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Everyone sends sometimes an e-mail. A lot of people still do this with Outlook or Outlook Express. This program is called an email client.

On this page are good free alternatives to Outlook and Outlook Express are discussed. Other e-mail clients that are soon also are included in this list are Mailbird and FossaMail.

Look for a list of e-mail clients designed specifically for tablets and smartphones have been developed in our overview of mobile e-mail clients.

eM Client

eM Client is an email client that is suitable only for Windows. The creators open the attack on Outlook by very many features to offer in a beautifully designed product.

The only downside is that the free version only two e-mail accounts supports. When you want to add more accounts, or a business user then you need one time fee for this software pay for it.

In addition to the send, receive and manage your e-mail, you can eM Client also use it to your calendar, contacts, tasks, and RSS feeds to keep track of. In addition, users can also chat with others through your existing instant messenger accounts. So is Skype integrated and you can login to your accounts of, among others, Facebook chat, ICQ and Yahoo chat. You can use multiple instant messenger accounts at the same time log in the XMPP-protocol to use it or support it.

All the communications and planning tools are available with this multifunctional program. When you up to two e-mail accounts to manage on a Windows computer than you should this is certainly a time to install and try.

eM Client has the following features:

  • e-mail client free of charge for up to two e-mail accounts,
  • chat features through XMPP protocol, support o.a. Google Chat and Facebook Chat,
  • Reading RSS feeds via the built-in RSS reader,
  • built-in calendar for managing your calendar,
  • database with contact details of family, friends and business relationships tracking,
  • task lists to create and manage,
  • all import data of other clients, such as Thunderbird and Outlook,
  • information to synchronize with online services o.a. Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.


Inky is one of the latest desktop e-mail clients that are on the market today. Where once e-mail is much more to desktop computers and laptops was stored, this is now for a large part to mobile and webmail shifted. Yet, since 2013 Inky and developed because they want to provide a need for more simplicity and clarity in managing different email accounts.

For adding new accounts, you don't need to delve into settings such as IMAP and incoming and outgoing ports. The program only asks for an account name and password of your mail account (such as gmail, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail), and Inky finds for you the correct settings and import the saved contacts and e-mails. All messages are automatically given a label that indicates. A dark label is for posts that directly contacts and a light label stands for less important messages, such as newsletters and advertising.

Inky also contains a number of clever display options. This allows you, for example, only emails from contacts, social media or newsletters to show. With one click of the button you can register a newsletter, open a map with the location of an address or suggestions for recipients can be added.

Many of the features of Inky are by default also present in webmaildiensten such as, for example, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. When you to use these features but also the benefits of a desktop client, want to enjoy (such as offline reading of email) then we advise you to get Inky and to install. The freeware desktop client is suitable for Mac and Windows.


Foxmail is an email client that is offered by Tencent, a large listed company in China. Tencent is among other also responsible for the QQ instant messenger and

This e-mail client is suitable to install on Mac and Windows computers. We have the client tested by setting up a Gmail account with a corresponding password. This is directly recognized, and the program starts downloading all e-mail remaining in the inbox. In addition, the e-mails in the folder are sent, and the messages in the bin downloaded. Messages you have in Gmail with a star has to be marked also in Foxmail listed separately.

Foxmail does not contain a lot of functions, but the functions that it contains are very useful and work well. So you can directly from the program to take a screenshot of the part of the screen which you select yourself. This screenshot is automatically attached to an e-mail added.

You can add multiple accounts to the client to add, between which you can quickly switch between them.

A disadvantage of Foxmail is that the download is very time consuming. Despite the fact that the installation file is smaller than 10MB it costs to obtain it, nevertheless quickly a half hour. This is probably because the server is located in China. Of course, you only have one time suffered from this problem. Then the program works well, it looks very nice and has the useful features, such as the screenshot tool.

Foxmail is for personal use is certainly recommended.

Foxmail has the following characteristics:

  • free e-mail client for Windows and Mac,
  • supports Retina displays for Mac,
  • minimalist design,
  • synchronization with webmail,
  • special support for sending large files (for Windows only),
  • e-mail, text search,
  • calendar function to allow your calendar to manage and edit (only for Windows),
  • developed and offered by Chinese organization.


The default e-mail client on smartphones and tablets is, according to some, there was room for improvement. For Android and iOS is the app Mailbox released.

In the first place developed this app for managing e-mail accounts of the popular Gmail service from Google. The developers add in the future more e-mail services.

The app is definitely much cleaner than the default app. In addition, it has a simpler operation and additional functions. So, you can send messages to temporarily erase and adjust again at a later date in your inbox to appear. So you can be sure that the e-mail, again under the eyes when you also have time to handle these. Messages can, among other things, the following day, the following evening, on weekends or on a specific date be shown again.

Discussions through e-mail in a chat view, quickly be scanned. Messages of discussions, you indicate that you do not want to follow are suppressed like e-mail messages that at certain moments of the day arrive (for example, at night or on your day off).

The Auto-Swipe function that learns from the times that you have messages that you suppressed and archives to the settings of the app automatically on your use to fit.

