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Microsoft Powerpoint is the most widely used presentation program. With that program you can show slides of your presentation support. However, there are also free alternatives on this page we give an overview of the best free presentation software.

Microsoft Sway

Sway is the answer of Microsoft to the growing dissatisfaction among Powerpoint users. That program is the last 10 years, little to nothing has changed and it remains difficult to make a catchy presentation to create.

Sway allows the creation of new presentations simple and provides only the most necessary functions. If you search for a hugely comprehensive presentation tool then you would do well to order one of the other programs in this list to try.

After logging in, you can choose from a collection of standard layouts. Then your online accounts of YouTube and Facebook can be linked to from there, directly content to the presentation to import.

Sway is a must for anyone who quickly a presentation in each other want to run that there is also something different than a standard Powerpoint. For business purposes it is less suitable because it has fewer tools than most of the other presentation tools.

Microsoft Sway has the following characteristics:

  • free online presentations,
  • easily add content through integration with online services,
  • connect with other OneDrive, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube,
  • this tool is part of the online office suite from Microsoft,
  • works from any device with a browser and internet connection.


Emaze is an online service for creating presentations with beautiful graphics and lots of movement. Also can videos be inserted. The software contains a number of templates which you only have the content have to change in order to a nice result. Just like with Prezi, it is possible to all the content on one big field to place and from one text, image, or chart to another and to zoom in. This gives a surprisingly playful effect and makes a presentation a lot less boring to look at.

The created presentations will be stored online so the result can easily be shared via email and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The presentations can also geƫmbed be on a blog or other site.

The free version of Emaze has limited functions. Thus, there is a maximum amount of storage space available, presentations can not be downloaded and it is not possible that multiple users presentations together edit.

Emaze has the following characteristics:

  • online presentation maker,
  • presentations from the browser to create and view
  • presentation from scratch or using a template,
  • beautiful transition effects between the slides,
  • available in free and paid version.

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations

Lotus Symphony is a free office suite offered by IBM. The software package contains a presentation program, a word processor, and a spreadsheet program. Lotus Symphony is based on Apache OpenOffice.

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations has the following characteristics:

  • free presentation program as part of the Lotus Symphony office suite,
  • Lotus Symphony can the different types of documents (text files, spreadsheets, presentations) open within the same window, under different tabs,
  • slideshow optional auto-play with pre-selected time interval,
  • support for graphs, tables, drawn objects and images,
  • animation options for images and effects for the transition between slides,
  • support for different file formats including Microsoft Office and Lotus SmartSuite,
  • export of documents to Adobe PDF or HTML format to make it easy to share

PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer gives you the ability to put PowerPoint presentations to fully display. This program is by Microsoft itself offered free of charge, it is not possible to make a PowerPoint presentation to deal with it. The software can only an existing presentation to view.

PowerPoint Viewer has the following features:

  • software to PowerPoint presentations to display,
  • freeware license,
  • offered by Microsoft.

OpenOffice Impress is a very popular productivity office suite that, among other things, the presentation "Impress". This open source presentation software offers features that are comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint. Presentations can be exported as PowerPoint, PDF, or SWF file. The SWF file is by everyone with a Flash player to play.

OpenOffice Impress has the following characteristics:

  • open source viewer,
  • part of the very popular free productivity office suite Apache OpenOffice,
  • save presentations in the following formats - ODF (.odp, .otp), Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt, .pot), (.sxi, .sti), Drawing (.sxd), StarDraw (.sda, .sdd), StarImpress (.sdd, .vor) Unified Office Format presentation (.uop) and ODF Drawing (.odg),
  • presentation export to the following formats - HTML, XHTL, PDF, Macromedia Flash (SWF), BMP, EMF, EPS, GIF, JPEG, MET, PBM, PCT, PGM, PNG, PPM, RAS, SVG, SVM, TIFF, WMF, XPM, and PWP

Google Slides

Google Drive, the free web-based office suite of Google, contains a presentation. With the program it is possible to completely online the sheets for a presentation. Other persons may be invited at the same time, a presentation to edit. As with most other presentation programs, it is possible to view videos, images, tables, backgrounds, and drawings to add to the sheets. The presentation is available online and can be played, but is also available as a Powerpoint, PDF or text file to download.

Google Slides has the following characteristics:

  • free web-based presentation software,
  • part of the online productivity office suite, Google Drive,
  • with more users simultaneously edit a presentation,
  • share presentations by people to refer to the URL of the presentation,
  • ability to make presentations to embed on a web page,
  • existing Powerpoint and other presentations to upload.


Prezi is an online presentation that a lot of caused a stir. If you love it, or you will be sick of the many motion effects that in a presentation can be included. It makes the presentation in any case a lot less boring than we of PowerPoint were used.

All the content of a presentation in Prezi on a large virtual canvas. Your audience through your presentation by the zoom of the previous slide and to zoom in on the new slide. Because of this, it is not a freestanding slides more but these are again in a certain relation to each other. You can use the slides, for example, in a tree or on a map places to give additional context to the presentation to add.

Prezi is available in different versions. The basic version is completely free to use but is of course limited. So are the presentations that were made on this are always public and you have only 100 megabytes of storage space. A presentation not only online, but also via the desktop programs for Windows and Mac to edit, you also have a paid subscription.

Prezi has the following characteristics:

  • online presentation tool,
  • create visually appealing presentations,
  • all content is arranged on a large virtual canvas,
  • transitions between slides by zoom out and zoom in,
  • also desktop program for Windows and Mac available,
  • mobile app for iOS.

Download and install one of the versions programs Presentation for Windows 10.

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