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Download free Windows file manager for Windows 10

The default file manager program within the Windows operating system is Windows explorer. Within this tool are already several years no major innovations, applied. When you go to possibilities looking for to make your files easier and more efficient to manage than you can use one of the alternatives in the list below.


FreeCommander is one of the most popular alternatives to Windows Explorer. Start the program directly from the source file. Therefore, you do not need within the operating system to install. This makes it for example also possible to use this from a USB stick to run on a computer that is not of yourself.

Some of the features that FreeCommander distinguish it from Windows Explorer, the integrated synchronization tool, open two folders within a single window and a more comprehensive search function for files and folders.

FreeCommander has the following characteristics:

  • free file manager program for Windows operating systems,
  • alternative to Windows Explorer,
  • including function to the content of two folders automatically synchronize,
  • a portable software, so boot from a USB-stick,
  • search by file size, file type, folder, date and / or text.

Nemo Documents

The developer of Nemo Documents has as objective to file manager on Windows systems more intuitive to make.

This program is particularly suitable for users with a very large amount of stored files. It will index all documents on your hard disk, including e-mail attachments and stored online files within Google Drive, and Google Calendar and displays them within a calendar. So you can search for files on the last time that you've made a change, by file name or by file type. To make it even easier to make you can files, it also have a label to give the los of the used folder structure. On the basis of these labels, you can with Nemo Documents your documents at a later time find.

Nemo Documents always remains available in the background through an icon in the system tray at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, it can be from any window with one click of the button.

Nemo Documents is completely free to download and use. To your online and locally stored files in one overview you need to purchase a license.

Nemo Documents has the following characteristics:

  • free file manager program for Windows systems,
  • translated to English,
  • calendar view for documents by date to share,
  • extra tags for better organizing of files,
  • indexes are also stored online files.


Clover is not a stand-alone program but an extension for the existing software from Windows Explorer. The features that it adds are the use of different tabs within a single program window, and the ability to create bookmarks for folders to create and save.

Clover has the following characteristics:

  • free extension for Windows Explorer,
  • ability to different tabs within Windows Explorer to open,
  • create bookmarks and save them in an extra toolbar within Windows Explorer.


UPDATE: SpeedRunner since 2015 unfortunately no longer offered.

SpeedRunner is a nicely designed file manager that is, as the name suggests, focuses on a high speed. It displays two columns of files within a window. Within each of these columns are by default tabs with the sub-folders created.

To SpeedRunner to be able to run should also .NET Framework installed on the computer.

SpeedRunner has the following characteristics:

  • open source file manager program,
  • better designed than most file managers,
  • focus of developers is on speed,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Windows file manager for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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