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Customer Relationship Management abbreviated as CRM. With CRM software, you can use all contacts with the customer to optimise central to decisions within your organization. With a CRM software package you can view all customer data and interactions with customers to capture and manage.

On this page you will find a summary of good quality and free CRM software packages.


SuiteCRM is a free alternative to paid CRM solutions such as Dynamics and Salesforce. The big difference with most other CRM programs is that SuiteCRM is completely open source. In addition, it distinguishes itself also here, quality. So the software is generally praised and it even has the BOSSIE Award 2015 winner for best open source CRM software.

By making use of an open source package, your business will benefit not only low cost, but you're also not stuck with one technical party for support. It is easy for another party to find support for the same package can offer.

SuiteCRM is after installation on an own server room are completely free to use without any restrictions. The business model of the creators is offering paid extensions to which additional functions can be added and the ability to offer very fast hosting.

If you yourself are not worth the effort of installing and maintaining the package, you can do this by the authors of SuiteCRM. For this you need to or monthly subscription fees to pay.

SuiteCRM has the following characteristics:

  • free CRM solution for companies,
  • available under an open source license,
  • expandable with the help of (paid) extensions,
  • possible fee for hosted version to purchase,
  • full-fledged alternative for Dynamics and Salesforce.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is an organisation that other companies helps to leads, and to collect and follow. The starting point is that the era of cold calling or telephone sales. People go nowadays on the internet first to search for businesses and services that fit their own needs. Then take them through various media channels and contacted the company. This they call inbound marketing.

HubSpot supports the findability for companies by a blogdienst to offer and customers sites to make the right call-to-actions and landing pages that are high in the search results of Google amongst others.

In addition to the easy to make of companies to be found offers HubSpot also the tools to make those leads then to follow. She will do an online CRM service is developed that is free and unlimited to use. So for an unlimited number of employees and an unlimited number of leads. This is not a transient action because the company itself indicates that this will apply. For SME businesses this online CRM package is absolutely worth trying. Installation of the software on a own server space belongs, unfortunately, not possible.

HubSpot CRM has the following characteristics:

  • online CRM package,
  • no installation on your own server as possible,
  • possible to integrate with other HubSpot services,
  • very suitable for SME companies.


Zurmo is an open source CRM application that is written in PHP. After installation on an own server space enables all employees within your organization, customer data, store, deals, follow, and manage activities.

The most distinctive of this software is that it is a form of "gamification" have been added. By a game element in the CRM area to try Zurmo users to encourage as many as possible of the customer to add and keep it up to date. Users can use points and earn badges, and there will be a scorecard kept by week, month and total.

Zurmo provides an excellent support for users that the CRM system with a mobile phone or tablet want to use. You can install language packs for support for a language other than English. There is also a free package available for the Dutch language.

Zurmo has the following characteristics:

  • online CRM environment install,
  • written in PHP and utilizes jQuery, the Yii Framework, and RedBeanPHP,
  • integrated game elements to make its use attractive,
  • supports use of tablet and smartphone,
  • available in English (after installation of extra language pack).


OroCRM is an open source CRM package that allows you to all customer information centrally stores. Monitor the entire process from lead or first contact to the final order or purchase. OroCRM makes it easy for this data to analyze and on the basis of the conversion and increase sales.

The creators of OroCRM filled this high position of Magento. This has also meant that the developers have made efforts to the CRM application seamlessly on the Magento ecommerce platform to join. So, when you already have a webshop which this is based is OroCRM an additional interesting CRM package for you.

The open source package is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store data.

OroCRM has the following characteristics:

  • free CRM software,
  • available under an open source license,
  • written in PHP and uses MySQL database,
  • integration with data from other products such as ecommerce packages,
  • directed individual marketing campaigns monitoring,
  • based on the Oro Application platform.

vtiger CRM

vtiger is open source CRM software. vtiger is easy to install because third party software such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP along with CRM source code in one bundle can be downloaded.

vtiger CRM software is completely free and unlimited to use. vtiger will only ask for a refund if there is any support needed. vtiger CRM is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition to the open source version that you can install it yourself is also a paid online CRM service is offered. The open source package is already more than 3 million times downloaded by users.

vtiger CRM has the following characteristics:

  • easy installation; bundled download with third-party software,
  • management, sales automation,
  • management customer support and service,
  • management, marketing communications,
  • inventory management,
  • product customization,
  • calendar schedule,
  • safety management,
  • e-mail integration,
  • Firefox Toolbar extension is available,
  • different plug-ins available including:
    Microsoft Outlook plug-in,
    Microsoft Office plug-in,
    Thunderbird plug-in.


CiviCRM is an open source "Constituent Relationship Management system". CiviCRM is being developed for special interest groups, non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

CiviCRM is installed as a module on top of the CMS system of WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

CiviCRM has the following characteristics:

  • free Constituent Relationship Management system,
  • open source license,
  • web-based so anyone with the correct data via the browser to use,
  • designed for non-profit organizations,
  • integration with the Joomla! content management system,
  • integration with Drupal CMS,
  • integration with WordPress.


Sugar CRM is also available as a free open source version under the name SugarCRM Community Edition. Sugar Open Source provides organizations in the field of sales, marketing and service with a possibility of interaction with the customers to manage. Sugar CRM is designed for organizations from large to small.

Sugar CRM is used by many other organisations supported. If you need a cheap CRM solution want, but not the software to implement can you do a Sugar CRM partner of enable.

SugarCRM has the following characteristics:

  • Sales management
    Lead, contact and opportunity management to share information and new sales to facilitate
    Account management for all interaction with clients to capture and manage
  • Marketing automation
    Lead management managing and tracking new leads
    Email marketing to engage prospects and customers with relevant offers
    Campaign management to campaigns through a variety of channels to follow
    Campaign reporting to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities to analyze
  • Cooperation
    Operations management for e-mail, tasks, phone calls and meetings to capture and track
    Content syndication to information sources of third parties to consolidate
  • Management
    Easy access to all user settings and layouts change at one location
    The application to adjust to personal requirements with the help of the Sugar Studio

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