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A large portion of the time that people use a tablet or smartphone use is spent playing games. There are so many games available that it's hard to be the most fun to pick out. That's why we give you on this page an overview of the best free games for Android and iOS.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is the big hit of 2013. The game resembles the famous game Bejeweled. The gameboard consists of several icons. The player can have two icons to change position by this switch on the board.

The game revolves around placing four of the same icons on the same row, this can be both vertical or horizontal. After four of the same icons in a row are placed you will earn points and disappears this row. Unlike Bejeweled, the icons are not from diamonds but from sweets.

In the first instance, is Candy Crush Saga was released as a game that is only on the Facebook platform could be played. After the release of the apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, this game has become a real hit and the most played mobile game of 2013.

Angry Birds Free

Angry Birds is a famous game where "angry birds" into battle against the pigs which their eggs stolen. In the game you will fight with the pigs by the birds, using a slingshot to shoot at a structure in which and to which the pigs are located. You have each turn, a number of birds available to the entire edifice in the field of play to destroy. You can do this by a pig direct hit with a bird or by the structure in which the pigs are to be deposited.

Some birds have special features that can help you destroy the pigs. For example, the red birds will be multiplied by right after the release of the catapult the screen with a single tap on. Other birds can extra momentum after the firing by the screen, press and hold.

Angry Birds started with one game. After this has become a worldwide hit there are frequent extra editions.

Angry Birds Free has the following features:

  • one of the most popular game titles for mobile of all time,
  • regularly new versions of the game released,
  • available for Android and iOS.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a racing game which you can play on your smartphone or tablet. In the game, you don't have to worry about the gas, this happens automatically. The only thing you have to do is click on the right moments in bends, braking by touching the screen and you should have the car driving by your device to the left or to the right to tilt.

Real Racing 3 has the following characteristics:

  • free racing game for smartphone and tablet,
  • different types of cars to control,
  • the control of the racing car is done by the device to tilt.

Temple Run 2

In Temple Run the main character to continue on the flight for a group of evil monkeys. You must have the main character over a wall to lead through the tablet or smartphone to the right or left to tilt. Along the way, you need as many points as possible to collect coins to pick up. During the flights for the group of monkeys you need to obstacles such as holes in the wall, and fallen trees to work around, by bending or jumping.

The coins you earn along the way you can in the online store redeem to the main character special features.

After the huge success of the first Temple Run game, the developer has now Temple Run 2 was released. This new version of the game is very well received.

Temple Run 2 has the following characteristics:

  • fleeing main character help from the hands of a group of apes,
  • earn points by way of coins to pick up,
  • overcome obstacles by ducking and jumping,
  • free game app for Android and iOS.

Pinball Arcade

Pinball Arcade has become very popular on the great cabinets of yesteryear. In the Netherlands, were these units also known as pinball. Among other things, the former minister of finance Gerrit Zalm is a big fan of this game.

In Pinball Arcade, the player must as much as possible collect points by three balls as long as possible in the game. After the shooting of a ball by the force of gravity, the ball still down down. The ball can then back up to be shot using the two flippers. It is important to get the ball at the right time to hit it with one of the two flippers. For the nostalgic players of this legendary game there is now also a virtual variant of the game that is free can be played on mobile Android or Apple devices.

Pinball Arcade has the following characteristics:

  • virtual version of the legendary pinball machines,
  • choice of different cabinets to play,
  • free available for Android and iOS.

Mini Golf MatchUp

Mini golf revolves around the shooting of a golf ball in the hole. Here you have as a player the ball in as few strokes as possible along all of the obstacles on the golf course. In this mobile game, you need to do this by both the necessary strength as well as the direction as well as possible to estimate.

Mini Golf MatchUp has the following characteristics:

  • mini golf game for smartphone and tablet,
  • in as few strokes as possible, the ball sinks through the power and direction to choose,
  • mobile game for iOS and Android.

Rail Rush

Do you find it fine to move in the role of Indiana Jones? In Rail Rush you need to the main character driving in a cart through the mines moved. During this ride you must as much as possible valuable stones to pick it up. The game has been released by the popular games site Miniclip and is also using the computer to play on the website

In this game you choose from four different characters and six different environments, including bonus levels. You can use your highest scores with others to share and compare through the online rankings.

Rail Rush has the following characteristics:

  • as much as possible and valuable to collect gems during ride through a mine,
  • mobile app available for Android and iOS,
  • also to play on the website of Miniclip.

Subway Surfers

In Subway Surfers you move in the shoes of a grafiti artist. This is during the spraying of a grafiti drawing noticed by the guard and his dog.

So, you need to make it out of here you and your pursuers prevented. The escape runs on a track so you have to be careful that you go by a train, hit by a car. When a train arrives you need to fast track change. There are a total of three rails next to each other. During this flight you must be on the way as much as possible coins to collect. These coins you can exchange for useful gadgets like a skateboard that you can quickly move.

When playing the game you can complete various missions. Such a mission may consist of, for example collecting a certain number of coins combined with a certain number of jumps during a flight, and a number of collisions with obstacles without being caught.

Subway Surfers has the following characteristics:

  • flights for a security guard and a guard dog,
  • along the way collect coins for extra features,
  • mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Doodle Jump Free

Doodle Jump is a fairly simple yet very popular mobile game. This is not in the last place because it is a lot of attention has been given via television broadcasts of the sitcom Bing Bang Theory and the talk show of Jimmy Fallon in the United States.

In the game you control a green little man that Maverick is called. In the game you need the Doodler move up from one to the other plateayou have to jump. Some of these plateaus have special characteristics such that they disappear immediately after you jumped, or that this is automatically to the left or right to move. On the way you opponents you will need to disable by shooting. Also, you can use special items to pick up that the Doodler special features, such as a rocket on the back to tie or a trampoline to continue to be able to jump.

Doodle Jump Free has the following features:

  • main character move from plateau to plateau to jump,
  • threats to turn off by aiming to shoot,
  • suitable for Android and iOS.

The Simpsons Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is an official game released by the creators of this cartoon series. In this game you have to Springfield to re-build after Homer Simpson accidentally destroyed during his work at the nuclear power plant. So it is a kind of SimCity but with the characters and environment of The Simpsons.

The Simpsons Tapped Out has the following characteristics:

  • game inspired by SimCity,
  • with all the characters and buildings from The Simpsons,
  • available for smartphones and tablets.

4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word means translated into English 4 pictures and 1 word. The aim of the game is to get to the hand of the shown four pictures to guess the word that all four of these images together. For example, if all the pictures-catching people to see, then you must use the word "jump" to enter. These words you form with the letters at the bottom of the screen.

You need to play this game no need to register or sign up, you can just start. When you have an additional element of competition to add you can use your highest scores, share it through your network on Facebook.

This game has not much time or preparation is needed and so is ideal to take in between to play when you are waiting for an appointment or are bored during the travel.

4 Pics 1 Word has the following characteristics:

  • council the word that the four images have in common,
  • high scores directly share it through your Facebook-account,
  • available for Android smartphones and tablets and iPhone and iPad.

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