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Everyone knows the self-adhesive sticky notes, the (usually yellow) leaves on which you note can make to that, click anywhere to paste. If you prefer not to your entire computer volhangt with real paper sticky notes, you can choose to virtual self-adhesive leaves on the desktop of your PC to paste. Apple has this feature already by default in the Mac OS operating system. Windows and Linux users need to first install a program.

On this page you will find an overview of free software to virtual adhesive memo note to use on the desktop of your computer.

Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes installs itself in the system tray of your Windows operating system.

By clicking the icon of this program to add a new memo paper create. When creating a note you can change the font, the color of the text and the transparency of the leaves change. In addition, you can set an alarm giving you an important note is remembered on the selected date and time.

The created sticky notes remain on your desktop until you remove it. When you lose, you can also open a window in which all of the notes displayed one below the other.

The functions of this free program are limited, but it is not, therefore, be less effective for people who have an easy way to take notes on to save.

Simple Sticky Notes has the following characteristics:

  • virtual sticky notes create and store on your Windows computer,
  • set alarm for important notes,
  • possibility to get an overview of all notes in one window,
  • color of the text and the font set.
  • the size and transparency of the memo paper change.


StickyPad is a free tool to create virtual sticky notes with notes on your Windows desktop.

The program can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts so you can the from any Windows application can use without using your mouse. The created notes can be printed, copied into other applications or e-mailed to colleagues.

When an annotation is so important that you are constantly in the screen want to see then you can have it partially transparent and always on top of your open windows show. That way you can create the child windows still see.


PNotes is an open source application for Windows that lets you have virtual sticky notes on the desktop.

Despite the fact that there are many free software in this category available falls PNotes by the fact that the asset developed will be making it in 2013, for example, also project of the month on has become.

You can have many characteristics set including the shape, color, font, and transparency of the virtual sticky notes. It also includes more advanced features such as the hide of sticky notes to a date and time that you have set that they need to appear. You can also view the saved notes by the program to be read.

To PNotes to use, you don't need to install, the program consists of one file that also can be started from a USB-stick.

PNotes has the following characteristics:

  • available in more than 40 languages, including Dutch,
  • portable application which needs no installation,
  • only available for Windows users.


This program aims at small and simple to keep. It does not install any unnecessary files and modifies the system registry. All data is stored in one file.

Stickies has the following characteristics:

  • formatting on a per-virtual blaadke be determined: font, font color, or no border, etc.,
  • stickies can be via TCP/IP over a network,
  • they can also by e-mail to be sent,
  • friends list (with favorites) for easy sending,
  • signature for sent stickies,
  • notes to add to some of the sites making them for yourself only visible when visiting that site,
  • stickies to hide for a certain period of time (sleep),
  • save to file / import file.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a free sticky note software for Windows users. Virtual self-adhesive sticky notes can be displayed on the desktop or can be hidden in the taskbar for later reading.

The program is simple and easy to use, all the dates of the memos is stored in a text file. There are no additional adjustments in the Windows registry made.

Within Sticky Notes you can use the following features to customize:

  • format of the notes,
  • transparency of the leaves,
  • color,
  • font,
  • position on the desktop.


With Tomboy you can make notes and manage your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Characteristic of this software is that annotations linked to each other can be. This link also remains intact when a note is renamed.

With the help of so-called "add-ins" you can add additional functions to add the program. So is there an add-in available to see how many backlinks there are to a certain endorsement point. Also, you can see the notes that are. There is also an add-in to Bugzilla to integrate with Tomboy. Thus, you can use a URL from your web browsers directly to a note drag and then a link is created to the issue including the number of the issue.

Tomboy has the following characteristics:

  • digital note taking on Mac, Windows, and Linux,
  • add features using "add-ins",
  • all notes, links,
  • integrated spellchecker,
  • the format of notes to edit.

Hott Notes

Hott Notes can be used to create a checklist of tasks, to save reminders, but also to make drawings.

You can for each memo their own color, font, and transparency level setting. These settings, you can also save it as a theme for later reuse.

Large amounts of notes to manage, you can use the Note Manager to use. Allows you all of your notes, the recycle bin and the archived notes view, and possibly in batches (multiple at a time) to edit.

Hott Notes has the following options:

  • remember: place virtual notes on your desktop,
  • scribble: some pictures to protect yourself and your PC, to cheer up,
  • edit: notes can be infinitely adjusted,
  • checklist: check what you still need to do,
  • layout customization: colors and fonts set,
  • note manager: organize large quantities notes.

Download and install one of the versions programs Self-adhesive memoblok for Windows 10.

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