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A pedigree is a table in which the ancestors of a person or animal are show. Such a diagram shows graphically what the relationships are within a family.

On this page we give an overview of free family tree software.


Aldfaer is a free-to-download Folk family tree program. This can be a hobby genealogists easy to pedigrees with all the personal details of a family. The project is housed in a foundation and the first version of the program is already released in 1998.

Aldfaer is designed to create family tree charts, but is also used by, for example, dog breeders to the bloodlines of the animals to capture.

Aldfaer has the following characteristics:

  • family tree program for Windows,
  • freeware license,
  • Dutch,
  • personal details such as parents, marriages, children, brothers and sisters, age at major family events, and save notes,
  • ability to take pictures of people and important events to add,
  • various reporting capabilities for the display of the family tree,
  • tabs to quickly switch between different people.

My Family Tree

My Family Tree is a free genealogy program for Windows operating systems. The software supports the GEnealogical Data COMmunication (GEDCOM) file by default. When you have your family history examines this software provides a simple way to get your family tree to visualize and to share. To the basic facts more appealing to make you can even have pictures and stories to add.

More experienced genealogists will find within the program to have full support for adding citations and evidence and all the data can transfer by using the GEDCOM file format.

Nice additional features are the display of important data in an interactive timeline, and important things that on this day in the family history have taken place.

My Family Tree has the following characteristics:

  • interactive and edit family trees,
  • photos, videos and attachments to each family member adding,
  • facts and events with citations to add people,
  • support for different languages,
  • all the important family moments in an interactive timeline display,
  • familiestatistieken on births, deaths and marriages view,
  • family tree charts from multiple pages to print,
  • photos and documents directly within the tree, scanning,
  • your data protect it with encryption and privacy settings,
  • your familiehistory on a portable device,
  • GEDCOM import and export files,
  • show or, in the past, details have played on the current date,
  • only available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.


ScionPC is a free Windows genealogy program. It has a modern easy-to-use layout that is both hobbyists and professional genealogists will appeal to you. In this program, data from other genealogy software be imported via GEDCOM files. This format is standard in this software category.

All types of files can a family member be saved. It contains no restrictions similar programs may sometimes make it unusable for unconventional relationships. Thus, the relationships are not controlled by sex so that relationships between two men or two women could be added. Also, there is no limitation on the adding of names so adopted children with their own name linked to the adoptive parents.

Through the interactive family tree, you quickly get an overview of all of the family members and the relationships between them. By clicking on it you will see the added photos, important dates (birth and death), occupation, religion, addresses and all other available information.

ScionPC can also from a USB-stick boot to be used with the portable version of the program.


Gramps is an open source genealogy program that is being developed by the volunteers. It aims to be easy to use by hobbyists, but also advanced functions for professional users.

You can together with the names of family members a lot of extra information added to the database such as pictures, videos, birth and trouwdata and important places in the family history on an interactive map. One of the features is that you are a person in the database can select to view a family tree to display, including photo, birth and death dates, and the relationships between the family members.

Gramps is seen internationally as one of the best open source programs in this area. The software is also translated into Dutch.

Gramps has the following characteristics:

  • open source family tree program,
  • interactive map with important places in family history,
  • photos, videos and other media files to add,
  • family groups view including relationship status and trouwdata,
  • pedigree of persons view photos and birth and death dates,
  • make notes and save,
  • written in the Python programming language,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Family Tree Builder

Family Tree Builder is a free genealogy program offered by MyHeritage has more than 64 million profiles the world's most popular family network of the world.

With this software, you can in a visual way, a family tree building and photos and even add videos. The program automatically recognizes faces in the photos you are adding to make it easier family photos to people to link.

The program Family Tree Builder is free and unlimited to use on your own computer. When you have large family tree charts also publish it on the web then you should pay for a premium account.

Family Tree Builder has the following features:

  • free family tree software,
  • trees create, customize and print,
  • supports many languages, including English,
  • with the Smart Matching technology you can use your family tree to compare with others and new family members to discover
  • supports automatic face detection, added photos,
  • photos, videos, and documents to add and organize albums.

Download and install one of the versions programs Family tree for Windows 10.

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