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The keep track of to-do's, or to-do lists, in particular, popularized by the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Herein is described that a person more calm, overview and efficiency in the handling of personal tasks can get with the help of an extensive system of to-do lists.

On this page you will find an overview of free programs to these task lists to create and manage.


Wunderlist is a free app, desktop program and online service for storing, managing and sharing tasks. This service is in a short time has become so popular that Microsoft in 2015 has decided to take over. The maintenance and development of the service continues to function as before.

Within Wunderlist, you can endless to-do lists for different projects. Any task lists you can group them into a folder in order to maintain the overview. Each task can be linked to a deadline and sending a reminder. That reminder can Wunderlist send via e-mail, push notifications or in-app notifications.

Very handy is the feature where you an e-mail can forward to Wunderlist and then automatically in your to-do list ends up. Through one click of a button, you can send a whole task list to your printer to print.

Wunderlist can not only be used for shopping lists, but it also displays to-do lists to share and work together with others to work on. When you are really with all the teams want to work together then you will get the paid version must be purchased. This Pro version costs $ 5 per month.


Taskboard is a simple web-based tool to create your own to-do lists or to-do lists within your organization to manage.

The package is based on the Kanban method. The program is made up of three columns next to each other in one window. In the left column are all tasks that still need to be done, these can then be dragged to the middle column, which lists tasks that are currently running. On the right side of the window, all tasks that have already been completed.

Taskboard is insanely easy to install. The installation files need only to the web server to be copied. During the first use makes the program itself a SQLite database in to all the to save information.

Task Coach

Task Coach is a to-do management tool that allows you to your personal to-do lists and to-do's can write and manage.

The program is specially suitable for composite tasks, and also includes functions to measure, categorize and make notes to keep track of. Further, you can create a budget, assign tasks, and tasks automatically on a certain date and time to return.

The desktop versions of Task Coach for Windows, Mac and Linux are free to use. For the iOS app for iPhone and iPad must have to be paid.


ToDoList is a free task management" program. This allows you to have all your tasks and subdividing them into subtasks. This allows you to get a better grip on the tasks that you must perform to complete a project. The program is so extensive that it is less suitable for personal to-do lists, but for many professional projects.

ToDoList contains a window with a random list of all tasks and a window where all tasks are displayed in a tree structure. Within the tree structure may be tasks that are related to each other keep it together to be classified. Also, you can use a number and a color to indicate how much need there is for a task quickly.

Each subtask can be tracked how much time you have spent and what percentage the task is complete.

The software ToDoList is already six years developed so contains no teething more. It is comprehensive enough for professional use and easy enough for everyone to be used.

ToDoList has the following characteristics:

  • free task manager program,
  • task lists are stored in an XML file,
  • time spent per task to save,
  • percentage of completion task tracking,
  • suitable for both IT and general projects,
  • only available for Windows.

Getting Things GNOME

Getting Things GNOME is an open source task manager for Windows and Linux.

Getting Things GNOME has the following characteristics:

  • personal manage tasks and to-do lists,
  • still in an early stage of development
  • available for Windows and Linux.


TaskUnifier is an open source to-do list management tool based on the Getting Things Done method.

What's nice about this software is that you the to-do lists can sync with This popular service makes it possible for your to-do lists online to manage. There is also sync with Google Tasks and Google Calendar.

TaskUnifier has the following characteristics:

  • to-do lists creating and managing,
  • open source,
  • synchronization possible with, Google Calendar and Google Tasks,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download and install one of the versions programs To-do task list for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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