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There are a number of good reasons to think of to an online store to develop that is based on open-source software. In the first place, this is free, but in addition, this is also already tested by thousands of people worldwide. In addition, there is often an active group of users who can help you in case of problems with the installation or some settings.

On this page we give an overview of the most popular open source web store programs. Another interesting alternative that is not (yet) in this list is AbanteCart.


To the emergence of Magento was osCommerce is the most used package to an online store to make. The development of this open source software, in recent years, far slower than Magento which makes it in popularity is lagging.

osCommerce is free and has many different functions in addition to expand with different modules, which you can find on the osCommerce website.

osCommerce is after installation ready to use, has a standard shopping basket function and a administrator access to the page and products to add. The only condition to osCommerce to be able to use is that you have your own server space with Apache, PHP and mySQL installed. In the vast majority of cases, these are installed by default with your hosting provider.

osCommerce has the following characteristics:

  • the function of cart: products save for later to deal,
  • adjustment of the not have a standard layout by yourself or by the templates,
  • easily add products,
  • see which customer is now on your site,
  • customer registration,
  • newsletter send,
  • plugins for payment system like Paypal and iDeal.


VirtueMart is a free shop expansion for the open source CMS system Joomla. Because it is a component of Joomla! it offers the ability to easily in addition to the web shop a whole (information) website build. So, you can have a weblog or static web pages can easily be kept next to the shopping environment that VirtueMart allows.

When you have an alternative online shop extension for Joomla looking for, then you can also HikaShop Starter install.

VirtueMart has the following characteristics:

  • unlimited number of products and categories add,
  • unlimited category and subcategory depth,
  • products can be assigned to different categories,
  • sale download products as mp3s, templates, videos or software,
  • add photos and files to all products,
  • add attributes like size and color of all products,
  • use of product discounts, details & photos of each product, show,
  • flexible product information, import and export by means of CSV files,
  • manage and monitor inventory level for products and items,
  • automatically informing customers when a product is back in stock.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a very comprehensive open source web shop software package. It is completely free to download.

It offers the most important functions that a webshop should expect and this can to your needs to be supplemented with easy to install modules.

Zen Cart has the following features:

  • easy installation,
  • unlimited product categories various sales and kortingsmethoden,
  • different screen settings,
  • XHTML template system,
  • unlimited number of additional pages,
  • ad banner module,
  • different shipping options for products,
  • different payment options for the customer,
  • newsletter manager,
  • discount coupons provide to customer,
  • discounts and volume rebates allowed to the customer to calculate.


Ubercart is a free store module for Drupal. Drupal is an open source content management system. Ubercart so it can only be installed in combination with Drupal.

Ubercart can be used for the sale of physical products, but also virtual products such as premium articles, downloads such as music and video or registration for events. If you have a website that is only access for members you can also handle this software, including automatic renewal of subscriptions.

With the help of plugins you can the software keep pace with the popularity of your online shop.

Ubercart has the following characteristics:

  • free e-commerce module,
  • integration with the Drupal CMS system,
  • ability to have dozens of modules and themes to install,
  • integrated payment systems such as PayPal, customers can payment process is complete on one page (single page checkout),
  • XML feeds with information about articles,
  • customers and orders import and export
  • open source license.


PrestaShop is an open source web store application. With the help of CSS and the modular structure can store all the way to the desire of the user to be adjusted.

PrestaShop is a lightweight program that is low on disk space needs.

PrestaShop has the following characteristics:

  • free webshop software,
  • open source,
  • makes use of PHP and MySQL,
  • many language packs are available including English,
  • very extensive possibilities,
  • very suitable for the development of an international webshop with support of different languages, currencies, tax rates, time zones, etc.


OpenCart is a free webstore package. After installation of OpenCart on one's own server room, you have a complete webshop.

The software is suitable for websites of all sizes. It offers the ability to have an unlimited number of categories, products and manufacturers to add. Stores that also operate internationally may have different currencies, TAX rates and languages.

Customers can articles on the basis of their experiences and reviews, to leave a mark.

The default installation of OpenCart is in English, but you can create a module to install for a different language. There is also a free English language pack is available. The software is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.

OpenCart has the following features:

  • open source web shop package written in PHP,
  • added photos will be automatically made to measure,
  • modular
  • layout to customize by using templates.


TomatoCart is an open source online store program. The software provides extensive possibilities for increasing the sales such as offering discount coupons, display of special offers, product of the day, prominently display, and the ability to see a list of the most sold products.

Also the search engine optimization is thought. By default, the package, among other stasuch URL's with keywords for the product pages, titles and metadescripties for all pages, and the automatically create a sitemap for fast indexing in the Google search engine.

A large number of payment options are, by default, supports including PayPal and iDeal for the Netherlands are the most important. But, among others, Western Union, and Google Checkout are also options.

You or other employees of the store can not only products, but also articles and banners via the content management system to add and manage.

TomatoCart has the following characteristics:

  • open source web store program,
  • support for the display of the shop on smartphones and tablets,
  • e-mail handling via the integrated system,
  • visitor statistics are tracked using Piwik,
  • URL's and product pages are optimized for search engines,
  • online stores made suitable for visiting via tablets and smartphones,
  • ability to make use of a one-page-checkout,
  • add products and customize settings by using a browser to log in.


nopCommerce is a very comprehensive package that allows you to free a own shop set up. The software also includes a blog, forum and contact form functionality to give support and information to offer for the visitors.

Also in the field of marketing offers nopCommerce extensive support by, for example, the possibility of discount coupons, gift certificates to sell and affiliate programs.

nopCommerce has the following characteristics:

  • free webshop software,
  • links with iDeal, PayPal, Google Checkout and other payment options available
  • ability to products on delivery to send,
  • visitors have the opportunity to without registration to place an order,
  • SSL support,
  • PDF invoices creation,
  • inventory management,
  • integrated newsletter manager newsletters to make and send
  • a forum set up and manage,
  • a blog set up and manage,
  • a poll, present it to visitors,
  • products compared by visitors,
  • shipping costs are automatically calculated on the basis of the ordering address, price, or weight.

Spree Commerce

The Ruby on Rails framework among programmers, becoming more and more popular. Nevertheless, much software is still written in PHP, including most web shop solutions. Spree Commerce is one of the few open source programs written in Ruby on Rails that allows you to have a complete webshop can be set up.

The project started in 2007 and has produced hundreds of volunteers who contribute to the development of the software.

Spree Commerce has the following characteristics:

  • open source web shop package based on Ruby on Rails,
  • ability to build semantic HTML to use,
  • integration with payment systems such as Paypal and,
  • project is download of Github.

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