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When you surf the internet your ip address and other data of your pc left on the visited websites. In addition, your browsing habits may be monitored by (government)agencies.

Below is a list of software that you can use your computer better protected against the interception of data by any other party.


Are you searching for a method to be free and secure your identity on the internet hide? One of the easiest ways to a person's identity is through the IP address.

SafeIP is a free tool to IP-addresses to suppress on Windows computers. Because the connection is encrypted via a proxy connection is set up, will the internet speed is always something decrease. The makers of the program try this delay to a minimum by the most closest proxy server to select.

SafeIP is a must for all Windows users that their privacy online to protect.

SafeIP has the following characteristics:

  • free your personal IP address, hide,
  • yourself a proxy server in your environment select,
  • automatically use an encrypted connection,
  • contains no advertisements and has no limitations on free use,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.


Olive is a very special program in this overview. It works slightly differently than most proxy server software. You send after installation, your "OliveCode" to the person who the proxy connection to set up. Then ask the other person to Olive-to-install and his or her "OliveCode" to share with you. After you have both the code entered is the connection with the internet established via the computer of your connection.

Purposes for this program, which the creators call to access free internet in countries in which a dictatorship can be suppressed and the use of websites and services that are only available in certain countries due to copyright issues. Examples of sites in the latter category are Hulu and BBC iPlayer. From the Netherlands, these are not normally accessible, but with the help of Olive.

This software is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. In addition, there is also a plugin available for the Google Chrome web browser.

Olive has the following characteristics:

  • direct proxy connection with another user,
  • suitable to sites and services that are not available in your country,
  • does not use a central server but a connection between users,
  • connection via an other user by both the unique "OliveCode" to exchange,
  • available for Linux, Mac and Windows desktops.


I2P is an anonymous network that is a layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. All communication is sent to the recipient by I2P is encrypted. In total, there are four encryptielagen used for the transmission of messages.

To the sent messages anonymously to create any client application, the outbound and inbound tunnels through which all the traffic is directed. This makes your data secure and allows you to chat anonymously, browsing, blogging, sharing files, etc.

This tool is not only available for desktop operating systems, but also for smartphones and tablets running Android.

I2P has the following characteristics:

  • provides anonymous internet network,
  • suitable for Linux, Mac and Windows desktop systems,
  • available for Android mobile devices.

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass! is a proxy service that lets you anonymously on the internet because your IP address is suppressed.

This service can also be used to visit websites assigned by your school or company will be blocked. Because all traffic first through the proxysite runs, so you can just use your Facebook or visit your webmail open, even when these sites are blocked by default within the network.

The service of Hide My Ass! can be used free of charge by going to the site, and the url of the site you want to visit. In addition to the free version is also a paid version where you can select IP's from different countries and where all internet traffic is encrypted. So also the internet data from applications other than your web browser.

Hide My Ass has the following characteristics:

  • anonymous surfing via a remote proxy server,
  • free and paid version available,
  • visit the sites that your organization may be blocked,
  • no download required, directly through your web browser.


ProXPN is a VPN tool for Windows and Mac. When you install connect via ProXPN all of your internet traffic is routed through a worldwide network of servers. This allows others to see your location not able to determine on the basis of your IP address. Because all the traffic is encrypted, criminals may difficult your personal data such as credit card information, steal.

The free version of ProXPN has the disadvantage that the maximum internet speed will be reduced to 300kbps.

ProXPN has the following characteristics:

  • program with which you can protect your privacy,
  • Hide IP address,
  • all data transfer using encryption to protect
  • available for Windows and Mac,
  • paid version is suitable for Android, iPhone and iPad.


If you don't have to worry about the internet freedoms and privacy that will be after 2013 or otherwise. In this year came out the American security large-scale internet data intercepted to people around the world to spy on. In addition, in may 2012, the Dutch court decided that Dutch isps, The Pirate Bay must block. This is a great platform on which links to torrent files which users can download for free. On this platform, both legal and illegal downloads, but by the platform to completely block the court will not take it into account.

It is clear that the limitation of internet freedoms and the tracking of users takes place not only in China and dictatorial countries. Also in the Netherlands and the rest of the western world to make many people worried. The free Windows program Essentially helps you to protect your privacy and free visit of website that the government is behind a blockade are placed. Originally, the software developed by opposition in China, but is now used by more than 11 million people around the world.

Essentially, let all of your traffic through a proxy server running, your IP address is suppressed. Thus, it is possible to use the proxy to visit websites in your area are blocked, and, moreover, it will be very difficult to create your computer to trace. Cookies are set by the program default is to delete. Cookies are small files that the sites you visit on your computer to store information about your browsing habits.

If you are concerned about your privacy when browsing the web then it is advisable for One to install. The program is easy to use and you do not need much computer knowledge to use it. However, you must keep in mind that internet is slower, may be because all data via a proxy server is shared.

Ultrasurf has the following characteristics:

  • free proxy server software,
  • hides the IP address of your computer,
  • remove by visited sites, stored cookies,
  • personal internet data, primarily in your browser history erase,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.


The Tor network is meant to prevent that others can figure out what is the origin and bemood of digital messages. This goal is achieved by using a network of intermediate stations where the data is sent. Tor was originally developed by the U.s. navy and is now free for anyone to download.

The Tor network consists of a chain of intermediate stations between the sender and the final destination. Track messages through a random path through several servers, the destination, by each server, an encrypted "layer" of routing information through the delete and the message is in encrypted form is forwarded to the next server. The last server sends the ongeëncrypteerde message to the final destination.

Because at each intermediate step, only the routing information through for the previous and the next server in ongeëncrypteerde form, is the road to nowhere as possible, to the origin and the destination of the message to determine. For the computer that the destination is, it seems as if the message is from the last server.

Of importance is to mention that the use of Tor does the speed of your internet connection can reduce.

Tor has the following characteristics:

  • anonymously surf the internet through a network of servers,
  • biggest global decentralized network,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Free Hide IP

Do you want to anonymously browse the internet without that people who have access to your internet traffic, such as the owner of a visited website, your location and identity can identify? One of the most important things to arrange is the hide your IP address. With this unique numeric code is easy to find what your location is and through your internet service provider can even have your subscriber data to be found.

Free Hide IP is, as the name already says, a free application for your IP address to hide. This surf and email you anonymously and access sites that are otherwise blocked because of a ban in a forum for example, or by other restrictions.

This tool works as a plugin for several popular web browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Maxthon. The use is extremely easy and you do not need any settings in the router, firewall or any other soft - and hardware to change. A nice feature that not every tool offers is the country selection menu. This lets you select the country that your IP address should be. This allows you to access websites that in the land where you sit normally cannot be visited.

Free Hide IP has the following characteristics:

  • free your own IP address is replaced,
  • anonymous surfing and email via webmail services,
  • select for themselves the country of your IP-address,
  • available as a browser plugin,
  • suitable for all popular operating systems.


Orbot is a proxy app for Android that is based on the Tor network. All your traffic is encrypted and using different computers all over the world led. In this way, for others it is almost impossible to set the IP address and the location of your computer to find out. This also applies to governments that large scale internet traffic draining and personal data about citizens to save.

When you are not only on your desktop but also on your Android smartphone and tablet anonymously on the internet want to surf then we recommend you to Orbot to install.

Orbot has the following characteristics:

  • free anonymous proxy app for smartphone and tablet,
  • makes use of the Tor network,
  • protects your privacy optimum,
  • only available for Android devices.

Download and install one of the versions programs Anonymous internet browsing for Windows 10.

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