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When you have a smartphone with an internet connection then you can use your phone bill quite a bring down. With the right app calling and smst, you just completely free. The only thing you have to pay is your mobile connection to the internet.

On this page you will find an overview of apps that let you free text messages can be sent and calls can be made. The list includes apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. A condition for free using these apps to communicate is that your friends also to install the app.


Skype do you know this as a program with which you can call via your computer. But did you know that it also is suitable for almost all smartphones? It also enables you to make calls via a wi-fi or 3G connection.

In addition to ordinary calls, you can also make video calls and instant messages to send and receive. When you call with a person who has Skype on his or her desktop computer has installed the screen sharing. The screen is in real-time on your smartphone display.

The app includes by default an extensive amount of smileys during a chat conversation. The Skype app also works very nicely on tablets with Android, iPads and tablets with Windows 8.

When you make a Skype credit purchase, you can also low-cost calls to landlines and mobile numbers around the world. This feature is called place skypeout. Although Skype is one of the programs is the longest exists for the conduct of an im conversation today, however, more frequently use WhatsApp. That app is later in the list discussed. A big advantage of Skype is, of course, that the a lot of users, that you calls can enter, and that it is available not only for mobile but also for desktop systems.

Skype has the following features:

  • free internet phoning and sending text messages,
  • used a lot for video calls where you can look at
  • suitable for Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones,
  • also available for all popular desktop systems.


WhatsApp is a mobile app that reforming is in the world at this time.

Almost all the young people in the world use this app to send text messages (SMS) to send. This cross-eyed a lot of money as the sending of these messages with WhatsApp totally free. Well, of course you should have a mobile internet connection. Moreover, it should be the one where you post a message to also send WhatsApp on his or her smartphone to have it installed. When you WhatsApp install check immediately the list of contacts that is stored on your phone. The contacts that also have WhatsApp will be automatically in the contact list of WhatsApp posted.

You can with WhatsApp, not calls. However, you can send short audio messages and send photos. By a group you can converse with multiple friends at the same time. Next to each sent text message is one check mark when the message is delivered and two ticks when the recipient has read. Users can their friends see when they last went online. This function allows you on the iPhone to disable. However, you can still see when someone currently online, and when someone has a message to you is typing.

For the app itself, you do need to pay, but this only concerns a very small amount. So you need to get the iPhone once 79 cents paying and for Android and Windows Phone, you need an annual subscription fee of around 1 euro pay. The sending and receiving of messages is then unlimited.

WhatsApp has the following characteristics:

  • free send text messages send and received,
  • photos and voice to send messages,
  • your current location send
  • available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.


Viber is a free app that is available for almost all types of smartphones. It allows you to send texts and groups of up to 15 people to create group conversations.

In the text messages and photos you send, you can automatically share your location. But with this app, you can more. You can also make free calls with other users. For a good operation, has a fast 3G or wi-fi connection.

For the use of Viber, you do not need to register and you do not need to enter a password. It is suitable for almost all smartphones. There are downloads available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry and Bada. The latter is a relatively unknown mobile operating system that developed by Samsung.

From may 2013, Viber also suitable for desktop systems that run on Windows and Mac OS. When you first start on your computer, you need the phone number of your smartphone that Viber is already installed. Then, all the contacts and messages are synced automatically between your smartphone and your computer. So you can also very easily switch the call between what you have on your computer or on your phone at the enter. Useful for example, when you come home or just go away.

Viber has the following characteristics:

  • free over a 3G or wifi internet connection with other users call,
  • free send text messages send and received,
  • fotoberichten to other users,
  • group messages send to up to 15 friends,
  • no registration or passwords needed,
  • suitable for Windows and Mac desktops,
  • available for smartphones with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia and Bada.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger was the first popular service that made it possible for all users to free a unlimited number of text messages to send.

Originally this service was only available for BlackBerry devices. This was for many young people a reason to get a smartphone of this brand to purchase. In the course of time, there are a lot of competitors, added to which WhatsApp the most popular. WhatsApp is available for both Android and iOS and, therefore, it is possible to use nearly all friends to communicate instead of just BlackBerry owners.

To compete with the more popular communication services, since september 2013, BlackBerry Messenger is also available as a free app for Android and iOS.

As with almost all other apps in this category can with BBM also spoken texts and images to be sent. Quite unique is the code to each user and which users are connected to each other can be. To do this, you won't have a phone number or e-mail address.

BlackBerry Messenger has the following features:

  • free send text messages send and received,
  • group conversations,
  • photos and voice messages send and received,
  • available for Android and iOS.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a free app for the free sending and receiving text messages. It is suitable for almost all mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

The app has more than 50 million users and allows you to just as with most of the competitors are also photos, links to sites or videos to send. This is done through the feature called "Kik Cards". This even makes it possible for yourself to make sketches and share.