Mailbox has the following features:

  • free e-mail client app for smartphone and tablet,
  • system set to automatically classify new e-mail messages,
  • e-mails at a later time to return to than to treat,
  • block messages at certain times of the day (such as at night),
  • available for Android and iOS.

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free email client offered by Microsoft. There can be several e-mail accounts be added to the program. In addition to Hotmail can this also accounts for example Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail.

Windows Live Mail has the following characteristics:

  • free e-mail client,
  • e-mail reading and sending,
  • calendar,
  • manage contacts,
  • suitable for Windows Vista and Windows 7,
  • available in a Dutch translation.

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is an open source e-mail client with an integrated newsreader. This client is available for Linux and Windows.

You can use your e-mail messages from a different e-mail client easily import or all messages to export as Claws Mail still not the right solution for you.

The standard functionality of Claws Mail is simple. When you have extra features in the e-mail client want to integrate, such as an RSS reader, PDF reader, or calendar you can use one of the dozens of plugins to install. There is even a plugin available that allows you notifications can be set through the LED lighting from a laptop. This works unfortunately only on some laptops of the following brands: Acer, ASUS, Fujitsu and IBM.

Claws Mail has the following characteristics:

  • open source e-mail client,
  • built-in newsreader for newsgroups,
  • appearance and functionality similar to that of Outlook,
  • add additional features using plugins,
  • based on the graphical toolkit GTK+,
  • translated to English,
  • available for Linux and Windows.


IncrediMail is a strange duck in the bite. The free e-mail client is for some people the very popular, but hated by many others.

This software makes it easy for e-mails with colorful background images, emoticons, and animated. If you like to emoticons and pictures to use in your email, then this program is definitely worth a try. Please keep in mind that some of the recipients and the frequent use of images and sounds as a disturbing experience.

In addition to the Windows program offers IncrediMail now also an iPad application. This app is not to compare with the program for the PC. The iPad app shows all the new e-mail, Facebook and Twitter in orderly blocks next to each other, including any attachments. So, you do not, for example, more separate to click on a link to the attached pictures. In addition, you can easily switch between your social media and e-mail accounts.

The iPad app seems so not on the busy Windows program with moving animations and sounds. When you are looking for a sleek and well-organized program for managing all of your accounts then the IncrediMail iPad app definitely worth a try.

IncrediMail has the following characteristics:

  • free email client for Windows computers,
  • add background pictures,
  • choose from very much (animated) emoticons,
  • animated 3D add effects,
  • a newly received e-mails are reported using an animation,
  • all of your e-mail manage accounts including Gmail and Yahoo,
  • music and sounds to your e-mail add,
  • e-cards to send,
  • also translated into Dutch,
  • the same company also offers an iPad app with all the other functions.

Opera Mail

Until 2013 there was in the web browser of Opera e-mail client integrated. Because Opera now uses a different browser engine is the e-mail client as a separate download.

Via a tab on the right side of the application you can direct your email to send and receive. You can see all your e-mail accounts to add. With the help of self-learning filters to be e-mails in a easy way and organized.

Also contains, Opera Mail a self-learning spam filter that is automatically spam to recognize and in a separate folder. When you e-mail to the spam folder move try Opera Mail to learn so that spam better in the future will recognise it.

The Low bandwidth mode is specially designed for the moments when you have a slow or bad internet connection. By this function to turn on only the necessary information is downloaded to your e-mail to be able to take.

Opera Mail has the following characteristics:

  • free email client for Mac and Windows,
  • integrated RSS reader,
  • integrated spam filter,
  • integrated address book.


Sylpheed is a free email client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It has a simple user interface that is as two drops of water similar to that of Outlook. When you're used to Outlook than you can use it with Sylpheed to get started.

The software is developed in Japan and has especially since a lot of users. Nevertheless, it is also an excellent program for Belgians and Dutch. For example, when you're used to Outlook, and a similar program to use on your Mac or Linux computer. This e-mail client is also translated into Dutch.

Sylpheed has the following features:

  • free email client for Windows, Mac and Linux,
  • main window is divided into three areas just like in Outlook,
  • lightweight program that quickly start-up and a few computer resources required,
  • control over which e-mail messages in your waste bin,
  • translated into English,
  • advanced search and filtering features.


SeaMonkey is the internet Suite from the Mozilla Foundation. An internet Suite is an internet application that multiple (internet-related) features at the same time can fulfill. SeaMonkey includes a web browser, e-mail client, nieuwsgroepbeheer, IRC chat client, and html editor. SeaMonkey is derived from the Mozilla Suite project. The development of Mozilla Suite in march 2005 stopped, then have users of the software, this project was re-established and the name SeaMonkey.

SeaMonkey offers a total solution for comparable programs elsewhere on this site you also free can download. The advantage of this program is that you with one download in fact, four programs at the same time can download and update.

SeaMonkey has the following characteristics:

  • Navigator; browser,
  • Mail & Newsgroups ; e-mail and newsgroup management,
  • Composer; HTML editor to create websites to create to make,
  • IRC; chat client.

Download and install one of the versions programs E-mail client for Windows 10.

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