapsody (precursor of Mac OS) to run on a Playstation, iOS, Linux, Mac or Windows computer.

Bochs is widely used by developers to test run. When the guest operating system crashes remain the host system are running.

The software is ever developed as a commercial product, but has an open source license obtained after it has been taken over by a French open source organization

Until the day of today is the virtual machine software of Bochs actively developed.

Ulteo Virtual Desktop

Ulteo Virtual Desktop allows Linux applications to run on a Windows computer. Via Ulteo Virtual Desktop, the Linux programs just started in a normal window in Windows. You don't need to take the computer to restart or to change the settings.

Ulteo Virtual Desktop has the following features:

Ulteo Virtual Desktop , by default, contains among others the following programs:

VMware Player

With VMware Player you can use Windows, Linux or Chome OS alongside your current Windows or Linux operating system to run. You can therefore use a different operating system to try, but also to a different version of Windows or Linux alongside your current Windows or Linux installation to use. For example, you can Windows 8 run on top of a Windows Vista installation. You can using your mouse to switch between these different systems.

VMware Player is free for personal use. There is also a paid version where support is given. This version has the name VMware Fusion Professional. This commercial variant also makes it possible to run Windows on a Mac to run.

VMware Player has the following features:

  • freeware for personal use,
  • provides support for more than 200 guest operating systems,
  • virtual machine to full screen view,
  • using your mouse to switch between different operating systems,
  • suitable for 32 - and 64-bit operating systems.


Cameyo is a strange duck in the bite. The term virtualization is used for many different purposes. One of the applications is the testing of applications in a "sandbox" environment. This is for the application not possible to make changes in the computer system. The free software Cameyo offers the possibility to every other program inside a virtual environment to run. To do this, you do not have the application on the operating system itself to install. In fact, it is so of any computer program a portable application from a USB stick to boot.

The free version of Cameyo have to be installed. With the paid version you can portable appliaties create via an online service. To do this, Cameyo itself itself so not even the first to be installed.

Cameyo has the following characteristics:

  • free application virtualization program,
  • all of the software without having to install,
  • only available for Microsoft Windows.


Wine is an open source virtualisatieprogramma that can be used to allow Windows applications to run on other operating systems. Not all of the software programs that are suitable for Windows can run on Wine, so it's not a solution for all applications.

Wine has the following characteristics:

  • free virtualization software,
  • Windows programs run on other operating systems,
  • suitable for Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, and Solaris,
  • open source.

Download and install one of the versions programs Virtualization software for Windows 10.

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