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When there were no digital cameras existed made a lot of people a collage of the photos in a specific form on a sheet of paper. By the introduction of digital photography, it is no longer necessary to do this with the hand. With a specially designed computer program allows you to find the most beautiful photo collage and save it or print it out.

On this page you will find a summary of free photo collage software for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and photo collage apps for smartphones and tablets.


CollageIt is a freeware program that allows beautiful collages can be created from your own digital photos. The software is suitable for Windows and Mac desktops and there is also a mobile iOS app for iPhone and iPad available.

You can choose from a number of standard shapes to get the photos in a collage. In addition to the free version of CollageIt, you can also the Pro version to buy. This removes all restrictions lifted and be able to large collages be exported.

CollageIt has the following characteristics:

  • collages from your digital photos,
  • save images as JPEG, PDF, PNG, or PSD-file,
  • available for Windows and Mac desktops,
  • mobile app for iPad and iPhone.


Picasa is a free photo program from Google that allows you to your photos can not only manage, but also edit and share.

One of the editing features that the program has to offer is the creation of a photo collage. You can choose from six different types of where you can for each type of a background, a photo frame, an orientation and shadows can be set.

Unlike some other programs in this overview is to make a collage with Picasa is completely free and does not attempt to offer you a paid upgrade.

Picasa offers the choice of six different types of photo collages:

Picasa has the following characteristics:

  • free fotobeheerprogramma offered by Google,
  • one of the features is the create photo collages from your own images,
  • choose from six different collage types,
  • available for Windows and Mac.

Pic Collage

With Pic Collage, create photo collage on your Android smartphone, Android tablet, iPhone or iPad.

Import photos from the library of your device (saved photos), finding images on the web or through your Facebook or Instagram account. By double-clicking on a picture, you can effects to your photos add such as adjusting the borders or images, as well. By a photo in the collage for a long time and holding this to the background. Short click on brings a picture to the top of the stack. Photos reduce or enlarge it with two fingers, pinching or stretching.

When creating a collage, you can choose from a variety of backgrounds and formats. In addition to the messy format in which photos are randomly next to and over each other are contains app templates with an organized format in which the photos right next to each other. In addition to photos, it is possible to stickers to the collage to add, for example, with a smiley, garlands, hearts, or your own text. Some sticker collections are free, for others you must pay.

Pic Collage has the following characteristics:

  • free photo collage app for Android and iOS,
  • backgrounds and stickers to add,
  • choose from a large number of formats,
  • texts add,
  • simple edits to individual photos.

Shape Collage

Shape Collage will not be completely at home in this overview because the free version has restriction that there is a big watermark on the collage to be placed. This restriction is only lifted after you install the Pro version for desktop systems, or (the much cheaper) iOS app for iPhone and iPad has been purchased. The effects you can create are so much fun that we will give you this tip does not want to remember.

The program is totally focused on creating a photo gallery in the form of a text or any other form that you can select or add. Examples that are given are, for example, the shape of a heart, a cat, a map of the world or the profile of a person. You can get all the possible forms in which the collage is to be made to draw.

The software is available in many languages including English. The created collages can be saved as JPEG, PNG and even PSD file. PSD is the default format for Photoshop that you can edit with the open source program GIMP.

Shape Collage has the following characteristics:

  • photo collages in special forms, such as in the form of a heart, or a text,
  • collages, save them as JPEG, PNG or PSD-file,
  • among other things in the Dutch translation,
  • photos, themselves, upload, or online images,
  • available for Windows and Mac desktops,
  • paid app available for iOS (iPad and iPhone).


Photovisi is an online service that allows you free photo collage can create by uploading them to the site and the final result to your hard drive to download.

You can choose from many different layouts that are grouped in categories such as love, marriage, abstract, holiday, sport, handgetekend and nature. Some layouts, you can use without having to register for a Photovisi account. Other layouts will only be available at the time you have a free account created.

Photos can be added by uploading from your computer or photos directly using your webcam. Each collage can be a background and texts can be added.

With one press of a button, you can the created collage directly from the Photovisi website on your Facebook profile page.

Photovisi has the following characteristics:

  • photo collage create via an online service,
  • choose from dozens of collages in different categories,
  • photo collages are easy to share via Facebook,
  • can be used via any computer with a browser and an internet connection,
  • unlimited number of collages, no limitations, free to download to your hard drive.


Loupe is a free online service that you can use from any computer connected to the internet. The service is developed by the people who are responsible for the Shape Collage software.

With a Loupe you may not get the photos from your hard drive to upload. You can only use images that are stored online. Of course, you can choose from the photos on your Facebook account, but also on Google Drive, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or the Google search engine. You can also import photos from a URL that you enter. You can own photos taken select, but also, for example, pictures of others with a particular topic, such as celebrities, brands or items.

After you are through with the online source of the digital images has been selected, you can at the top of the window, choose from dozens of different shapes such as, for example, olympic rings, a superman logo, and a balloon. After a shape has been selected, all digital photos automatically in that pattern posted. Then, you can still add text or even a form in there to sign.

After you have a color for the edges and the background has been selected you can use the photo gallery public or private store on the site of a Loupe. Then, you can share it with others through for example Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. The online saved collage is interactive, so if someone with the mouse cursor over the photo will appear larger versions of the photos. Of course, you can use the collage also download and as JPG-file to save it to your hard drive.

The effects you to your photo collection can add with this web-based service are very nice. Disadvantages are the gelimiby number of forms that you can choose from and the relatively low resolution of the downloaded collages. However, the photo collages online can be shared by the servers of the Loupe store. This online saved collages are interactive so it is extra fun to share with others.

Loupe has the following characteristics:

  • online service to free photo collages,
  • available for any computer with an internet connection,
  • from the creators of Shape Collage,
  • import photos from Facebook, Google Drive, Google search, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or other websites to which you can enter.

ToolWiz Pretty Photo

ToolWiz Pretty Photo is a freeware photo program for Windows. In addition to editing and adding special effects, you can ToolWiz Pretty Photo also use it to create your own photo collages. There are hundred of templates at your disposal, but you can also create your own pattern to create and save for later re-use.

ToolWiz Pretty Photo has the following features:

  • photo collage creator freeware,
  • create your own pattern or use one of the one hundred default templates,
  • can also be used for photo editing and adding objects,
  • only available for Microsoft Windows.

Download and install one of the versions programs Photo collage make for Windows 10.

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