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Smartphones are not only used for internet browsing, but also to use apps. Video is one of the most popular app categories.

We have made an overview of the 10 best and most useful apps to videos to create, edit, view and share. This list contains apps for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone. A bonus tip is the mobile video app from the founders of YouTube: MixBit.


Instagram is a free app that allows photos to be edited using filters. With that functionality in the app in a short time become very popular and is even in 2012, Facebook acquired.

Twitter, the major rival of Facebook, has also in 2012, another app acquired called Vine. This app allows short videos of up to six seconds to make and via Twitter to share. Given the great popularity of the app has Instagram in 2013 decided to make it possible to not only photos, but also videos to share.

Each video can be up to 15 seconds long and can be edited with a filter, such as that in the photos the case is. Then can you share this with your friends on the Instagram network or via your Facebook or Twitter account.

Instagram has the following characteristics:

  • videos, and edit photos with filters and share with friends,
  • property of Facebook,
  • available for iOS and Android.


With Vine you can create videos and share automatically in a loop to be played. This means that the play is infinite keeps repeating. Plays the app in on the trend to quick, short messages to share. Such as people via Twitter a short tekstberichtje parts can using this app a short video to be shared. Then, you can share it through your Twitter account where the video is automatically started within the Twitter app or the website without the recipient first, on a play button need to click.

When you have the app open, you can start recording the screen, press and hold. Then you can use different shots to record the screen to let loose and again to touch. The video can be an unlimited number of pictures, but the overall video should be no longer than 6 seconds.

Vine has the following characteristics:

  • record movies with your smartphone camera,
  • various shots record,
  • total video can take up to 6 seconds,
  • app available for ios, Android, Windows Phone and iOS.


With Magisto, you can use the videos on your smartphone or tablet are stored to edit. With this app you create professional-looking videos without the videos on your computer first having to convert, and then a editing program to use.

The operation consists of three steps. First of all, select the video what you in the assembly want to use. Magisto automatically selects the most interesting excerpts from your video to use. Then, you select a theme, the colors, the sharpness and contrast of the video adjusts and finally, you add the background music.

Magisto has the following characteristics:

  • free app to edit videos on your smartphone or tablet,
  • add background music,
  • suitable for Android and iOS.

YouTube Capture

Android devices contain by default a feature to edit videos and quickly on YouTube. This is because both the Android operating system as YouTube by Google to be developed.

Owners of an iPhone or an iPhone do not have standard access to this feature. For those people, Google has a separate released called YouTube Capture.

YouTube Capture has the following features:

  • make movies, edit and upload to YouTube,
  • only available for iOS (iPad and iPhone).


VLC know a lot of people do the video player for desktop systems. This open source program plays effortlessly, the most exotic video formats without special codecs to install. What not many people know is that VLC is also there as an app for smartphones and tablets. Also, which apps are free and open source. In addition to playback of videos, you can even sync files with other Dropbox and movies to stream from a UPnP media server.

By the VLC app to install, you need no more time to waste to convert videos to a format that is suitable for your tablet or smartphone. Clearly a great value.

VLC has the following characteristics:

  • open source video player,
  • almost every video on a smartphone or tablet playback without having to convert,
  • the most popular open source video player,
  • sync the app with Dropbox and iTunes,
  • stream video directly from a UPnP media server,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS.


The chances are that the NPO already know of the website In the past this service was known as Missed. Through that site you can find broadcasts of the public broadcaster to look back.

NPO also offers apps for the three major mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This watching tv programs back and you can use (parts of) broadcasts to share with your friends and family.

NPO has the following characteristics:

  • tv broadcasts of the public broadcaster to look back,
  • available for all popular mobile operating systems,
  • mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


With Qik you can share videos with others, but the app goes further than that. You can display live images, and directly broadcast. This app is thus ideal for use at events or newsworthy occasions that you direct with friends, or the rest of the world want to share.

Qik in 2011, Skype acquired, but it is still as loose app developed and offered.

Qik has the following characteristics:

  • record video with your mobile phone or tablet and this live broadcast,
  • available for Android and iOS.

Cute CUT

With Cut CUT to attach a video of your own photos, videos, and music. This apps is available only for iOS, the mobile operating system on the iPhone and iPad.

Cute CUT has the following characteristics:

  • video editing on your iPhone or iPad,
  • in addition to videos you can upload your own photos to add,
  • written texts, and add music.


With Cinefy, you can use the videos that you recorded with Hollywood-style effects to add. These are for example a flying spaceship or a walking dinosaur. This moving effect is about your own movie mounted which, for example, a dinosaur by your self-recorded video seems to run.

Cinefy has the following characteristics:

  • Hollywood add effects to your videos,
  • own music tracks to add,
  • mobile app is only suitable for iOS.


Vevo is an organization that has music clips of the most popular singers, bands and DJ's of this moment disseminated through the website and mobile apps. With this app, you can not only the clips of, for example, Rihanna and Afrojack search and playback, but you can also discover new music.

Vevo has the following characteristics:

  • music clips from the most popular artists of the moment play,
  • also available in the Dutch language,
  • suitable for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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