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In June 2012, the Netherlands adopted legislation relating to the storing of cookies in the browser of website visitors. This legislation is based on a European directive.

There is currently much uncertainty about the form in which a website for permission should ask for the placing of a cookie. What is known is that consent is not required for strictly necessary cookies, such as when information is stored about the contents of an online shopping basket. Per 1 January 2013 the OPTA legislation is going to maintain.

On this page you will find an overview of free tools that allow the website visitor to obtain consent for the storing of cookies.

Silktide Cookie Consent

Silktide Cookie Consent is a free tool that can help you to the Dutch cookie law compliance.

After you install the code on your website appears at the top or at the bottom of the site a bar in which the visitor is informed of the use of cookies. Then they can have it all block or only specific types of cookies. By default, the cookies will be divided into three types: social media, advertisements, and statistics. Each of these types can be blocked or allowed.

By default, this tool is the saving of cookies unless the visitor to this block (opt-out). You can Silktide Cookie Consent so that cookies are blocked by default unless the visitor permits (opt-in).

CIVIC Cookie Control

Cookie Control is a free widget that is offered by the British company CIVIC.

This widget appears on the left side or bottom right corner of the web page and gives visitors the ability to block cookies or not. You can set by yourself or visitors to explicitly consent (opt-in) or implied consent when cookies are not disable (opt-out).

To change the appearance to match, you can choose a light or dark color scheme for the widget. You can also change the shape of the icon to select.

To visitors from countries where no cookie law is adopted not to bother with this popup you can select in which countries of the widget will be displayed.

CIVIC Cookie Control can on every site, but offers special modules for:

CIVIC Cookie Control has the following features:

Download and install one of the versions programs Cookie legislation for Windows 10.

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