A big difference between Kik and the most similar apps is that Kik Messenger does not use a phone number to identify the user, but a user name. The developers have chosen to do so to better protect your privacy. In addition, Kik Messenger has always focused on the highest possible speed of the app.

Kik Messenger has the following features:

  • free send text messages send and received,
  • create groups,
  • additional features such as YouTube videos, search and send via "Kik Cards"
  • username instead of phone number as identification.


Rebtel is a free app for mobile phones with a free desktop application for Windows.

Call and send messages to other users is absolutely free. In addition, you can also very cheap calls and SMS to regular numbers. So does a SMS to China just 8 cents, and the call to a mobile phone in India, the cost of 0.8 euro cents per minute.

You can use Rebtel free calls from mobile to mobile or from mobile to a Windows laptop.


Zello calls himself a "walkie-talkie app". Before you can talk, you press the big round button in the middle of the app. Then is a sound file recorded of what you say and send to your buddies.

You can use Zello public or private channels to create with up to a hundred people at a time to talk.

Zello has the following characteristics:

  • free walkie-talkie tool,
  • communicate through public or private channels,
  • up to a hundred people to add a channel,
  • available for Microsoft Windows desktops,
  • free apps for Android, iOS and BlackBerry.


Pinger allows for free text and fotoberichten to transmit and call other users of this app. So, this is also a solution for people who are abroad and have a fast wi-fi connection. The app is available for Android smartphones, Android tablets, iPhones and iPads. There are also desktop programs developed for Windows and Mac computers.

The app includes a voice mail feature that you can set up yourself. In addition, it is possible to send messages to groups to send. Pinger automatically adds the Facebook profile photos of the contacts in the app are stored. You have the choice from hundreds of different standard ring tones.

Pinger has the following characteristics:

  • make free calls and send text messages to users anywhere in the world,
  • yourself a voice mail message is set,
  • group conversations,
  • choose from hundreds of ringtones and sounds for text messages,
  • desktop suitable for Mac and Windows,
  • app for smartphones and tablets that run on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).


Fring is similar in many respects to Skype. You can instant messages to other users and with other users to make calls via the internet. It not only supports audio, but also video calls.

Both the app itself and the communication with other users is absolutely free. You can also make calls to normal phone numbers, but you may have to pay. However, this is cheaper than calling with a regular phone. This service is called FringOut, and the call to Dutch mobile numbers cost of 12.3 cents per minute and to Us mobile numbers to 1.2 cents per minute.

It is thus quite per country it is interesting to FringOut to use for ordinary numbers. Obviously this app, like other apps in this list, especially interesting when your friends also use the same app. Then you do not need to worry about the cost.

Fring has the following characteristics:

  • free chat with other users,
  • free calling with other users over a 3G or wi-fi internet connection,
  • calls to other users,
  • available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free app and plugin for the Chrome browser that lets you text messages can be sent and can (video)call.

The emphasis in this app is the ability to communicate with groups of people. Such a group is a "hangout" and can not only text messages, but emoticons, photos, and videos. You can also use other users to make calls and even make video calls. This is possible not only via wifi but also via a 3G mobile connection.

After you install the plugin for the Chrome browser has installed, you can receive messages on both your laptop as your mobile phone to receive and send.

Since August 2015 is Google Hangouts directly online to use by browsing to the website

Google Hangouts has the following characteristics:

  • send text messages, and video calls with groups of,
  • browser plugin available for the Chrome web browser,
  • mobile apps available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).


Tango is a free app and a desktop agent that allows you to communicate with friends and family.

After you register with your phone number, you can see immediately who of your friends also this app use. Then, you can not only send text messages, but also calls by the spraakknop hold. After you install the spraakknop is released, the sound file will be added to the conversation what you carry. The other can listen to it by clicking the "play" button.

When you make a normal phone call without a phone costs to make, it will also make video calls supported. During the call you can use one of the integrated play games against your partner. You have the choice of butter, cheese and eggs, and dams.

Tango has the following characteristics:

  • complete communication tool for desktop, tablet and smartphone,
  • send text messages, make video calls and normal phone calls,
  • different games play against each other during your call,
  • desktop application is only suitable for Windows operating systems,
  • mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Touch is the new name of the app that ever the most popular was for the free sending and receiving text messages.

This used to be called this app Ping and was only made available for BlackBerry. Then is this app Pingchat also become available for Android and iOS. Today, much of the popularity lost due to the rise of WhatsApp. Used to be bought people often specifically a BlackBerry because it makes free could be "pinging". Fortunately, it is now possible to free messages with all popular smartphones.

Just like WhatsApp gives Touch via an icon or the message is delivered and also read. The app automatically checks the numbers that you have stored in your mobile phone to see who of your contacts that also have this app installed.

The photos that someone shares in a separate photo folder collected so that you can understand without all the instant messages need to be read.

Touch has the following features:

  • free send text messages send and received,
  • photos and videos send and received,
  • also translated into Dutch,
  • suitable for both Android, iOS and Blackberry.

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