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Creating a private weblog, or simply "blog", is very simple with the right software. Below is a list of software that you are using your own weblog you can make. There are also online opportunities to within 5 mins a private weblog to publish.

On this page are both free blog hosts, as an open source blog CMS software is discussed.


Simply put: WordPress is everything you need to easily and quickly build your own blog on the web to publish and totally free! WordPress is the world's most popular blogging service.

It provides the ability for an administrator to log in and easy texts and documents to add and adjust. After installation, no software more need to adapt. You can do so from any PC update your site. Also, there are several mobile apps available to your blog from a smartphone or tablet to maintain.

The software is available in two variants offered. Via you can use the open source package to download what you on a private server space for you to install. On you can create a private account and the hosting and maintenance of the system arranged for you. Which of these two methods is the best for you will depend on what your needs are. When you want to be able to adapt and additional plugins to install (such as, for example, a forum plugin) then you can package the best in your server room to install it. If you are not many additional requirements for your blog then an online account is the easiest.

WordPress is particularly suitable for a weblog, but you can also have a different site to create and maintain. Along the way, writing articles and editing is also no problem. There are free WordPress apps for both Android and iOS offered.


Ghost is an open source platform which is totally focused on the simple publishing of content on the internet. It is beautifully designed, completely customizable and completely open source. It is very suitable for keeping a personal blog, but it is also widely used by companies. Thanks to this package, you will spend less time with the work of your blog and you can fully concentrate on creating interesting articles.

Like most other open source solutions offer the developer of Ghost a version that you can free install and a paid version that Ghost is hosted. With these paid versions, you also get 24 hour support and CDN support to your blog as stable as possible.

When you have a little sense of how a website works is the installation and maintenance of the free Ghost software is very easy. The software is written in Node.js. After installation, your blog is automatically responsive. This means that the display of the site automatically adapts to the type of device on which your blog is visited (laptop, smartphone or tablet).

The free version of Ghost has only a single login. Thus, it is not possible to have different bloggers have different accounts to provide my own articles on the blog. However, you can the different bloggers, of course, access through the same account.

Ghost although on a much smaller scale than Wordpress but this blog software is rising very quickly in popularity. Several developers of Ghost have even years for Wordpress worked. Thanks to the open source MIT license is the tool for both personal and business use free.

Ghost has the following characteristics:

  • simple blog software,
  • by default, responsive design,
  • has search engine friendly (SEO) structure,
  • available under the open source MIT license,
  • very beautifully designed dashboard that Wordpress surpasses,
  • code written in Node.js.


With Blogger, you can online a weblog to create and publish. You can choose to have him to host at a private hosting provider or by Blogger. If you like that last choose will give you a free subdomain that ends with "". For example

You don't need to install it to Blogger to use, and it is so easy to use that a site can maintain.

However, you can also choose to have a weblog with Blogger, but then to publish it on your own server. For this, you then have a own server or a hosting provider is required.

Blogger has the following features:

  • no software download necessary,
  • both if on your own server space to be hosted,
  • easy to use,
  • choice from different templates.

Nucleus CMS

Nucleus CMS is an open source CMS program that allows you to one or more blogs can be maintained. The free CMS system is to extend it using plugins.

Nucleus CMS has the following features:

  • free blog software,
  • open source,
  • integrated commenting system,
  • support for multiple authors, each with their own rights,
  • each message in a category to organize,
  • optimized URLS,
  • set the date on which a post automatically will be published,
  • RSS and Atom feeds to create,
  • upload images,
  • possibility to visitors to block based on IP address,
  • with one click on the button to create a backup of all content,
  • expandable using plugins.


PivotX is an open source blogpakket written in PHP. You can choose to have the content of your blog to store in a MySQL database or plain text files.

The installation on a server room is easy to perform by anyone who has a little understanding of FTP. This procedure includes only three steps. After you install the files to your website has copied using a FTP-program and the security settings of the folders has gewijzgd open the installation screen. Here you can enter your database settings and create the first user. By if this user is logging into the system you can have your first blog post writing and publishing.

If you want more features than standard in the package are processed than you can one of the more than 60 free to install extensions. This allows you, for example, a hit counter, a contact form or a photo gallery to add.

PivotX has the following characteristics:

  • open source blog software
  • flexible system layout to modify
  • choose content to save as flat files or in a MySQL database
  • add additional features through extensions to install
  • written in PHP


Tumblr is an online blogging service that are extremely popular in the United States. Tumblr is primarily used for the sharing of short text messages and photos.

Because the service is distinguished by the placing of short messages it is also called a microblog called, like Twitter, for example. Tumblr is more suitable for sharing photos over Twitter, for example because the photos all on the personal profile page will be displayed. Visitors do not need to use first by clicking to the photos.

Tumblr has the following characteristics:

  • free online blogging service
  • a lot used for sharing photos
  • the site is also available in Dutch


B2Evolution is a free blog / cms software package. This open source software presents itself as more than just a blog program because it also provides functionality such as photo and file management and support for managing multiple blogs.

B2Evolution has the following characteristics:

  • blog software package
  • open source
  • user rights set up and manage
  • makes use of PHP and MySQL

Movable Type

Movable Type is open source blog publishing software. With the free software you can eand own blog site is to develop and maintain.

Movable Type is after WordPress is one of the most widely used systems for professional blogs and news sites. This blogpakket is also available in Dutch.

Movable Type has the following characteristics:

  • adding individual content pages as possible,
  • different assign rights to users,
  • the appearance of the site is by means of several templates,
  • easily add descriptive tags to the articles,
  • adding articles to categories, sub-categories and the link from 1 article to multiple categories is possible,
  • trackback functionality

Download and install one of the versions programs Blog software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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