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A screenshot is an image created on the computer where everything to see is what is on the computer's screen is displayed. By default, the Windows with the Print Screen key on the computer to take a screenshot to save it within the clipboard of Windows. You can then use this image to paste into another program such as Microsoft Word or Paint. However, there are also special screenshot programs available that will create and save screenshots a lot easier.

On this page we give an overview of free screenshot software. A versatile program which will soon also be included in this list will be is Monosnap. Microsoft has also, in August 2015, an advanced screenshot program with the name Microsoft Snip be released.


ShareX was formerly known under the name ZScreen. It is an open source program for creating screenshots and screencasts on a Windows computer. It is very suitable for people who use many of these features such as testers, web developers and designers.

ShareX can be a screencast or a screenshot of a whole screen, only an active window, a portion of the screen, etc. It is even possible to automatically order a set number of minutes, a recording of the screen. But this is not what the program special. That are namelijke the extensive editing and sharing options at the time that the recording was already made.

After the screenshot is taken, you can here, via the integrated processor, among other effects, watermarks and annotations add. In addition, the format can be adjusted automatically or can even be set automatically to your favorite editing software such as is started to have more advanced changes. From ShareX to upload the result directly to online storage services such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, day gifts, ImageShack and Flickr.

Screencasts can be recorded using FFmpeg, animated GIF and Video Compression Manager. With an FFmpeg file, the screencast along with audio to be stored.

ShareX is one of the best free screenshot tools at this time. Unfortunately only available for Windows systems.

ShareX has the following characteristics:

  • advanced screenshot and screen recoder tool,
  • upload the captured screenshot to thirty different types of online's own photographic services,
  • automatically start the task after making a screenshot such as edit or upload,
  • multiple workflows at the same time with keyboard shortcuts,
  • only available for Microsoft Windows.


Greenshot is an open source program that makes it easy screenshots can be made. This is a free alternative to the paid program Snagit.

Greenshot runs in the system tray and the user can start the program by clicking on the icon or using a key combination. Then can be selected to be a small part of the screen, only a window or the entire screen to save. After the screenshot is automatically opened in the basic image-editing program Greenshot. Here, users can lines, shapes, and add text. Screenshots can be saved as BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG file.

Greenshot has the following characteristics:

  • free screenshot software,
  • a whole screenshot or a part thereof,save
  • text, and add shapes to screenshots,
  • supports various file formats,
  • open source license.


Puush is a free screenshot tool for Windows and Mac desktop operating systems and iPhones.

This creates not only a screenshot of the current window, but it uploads the image automatically to an online account. The shortened web link is immediately stored in the clipboard which you can share through e-mail or your social media channels. The service offers 200MB of free online storage. Paid subscribers get a pro account in which they can make use of an unlimited large storage space.

Puush has the following characteristics:

  • free create screenshots and share online,
  • 200 megabytes of free online storage
  • desktop application available for Mac and Windows operating systems,
  • mobile app available for iPhones.


LightShot is a free screenshot program that is available as standalone application and as a plugin for the Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.

LightShot has the following characteristics:


HotShots is an open source screenshot tool for both Windows and Linux. The program would also run on Mac OS should work but by the developers of the software is not that operating system tested.

You can choose whether you want a images of all of the monitors want to make (when multiple screens are connected), the current screen, only the current window or a part of the desktop.

After the screenshot is created, you can use this standard to store on the hard disk or in the clipboard of the operating system, and then bring them into another program to paste. What HotShots extra valuable is that it also has an integrated documentation. This processor is in regards to the capabilities similar to Paint. So you can, among other texts, images or add shapes, images, photos, apply effects, rotate images and change the size.

The size of the image could HotShots automatically scale to preset sizes. Also, for the decoration of a set of shadow or border around the screenshot around be placed.

HotShots has the following characteristics:

  • free screenshot tool,
  • automatically, an additional effect such as shadows or borders to your screenshot to add,
  • may possibly at the same time on Windows startup
  • screenshot open in the editor, copy it to the clipboard, or directly save,
  • save images in different file formats, including JPG, PNG, and BMP,
  • the size of the image,
  • suitable for Linux and Windows and waarschijnliijk also for Mac OS.

Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is a free software to capture screenshots and edit. The program is optimized to a lot of screenshots to make with as little as possible to perform acts. After you press the printscreen key has pushed, this software the created screenshot to edit. You can click on the site Screenshot Captor is a free personal use license key retrieval.

Screenshot Captor has the following characteristics:

  • free screenshot software,
  • watermark to screenshots to add,
  • multi-monitor support,
  • only suitable for Windows,
  • freeware license.


PicPick is a screenshot program that is free for personal use, download is. PicPick can take a screenshot of a full computer screen, an active screen, a part of a screen, a fixed part of the display or a manual selection. After the screenshot is made, the image can be edited directly with the help of the geïntegreerde editor.

PicPick is a portable program that can immediately be used without it first needing to be installed.

PicPick has the following characteristics:

  • free screenshot program (for personal use),
  • screenshots share via FTP, e-mail, the internet, Twitter and Facebook,
  • edit images using the built-in editor,
  • only suitable for Windows.

Auto Screen Capture

Auto Screen Capture can automatically make screenshots with a time interval that you can set up yourself. The screenshots are saved in chronological order. Created screenshots are easy to find on the basis of the date and time.

Auto Screen Capture has the following features:

  • screenshot program,
  • automatically creates a series of screenshots behind each other,
  • screenshots are chronologically stored with date and time,
  • open source license.


Lightscreen is a screen capture tool that the process of saving and categorizing screenshots automates. The program runs as a hidden process in the background of the operating system. The program is enabled with one or more hotkeys and then saves a screenshot according to the settings that you can change.

Lightscreen has the following characteristics:

  • make screenshots with keyboard shortcuts,
  • can automatically at the same time, with Windows in the background, startup,
  • is to open it via icon in the system tray,
  • gives a notification when a screenshot is taken,
  • Dutch translation is available.


CloudApp is a free tool for Mac OS that allows you to create screenshots automatically to an online storage to be uploaded so that it can be shared. The hyperlink to the online storage location is automatically copied to the clipboard. The only thing you then still need to do this in your email, instant messenger, social media or other communication channel, to paste.

You set yourself in or the screenshots to be made public or only for private use. When you use an image or other file up to 25 MB want to share that is already stored on the PC then you need this just to the upper right icon in the menu bar of Mac OS to drag. CloudApp does the rest.

With the free version of CloudApp, you can up to 10 screenshots of 25 MB per day of upload. Against payment expires this limit and the maximum file size is 250 MB. Moreover, the paid version has no CloudApp logo will be displayed and you can make use of a own subdomain. The paid version is mainly aimed at professional use.

CloudApp has the following characteristics:

  • free create screenshots and share online,
  • in addition to screenshots also text snippets, bookmarks, hyperlinks, etc. share online,
  • with shortcut, screenshots instantly and automatically upload,
  • screenshots directly from Photoshop, upload and share,
  • available in the Mac App Store.

Download and install one of the versions programs Screenshot software for Windows 10.

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