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With an electronic learning environment (ELO) can easily distance communication are made possible. In this way, teachers and students can communicate with each other and share knowledge with each other via the online learning environment on a server on the internet.


Moodle is a free software to create an electronic learning environment to create. So, it is a CMS (Control Management System) specifically focused on educational purposes. You can use this software on a web server to install an effective online studiegemeenschap.

Through plugins and modules, you can use the functionality of Moodle to expand and with templates you can change the design of the site easy to customize. Moodle is open source software and available in several different languages.

Moodle offers you, among other things:

  • Forum - a forum, teachers and students can discuss,
  • Choices gauge - The teacher can ask a question and the students from a list of answer to choose.
  • A choice is usually used for an opinion to gauge,
  • Assignments - The teacher can have the students give a command.
  • The students are able to effects upload, or they can be directly on the electronic learning environment write a text.
  • The teacher can the files then view and rate,
  • Chat - In chat allows students and teachers live to discuss.
  • Test - The teacher may have different questions. A test can be multiple choice,
  • true/onwaarvragen, short answer questions and matching questions. This activiteitenmodule can automatically improve and numbers assign,
  • Wiki - students can work together on one document. Anyone can change the text or expand,
  • Source - In Moodle sources can be added by the upload of files to the folder "Files" and refer to it by links to internet resources, and by direct text pages or web pages to type in.


CloudCourse is a free electronic learning environment. CloudCourse is by Google developed for the internal training courses and is now offered under an open source license.

CloudCourse is fully integrated with Google Calendar. The free electronic learning environment can be used for lessons, planning, processes to complete, waiting lists to manage user profiles. The software can be tweaked to sync data with other internal systems. CloudCourse is suitable for both educational institutions and companies.

CloudCourse has the following characteristics:

  • free ELO program
  • open source,,
  • offered by Google,
  • built on Google's App Engine.


Sakai is an open source program that allows an electronic learning environment can be set up.

Sakai has the following characteristics:

  • free ELO software,
  • open source license,
  • ability to blogs to keep track of,
  • important current announcements prominently on the site,
  • wiki function for collaboration to support,
  • email archiving,
  • real-time chat,
  • discussion forums to create,
  • calendar tracking,
  • glossary for site preparation,
  • news automatically view dynamic sites using RSS,
  • syllabus post with a summary of the cursusvereisten,
  • course material creation and online posting,
  • files private share them with other users,
  • commands review, online tests and quizzes create and manage portfolios to design, publish, share
  • .


Dokeos is an electronic learning environment similar to Moodle. Dokeos is a user-friendly and flexible system to support good learning and good teaching. It can also be used to collaborate on projects.

Dokeos is available in several languages including in English.

It offers the most important functions that a webshop should expect and this can to your needs to be supplemented with easy to install modules.

Dokeos has the following characteristics:

  • conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations into learning paths,
  • documents module: Conversion of PowerPoint and Word to HTML,
  • easy-to-use test module,
  • forum: easy management of the forums and content,
  • integrated liveconferentie,
  • templates and styles for rapid online production of contents,
  • search,
  • different question types: hotspots and open-ended questions,
  • rapporteringsdashboard with export to Ms-Excel,
  • surveys,
  • educational blogs,
  • path: import and export of SCORM, IMS and AICC packages.

Instructure Canvas

Instructure Canvas is a Learning Management System. It is offered in a paid online version and as open source program that you are on a private server space for you to install.

Instructure Canvas has the following characteristics:

  • free electronic learning environment,
  • open source license,
  • integrated video / chat capabilities,
  • learning objectives set and subsequently analyze,
  • the pages with reading matter by the teacher simply photos, videos, and audio are added,
  • integrated calendar,
  • assignments to submit as a Word document, audio, video, webpage, or Powerpoint,
  • quizzes create and online decrease,
  • SpeedGrader feature that allows the teacher quickly figures for missions may determine,
  • users can create groups for their club or team.


Chamilo is an open source learning management system based on Dokeos. A group of developers has in 2010 been split out of Course out of dissatisfaction of the course, and then the Chamilo project started.

Chamilo has the following characteristics:

  • free leermanagementsysteem (LMS),
  • creating educational content,
  • results measurement and development of students tracking,
  • simple user interface,
  • synchronous and asynchronous
  • communication channels,
  • different types of teaching posts bets (for example, visual, practical, games, etc.),
  • extensive document management capabilities,
  • open source license.

Download and install one of the versions programs Electronic learning environment for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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