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Download free Photo album for Windows 10

Below, we discuss free software that allows you to your photos easily and quickly online so that you can share with others. This enables you to create your own online photo album.


Juicebox is a great tool for an online photo gallery. It distinguishes itself from most other solutions by the beautiful professional look. Because the standard makes use of responsive design will be the photo albums optimized display on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Both the page, the image itself, if the operation be adapted to the used device. It does not matter if this is an iPhone, Android tablet or Windows computers.

The photo gallery is locally on the computer up using the JuiceboxBuilder desktop app. When you install this is a program for automatically adjusting photo sizes, the generation of small previews and the creation of the necessary files to an online photo gallery on your server space to implement. JuiceboxBuilder is an Adobe AIR application that runs on Windows and Mac OS.

Juicebox is available in a free and a paid version. The free version is of course much less extensive. However, this will be for the most people enough to use it. The main limitations of Juicebox-Lite are that there is a maximum of 50 images per gallery can be included and that there is within the image gallery by default, referring to the Juicebox installed. There is also, in contrast to the paid version, no support will be given for search engine optimization, shopping cart module and buttons to photos via social media sharing. If this functions for you are unnecessary, then this program is definitely worth the effort. Otherwise, you may want to consider for a one-time payment to a Juicebox-Pro license to buy.

Juicebox has the following characteristics:

  • photo gallery is available in a paid and a free version,
  • makes use of HTML5 graphics,
  • JuiceboxBuilder to website files is suitable for Mac and Windows,
  • optimized for all operating systems and all browsers,
  • intuitive navigation via mouse, touch screen or keyboard,
  • photos can be local or directly from Flick to be loaded,
  • fotogallerijen easily into your own website embed,
  • supports, among other WordPress, Lightroom, and Photoshop with free plugins
  • it is responsive so that the gallery adapts to the device.

Web Album Generator

Web Album Generator is a free service to make an online photo album that you create on your own server space you can host.

Of course, there are enough web-based services which you do not own software need to have photos online. One of the most famous examples is Picasa web Albums. The major drawback of this kind of services is that you are at the download often also waive all your copyrights. The advantage of Web Album Generator is that it helps you to your photos on a private server room.

Often you get from your internet service provider even a free online storage with your internet subscription. The photo album by this freeware is generated is immediately ready for the server room. This is not requires knowledge of programming, HTML and CSS.

Web Album Generator can unfortunately only be used on computers that run on the Windows operating system run.

Web Album Generator has the following characteristics:

  • simple and free online photo album create
  • creating for you all the necessary HTML, CSS and JPG images,
  • freeware license, and a voluntary donation is possible,
  • the size of images that change automatically,
  • titles and captions in English or another language to add,
  • supports the use of drag & drop for greater convenience,
  • only available for Windows operating systems.


Piwigo is an online photo gallery that is actively developed by a group of users and developers. The software that is hosted on is the open source counterpart of the online service (SaaS) that is offered on the On so, you can use the same software, but against payment of a monthly rate. Then you need to install or maintain. At the variant to install the software on a server room and should you package self-maintained.

After installation, you can upload your photos via FTP, web form or a suitable fotobeheerprogramma. In order to keep the overview, you can share the photos in albums. One photo can be in multiple photos to be placed. If necessary, you can tags to each photo to add to this faster.

Some of the photos you want sharing with everyone, but some may also only suitable for certain friends, family members or only for yourself. Therefore, you per photo or per album setting by which groups of people, these viewed should be.

With the help of extensions can additional features be added to the system. The offered themes make it possible to the online gallery of a very different appearance.

Piwigo has the following characteristics:

  • open source photo gallery software,
  • photo gallery to install on your own server space,
  • automatic slideshows with your photo collection view,
  • describe photos with tags,
  • a photo can be in multiple albums, to be placed,
  • upload photos via a web form,
  • FTP or desktop/mobile application,
  • find photos and organize by date,
  • themes and install plugins,
  • privacy-enhanced mode setting for individual photos,
  • visitors can leave comments and stars,
  • visitor statistics tracking and display,
  • available in 45 languages including Dutch.


Gallery is free and open source software that allows you to easily an album with digital photos can create and maintain. After the software is installed on your own server space, you can via the internet your photo collection and manage. Large amounts of photos are easy to upload a zip-file on the hard drive of your PC to select.

Gallery has the following features:

  • free online photo album create your digital photo collection,
  • auto-rotate function: photos are automatically horizontally or vertically,
  • option to photo quality and size to fit so the photos less space,
  • slideshow of all photos in an album,
  • ability for visitors to photos comments to leave,
  • ability to a photo album to hide behind a name and password,
  • support for RSS publication.


Jalbum is free software that lets you upload your photos online and share them with others. Jalbum puts your photos organized and with a professional look on your own server space. You do not need additional software, your FTP details, enter once, and then you can unlimited your photo album to customize. Jalbum offers the ability to use different templates to choose from or make your own.

You drag the photos you want to place into the Jalbum window and Jalbum does the rest. There are automatic thumbnails and a layout for your online photo album website created. This program is so easy to use that within 10 minutes you have your own online album on the internet can have. Jalbum gives also the possibility to create a photo gallery for them to host. You can then make a private web page creation that is constructed as follows: You can then set your photos free upload and display on this page.

Jalbum has the following characteristics:

  • quickly and clearly your own photos on your server space places,
  • choose from different templates to the photo gallery,
  • no additional software needed,
  • easy to your online photo album without knowledge of HTML,
  • ability to photo gallery free hosted by Jalbum.

Download and install one of the versions programs Photo album for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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