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With the following e-mail capabilities has, in principle, no e-mail client need more. You can use your e-mail read online and additionally you get a massive amount of storage space. And all for free!


Gmail is the web-based e-mail program from Google.

The idea of Google with Gmail is that the users all messages are stored. That is possible because of the considerable storage space, which is continuously being enlarged. Since may 2012, this free storage capacity has already grown to more than 10 Gigabytes. This gives the users of Gmail a huge archive in the long term, which now even programs on the internet (for example, Gmail, Drive), which give users the ability to make it as a virtual drive for all to use.

Since the beginning of may 2006, it is possible to chat in Gmail. Chat in Gmail with a web browser (E.g. Internet Explorer) or Google Talk. The difference between this program and is that you except the entering of text can also talk with the people you are chatting with. (This will only happen if the person with whom you chat Google Talk uses).

Through the experimental services that you can enable through Google Labs, it is possible to within Gmail even more features to use.

Gmail has the following features:

My Opera Mail

My Opera Mail is a free online e-mail service that is offered by the same browsermaker from Norway. This webmaildienst is very nice and sleek. During our testing there were no ads in the screen.

My Opera Mail is based on the platform of FastMail.FM in 2010 by Opera is over. The e-mail service through being offered is unfortunately not free to use.

Just like in Gmail e-mails in response to each other are sent among each other as shown. So you at the same time overview in the course of a conversation.

As you are used to a service like this, you can also with My Opera Mail, a contact database to track and store. You can use your list to import contacts or export it as vCard, CSV, ADR, or LDIF file.

This service is less extensive than the alternatives on this page are discussed. However, if you have a webmaildienst are not does more than just send e-mail, and receive, My Opera Mail is a good choice. It contains no complex functions and, at this time, no advertising banners. It provides this service less free storage space than most alternatives, with just 1 GB.

My Opera Mail has the following characteristics:

  • free webmaildienst,
  • offered by the the Norwegian Opera,
  • 1GB of storage for free,
  • display is adapted to desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo has the first e-mail service with an unlimited storage capacity. This means that you never have more to do with a full e-mailbox.

With a good built-in spam and virus scanner also allows you to efficient and safe e-mail use. Yahoo Mail has won several awards and is regarded as one of the best free online e-mail services.

Yahoo! Mail has the following characteristics: is an online e-mail service of Microsoft. This new service replaces the razendpopulaire service of Hotmail. trying to distinguish themselves by social media services such as Twitter and Facebook to integrate. So you can the latest photos and status messages of your friends in addition to your e-mail. Further messages from the same people bundled so that the inbox much easier. has the same clean Metro user interface which is also in Windows 8 is used. There are even no ads shown, it is unclear yet how Microsoft money will earn this service. has the following characteristics:

  • free webmail,
  • your own e-mail address,
  • Skydrive integration for sending attachments,
  • unlimited storage,
  • mobile site available,
  • integration with social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Download and install one of the versions programs E-mail address for Windows 10.

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