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With a screenwriting program scriptwriters the script for a film, play, television series or a different storyline.

It is of course also possible to make a script just use a text editor to write, but a special program forces you to modify the layout to keep within this industry. Furthermore, they often have a number of useful features such as an integrated database with came names within narratives, to use.

One of the most popular screenwriting program is Final Draft, but that costs more than 200 dollars. On this page you will find an overview of the best free screenwriting software and apps.


Trelby is a professional screenwriting program for screenwriters. This software is developed for both Linux and Windows operating systems. The result on both systems is exactly the same.

Trelby automatically ensures a correct scriptformaat, automatic numbering, and includes functions for text auto-complete and spelling mistakes to correct. It also contains a database with more than 200,000 names from all over the world. It is so easy when writing a name for a character.

With the integrated vergelijkfunctie you can see the differences between two scripts. As you will see immediately what changes have been made. The PDF generator has advanced features such as adding custom watermarks. Very useful to keep an overview in the shared scripts.

You can go to Trelby the following file formats to import, which are widely used for scripts:

Trelby has the following characteristics:

  • forces user to correct script format to use,
  • includes database with more than 200,000 international names,
  • reporting by scene, location, character, or dialogue,
  • scripts to compare changes rate,
  • different display options,
  • built-in PDF generator.


Celtx is a free rich media pre-production program. Although the much more possibilities it has to offer it is widely used for the writing of film-, series - or toneelscripts.

The basic version of Celtx is open source and therefore free to download and use. For some of the enhancements should be paid.

Celtx has the following characteristics:

  • media pre-production software,
  • available under an open source license,
  • against payment to extend with additional features
  • online to use by using the browser to log in,
  • suitable for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Writescript is a simple online service to in a short time the scripts in the proper layout to create.

This web application shows a split screen where in the left-hand side, all texts can be added. In the right panel you will see this text formatted as a script.

In the lower left is the only button that the application contains. Saves the script as fdx or fountain file. has the following features:

  • fully online to use,
  • application contains only one button is to save file,
  • export as fountain or fdx file.

Download and install one of the versions programs Screenwriting for Windows 10.

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