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RSS is primarily used for weblogs and news sites, to be aware of the latest news.

To quickly find all new articles, work on your favorite websites do you have a RSS reader is required. Once the RSS reader is the most popular source for the latest news to follow, now to do this, especially services like Twitter and Flipboard. By the lack of interest by users is Google in July 2013 stopped offering Google Reader. On this page you will find a list of RSS feed readers that you can still use. This list includes both apps for Android and iOS and desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux and online alternatives. An RSS client that is not on this list but it is worth a try is Sputnik.


RSS Owl is an open source RSS reader and you can free install.

The user environment is on a standard built up: links you can use a tree view RSS feeds, organize in folders, on the right appear the titles of new articles published on your favorite sites. If you double-click such a title, will display the full article directly in RSSOwl.

It is not the sleekest or most innovative rss feed reader there is, but RSSOwl is still one of the few open source solutions actively maintained.

RSSOwl has the following characteristics:

  • quick and easy to stay informed about new articles on your favorite sites,
  • search function to a website to search for RSS feeds that you can sign in,
  • feeds can be both in PDF and HTML format to be displayed,
  • with one press of a button articles to send to others,
  • possibility of a blog to keep track of directly from RSS-Owl,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Feedly is an elegant newsreader that strong have grown in popularity is because Google Reader is stopped per 1 July 2013. For this occasion Feedly it's very easy for Google Reader users to switch via a button on the homepage.

With Feedly you can select your favorite blogs, news sites, YouTube channels and social networks from one screen. Also the messages that your friends share via Facebook and Twitter can be included in your flow. The layout of the articles within the mobile apps customized and processed in a kind of digital magazine.

Feedly is available through the website, through mobile apps for Android and iOS and as a browser extension for Google Chrome.

Feedly has the following characteristics:

  • free newsreader and RSS reader,
  • sync with Facebook and Twitter,
  • articles from Feedly to share with social networks,
  • mobile apps available for Android and iOS.


Shrook is a free RSS reader for Mac OS X. It is a full program without ads or spyware.

Shrook offers not only a free program for the Mac, but also free apps for the iPhone and the iPad. This can be synchronized with each other by creating an account on the Shrook website. Also, you can online the news feed to read through the Shrook website.

Shrook has the following characteristics:

  • free RSS reader for Apple devices,
  • also possible to have online access to your news feed via,
  • apps available for Mac, iPhone and iPad,
  • synchronization between iPhone, iPad and Mac.


Feedreader is a freeware RSS reader. It is a lightweight program so it starts quickly. In addition to a Windows client provides a feed reader to an online service. This allows you to, as with Google Reader on any computer via a web browser, log in to your news feeds to follow.

Feed reader has the following features:

  • desktop and online RSS reader,
  • freeware license,
  • layout completely customizable,
  • extensive filter options to the news feeds easy to navigate,
  • very small so takes up little space and starts quickly.


NetNewsWire is a rss feed reader for Mac OS. The free version of NetNewsWire that contains ads. When you have these ads from the program want to delete, then you once have to pay for a license.

NetNewsWire has the following characteristics:

  • feed reader,
  • free version with ads for a one-off payment can be removed,
  • synchronization with Google Reader as possible,
  • many sneltoetsfuncties,
  • read the articles and by articles scrolling with the spacebar,
  • pages for later, save via Delicious or Instapaper,
  • publish it to Twitter for Mac,
  • makes use of tabs,
  • feeds sort on the basis of the amount of time you spend reading from a feed and the number of unread articles,
  • available for Mac, iPad and iPhone.


Vienna is an open-source RSS and Atom reader for Mac OS. It is very useful that this feed reader can synchronize with Google Reader. Furthermore, it is very easy to find articles from Vienna to share via social media, your blog and via e-mail.

Vienna has the following characteristics:

  • free feed reader for Mac OS,
  • open source,
  • suitable for RSS - and Atom-feeds,
  • from the program to share articles via Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, blog and e-mail.

Digg Reader

The social news site Digg has tried to take advantage of the shutdown of Google Reader in July 2012 in the same period its online and mobile feed reader to announce. The service seems exactly the same as that of Google what is positive for people who are used to.

Through the feeds of blogs and other sites to the reader to add you will get the latest articles automatically for me). Of course, you can then save or share via your social networks. With the "Paperboy" function, all of the articles to your iPhone or iPad downloaded before your leave home. So, you can go to the news without reading that your device is connected to the internet.

By the voiceover to turn on the news articles aloud. Here, only articles in English are supported.

Digg Reader has the following features:

  • online feed reader and iOS app,
  • layout and functionality is similar to Google Reader,
  • news articles sharing via social networks or e-mail,
  • articles read aloud (useful, for example, in the car),
  • ability to use all the articles in one time download and save.

AOL Reader

AOL Reader is an online feedreader of the eponymous American online publisher. There is still working on the mobile apps, which will soon be released for Android and iOS.

AOL has this app been made available at the time that Google Reader in 2013, ceased to exist. The users of Google Reader was very easy to switch to this service. In terms of layout, it also has a lot like Google Reader, it is even smoother and more stunning than this well-known predecessor. The online version makes use of "responsive design". The site is therefore automatically adjusted for optimal display on both desktops, tablets, smartphones.

AOL Reader is a perfect choice when you need a simple but beautiful free online RSS reader is looking for. If you would prefer to use an app on your Android or iOS device then you have to wait for them in the short term will be released.

AOL Reader has the following features:

  • free online RSS reader,
  • soon also apps available for Android and iOS,
  • layout website is automatically adapted to PC, tablet or phone,
  • easy to share articles via social media or e-mail,
  • articles save to read later,
  • feeds by category, or tags to organize
  • log in with your AOL, Facebook, Google or Twitter account.


FeedDemon is a popular freeware RSS reader. The software has a very simple interface that closely resembles that of Outlook. You can customize the way feeds are organized and displayed to fully customize. It is even possible to download podcasts to your iPod or Windows Media Player to download.

FeedDemon has the following characteristics:

  • free desktop RSS reader,
  • synchronization with NewsGator Online,
  • viewing of embedded videos from the reader,
  • search channels to add based on keywords,
  • automatic downloading of podcasts.

RSS Bandit

RSS Bandit is an open source RSS reader. In addition to subscribing to RSS feeds and podcasts with RSS Bandit also local search engines. So, you will automatically receive a short notification on your desktop when a new message about a particular theme on the internet appears. The appearance of the reader is quick to adapt by midddel of themes.

RSS Bandit has the following characteristics:

  • free RSS feed reader,
  • organize RSS and Atom feeds in folders,
  • synchronization with Google Reader and NewsGator online,
  • also supports subscribing to and downloading podcasts,
  • create search engines to always be notified when a message about a certain topic on the internet appears.

Download and install one of the versions programs RSS reader for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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