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Many internet sites are not suitable to be visited by young children. However, many minors daily use of the laptop, tablet or smartphone to surf the internet. In addition, they can be faced with inappropriate content such as 18+ movies, racism and offensive language. In addition, there is the chance that they are on social networking sites in the wrong situations, such as strangers who try to make contact and online harassment.

With the software in this list, you can protect your children by providing them with access to unsafe sites to deny and a limit for the length of time and hours that they may spend.


MyBee is a free web browser that children under 11 years of age protects against information and images for them are not yet suitable. The software is released by a cooperation of KPN, Parents Online and My Child Online. The browser can be installed on Windows and Mac computers.

Instead of sites to filter that are not suitable let MyBee a list of sites that may be suitable for minors. These sites are collected by a professional editorial staff and the parents who use the browser. You can choose whether you want only the selection of the editors want to show, or even the suggestions of other parents. It is even possible to use only the tips of strict parents, or even those of average or tolerant parents.

The selected websites are organized into three different age categories so. The program calculates itself out in which category your child falls on the basis of the date of birth that you once need to enter. These categories are: children up to 4 years old, children from 5 t/m 7 years old and children of 8 t/m 10 years.

MyBee has the following characteristics:

K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection acts as Children filters for desktop computers. On Android and iOS mobile devices replaces the standard web browser for a child friendly version.

The software blocks websites in more than 70 categories such as gambling, violence, phishing, and sex. Where appropriate, new sites in real-time are classified in one of these categories. With the help of a password can you as a parent, the block temporarily unprotect at the time that you have a site, yet want to visit. In addition to the standard filter, you can create a list with websites that are always blocked or always allowed. The internet check you on the basis of the reporting.

The program offers the possibility to the internet at set intervals all the way to block. Allows you to prevent your children for a long period of time surfing or, for example, at night to go online.

Users of the devices on which it is installed be forced to SafeSearch to use on all major search engines so that the results would first be filtered.

In contrast to MyBee is K9 Web Protection developed by an American organization. The desktop variant is therefore less attractive than that of the competitor. The mobile apps for iPhones, iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets are unique, and are widely praised.

K9 Web Protection has the following features:

  • freeware to your child to protect against inappropriate content on the internet,
  • itself an additional whitelist or blacklist of websites,
  • the blocking of a specific site to unblock with the help of a password,
  • time restrictions set for the use of the internet at certain times to block,
  • the use of SafeSearch on all major search engines require,
  • the blocking of a specific site to unblock with the help of a password,
  • available for Windows and Mac desktops,
  • mobile apps available for Android and iOS.

KinderBrowser Kibro

KinderBrowser Kibro is not really similar to a real browser in the sense that you agree not to random websites you can surf.

The browser contains a list of online resources divided into a number of categories. After the startup of the browser, you can see in the left column, 6 buttons. These are "Play", "Music", "Movie", "Leather", "Story" and "Favorite". By pressing one of these buttons will take you to a summary of online sources by the editors as suitable for young children.

For example, your children cartoons watch, kindermuziek listening and educational games to play. In addition they don't search via Google or any other search engine but everything is in a clear overview at each other. Very modern in design, this browser is not, but the big buttons and the bright colors are appealing for the target audience.

The browser is designed for children up to 6 years and children with an intellectual disability or a form of autism. The desktop application is available for Microsoft Windows and the tablet app is available for the mobile operating system of Android.

KinderBrowser Kibro has the following characteristics:

  • free browser for children t/m 6 years old or mentally disabled,
  • online sources are classified in 6 different categories,
  • desktop program available for Windows operating systems,
  • tablet app available for Android.


Kidiso is a free browser for kids up to 13 years in the United States, Belgium and the Netherlands. It allows your kids to alleend-friendly websites to visit. You can as a parent, self-add sites that you deem appropriate. These come in the category of "mum and dad".

At this moment the software only suitable for Windows, with a version for Linux and Mac OS is still working. After checking the option "start with Windows" is the kinderbrowser automatically with the Windows operating system to boot.

It is possible to chat with other children. This can only be with children that you have adopted to prevent your children with strangers to talk.

You can check where your kids are up to by logging in to your account via You can also e-mail summaries of internet use receive.

Kidiso has the following characteristics:

  • browser for children in the Netherlands and Belgium,
  • you can login to the Kidiso site to check what your children are doing,
  • ability to browser automatically with Windows startup time,
  • available for Microsoft Windows.

Download and install one of the versions programs Browser for children for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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