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Download free Live support chat for Windows 10

It is becoming popular for visitors of a website of advice and support via a live chat widget.

If a visitor is a number of seconds or minutes on a website is automatically a chat window is opened in which the visitor is prompted, or who have any questions. When the visitor asks a question does this within in a central chat environment in which your help desk staff all questions to handle. This can lead to a higher customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

On this page you will find an overview of the best free live support chat software for your own website.

Live Helper Chat

Live Helper Chat is an open source live chat widget for websites.

After the installation, a server room can be linked to your own site. Visitors then get the bottom right of the screen a small window to see the question of whether they still need help. The questions that visitors there ask can be answered by logging on to the online beheerdersomgeving. Also, there are free desktop applications for Linux, Mac and Windows to help desk personnel to install.

Live Helper Chat is definitely the finest open source tool in this category. All conversations with visitors to be automatically archived so that at a later time picked up by another employee.

For website visitors is the display of the widget are automatically optimized for the device they are using. So, the chat window is optimally visible and can be used on both desktops, smartphones and tablets. On phones the chat window, for example, opened on a new page, because otherwise the screen is too small.

Live Helper Chat has the following features:

Mibew Web Messenger

Mibew Web Messenger is a free service that lets help desk personnel in real-time with website visitors, chat.

This tool is only available in a web-based variant. Both the visitors and the help desk personnel can thus chat with each other through the online environment.

Since this software is open source, it can also be used for commercial purposes.

Mibew Web Messenger has the following features:

  • open source live chat widget,
  • installation on your own website,
  • one-on-one live chat support,
  • translated to English,
  • avatar for helpdesk staff to set up,
  • written in PHP and MySQL.

Download and install one of the versions programs Live support chat for Windows 10.

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