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With remote desktop software allows you to remotely control a computer. To do this, the person from whom the computer is acquired, a code to pass to the other and give approval when the connection is made. This software is often used for demonstrations and to help others with computer issues.

On this page you will find a summary of free remote desktop programs.


NoMachine is a very nice and comprehensive remote desktop service. There are in addition to a free version is also different paid versions for businesses available. The version for home users is completely free. NoMachine is available not only for all desktop systems, but also for tablets on Android or iOS run. This makes it possible to, for example movies, music or other documents on your home computer to access it from your tablet while you're on the go! You can also from any remote computer to your own computer operate as if you were there behind it. This also works from a Mac laptop to a Windows computer to remote control. The possibilities are almost endless.

Another handy feature is sharing a computer with friends, sharing files and remote printing via another computer that is local to a printer connected.

NoMachine has the following characteristics:

MS Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a program that by Microsoft itself released to Windows computers to control it from other computers, operating systems and mobile devices. This service is for all devices and operating systems, completely free of charge.

In addition to controlling a Windows computer, the mobile app will also be used, for example, on an iPhone and watch a movie on the Windows computer. This can only be done if both devices with the same (WiFi) network. This makes it not only a suitable program to help others with computer problems, but also to files on your own computer at home or on the road consult.

Microsoft Remote Desktop has the following features:

  • free remote desktop software offered by Microsoft,
  • audio and video in high quality stream,
  • from Windows program to print with a printer on Mac is connected,
  • with multiple projectors or monitors connect for presentations,
  • manage all the possible connections via the administration center,
  • desktop agent is available for Mac OS and Windows,
  • mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


TeamViewer is a computer program that allows you to the computer screen can share, but also the operation of the remote computer can take over. The software is available for all operating systems, and there are even apps available for Android and iPhone that allows you to go a computer can operate.

TeamViewer is free for personal use, for commercial use must be paid.

TeamViewer has the following characteristics:

  • software to computers or remote control,
  • freeware for personal use,
  • suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux,
  • also free apps available for Android and iPhone smartphones.


ShowMyPC is a program that allows the control of Windows computers can be acquired.

The download itself is Windows only, but the one that the control takes over can do it from a Mac, Linux or Windows computer. This works by going to the site and a Java application to launch in the browser. The computer from which the control is acquired must be a code to the other to give to grant access.

ShowMyPC has the following characteristics:

  • operation of Windows computers take over,
  • freeware program,
  • the operation can be acquired with a Mac, Linux or Windows computer,
  • works via a download for Windows and online for other operating systems.


Ammyy is a free remote desktop program for Windows computers. The software does not need to be installed. You only need one .exe file to download and launch it.

After the usual verification of two sides with a code that Ammyy generates, you can not only remotely the PC take over, but also to call, and exchange files.

Ammyy has the following characteristics:

  • remote desktop program,
  • freeware,
  • with encrypted secure data connection,
  • integrated call - and bestandsuitwisselingsfunctie,
  • only suitable for Windows.


Supremo is a very user-friendly remote desktop control program for Windows operating systems. The software is free for personal use, for business use, should a small fee be paid.

The program includes many features to make your connection as safe as possible. Thus, the use of encryption and a HTTPS connection to the interception of data to prevent. In addition, you can use IP filters to the connection from the specific IP addresses to block, and users must first enter the correct password before the connection is established.

When you default on a remote computer to be able to take over then Supremo as a Windows service can be set. At that time, the program continues to be always in the background of the operating system to run.

When you are in control of the computer to communicate with the other user, then you start the integrated chat function. It is even possible to have a group chat to start which multiple users participate.

Supremo has the following characteristics:

  • remote desktop control program,
  • only free for personal use,
  • the verbindingshistorie will be saved by default,
  • address book to manage to easily get in touch with different clients,
  • makes use of HTTPS for secure data transfer,
  • IP filter to allow access by default to block,
  • setting the password that users must enter to connect to,
  • integrated chat with option to a group chat to start,
  • set up as a Windows service to default on the background to rotate,
  • no installation required, the software makes no modifications in the computer system,
  • only available for Windows operating systems.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a free remote desktop service Google. This works via a browser extension for Chrome and an app for Android devices. You can control this you computer with your smartphone or tablet. The app for iOS in early 2015 launched.

After enabling the app and connecting your computers using your Google account you will see a list of available computer in order to operate. From this list, you choose a PC and enter your personal pin, which is itself in the Chrome extension has set. You see it on your tablet or smartphone, the screen of the computer and operate it remotely, via the touch screen. Also the virtual keyboard where Android makes use of can be opened and used. Of course, it is also possible to from one computer to another PC to operate.

In order for the computer to be controlled remotely without the need for the Chrome browser is not enabled. The extension is always in the background controlled.

This app and extension from Google are highly suitable for the help-at-a-distance and on the way to open programs and files that are only stored on your computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop has the following features:

  • free remote desktop extension and mobile app,
  • make use of the touchscreen and virtual keyboard of Android and iOS,
  • extension for Chrome is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems,
  • mobile app is only suitable for Android and iOS is in development.


AnyDesk is a free remote access program that is being developed by ex-employees of TeamViewer. The purpose of this program is to offer an experience that is as easy to use as TeamViewer but on a technical level, is better. AnyDesk uses the new video codec DeskRT. This is specially developed for efficient video transfer. So send only the parts of the display that change. This saves a lot of bandwidth and makes the transfer much smoother.

The developers have a benchmark test done to the software to compare it with Google Remote Desktop and TeamViewer on the basis of bandwidth, response time and frame rate. AnyDesk defeated all of the alternatives on these indicators. So we get AnyDesk 60 frames per second where TeamViewer there are only 15. This ensures that the image is much smoother. At less frames per second is jerky.

Newer technology for image transfer also enables you to powerful programs like AutoCad remotely. The use of AnyDesk is extremely simple. You can use this without the registration in three clicks to start and establish a connection.

AnyDesk is an ideal program anytime and anywhere with your computer at home to operate or to make use of (heavy) programs on a different computer. After the operation of another computer has taken over you can then perform all acts as if it is your own computer. Also install printers or other peripherals with friends, or a software package to colleagues is easy to do. At this moment, AnyDesk only suitable for Windows operating system, but apps and programs for tablets and other desktop systems are already in development.

AnyDesk has the following characteristics:

  • freeware remote access application,
  • programs, documents and settings, open and edit,
  • efficient image transmission what's fast and stable,
  • collaborate with others with two cursors,
  • change of network configurations is not necessary,
  • mobile app development for iPads,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux are still in development.

Download and install one of the versions programs Remote desktop for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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