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An internet browser (also web browser) is necessary for your computer to surf the internet. By default, there is Internet Explorer on a Windows computer and Safari on an Apple computer. For standard use of the internet to meet these browsers generally. However, if you want additional features like the ability to have web pages read aloud or extra plugins to install, there are enough better alternatives. Since 1 march 2010, shows Windows one-time a option screen where the user may choose to directly use a different web browser to install.

The following browsers are all compatible for Windows, but a number of Mac OS x, and Linux. Elsewhere on this site you will find a list of free web browsers that are specifically suitable for Mac OS.


Firefox is in the top 3 of most popular web browsers. After Google Chrome and Internet Explorer this browser is the most used. Firefox is opensource software and therefore free for anyone to download.

To 2012 was Firefox always on the second place of most popular browsers. In 2012, Chrome has however, both Internet Explorer and Firefox in popularity, overtaken.

The special thing about Firefox is the huge amount of plugins that you can download for free and extra functionality to your browser add. Firefox is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

There are several browsers based on Firefox, but to focus on the further improve for example the speed or the security. Two such browserprojecten are: Pale Moon and Waterfox.

Firefox also has mobile browser apps released that are in operation and appearance, of course, different from the desktop version. Very useful is the ability to use these apps also synchronize with the software on your desktop computer or laptop. Mobile browser apps have been developed for both Android and iOS.

Firefox has the following characteristics:

  • Navigating with tabs
    Multiple web pages within one browser window, each in a separate tab,
  • Pop-up blocker
    Automatic blocking Pop-up windows. Possibility to add a website to the white list to allow desired pop-ups are displayed
  • Extensions
    Different extensibility functionality of Firefox enlarge. An example of a useful extension Gmail Checker, that the Gmail account of the user in mind,
  • Search
    Fast for text within a page, find the search bar that is called with the key combination Ctrl+F,
  • Sidebar
    In a sidebar, you can add all sorts of information to be found (downloads, history, bookmarks, etc.),
  • Themes
    Firefox is up to personal needs with the help of themes, which change the appearance (e.g. colors and icons) of the browser, affect,
  • Quick search
    By, for example, "goto "typing in the address bar ends up directly in the first search result of Google,
  • Live bookmarks
    RSS feeds as bookmarks are added. The easiest to your RSS feeds quickly to be able to keep track of
  • Video calling
    since einds 2014 is in browser, this is a call function called Hello integrated. For this you need nothing additional to install, and even an account is not necessary. You invite each other simply by from Hello an e-mail message to send.
  • Automatic updating
    Updates will be automatically downloaded and installed so you will always have the latest security updates.


Maxthon is a free web browser for Windows and Mac operating systems. You can also install it on mobile devices running on Android, Windows Phone or iOS. For the iPad and Android tablets is a separate HD app is available specially on these tablets is geared.

On all devices on which you Maxthon install, you can always have your bookmarks accessible. Maxthon Passport is in the browser integrated. This is an online account that is necessary to cloudfuncties to use. This not only allows to sync bookmarks between your different devices as possible, but also the sending of images, text and tabs to your other devices. You can use images, texts and share files with friends. A very convenient feature is the syncing of open tabs. For example, you can on your smartphone to go further with where you on your computer was still the same with surfing.

Like the other major browsers has Maxthon about a private marketplace where you free extensions and interfaces to find and install.

Maxthon has the following characteristics:

  • freeware web browser,
  • suitable for Windows, Linux and Mac desktop operating systems,
  • the version for Windows is also as portable application from a USB stick you can use,
  • synchronization between all the devices on which you use this browser install through Maxthon Passport,
  • also available for mobile platforms of Android, Windows Phone and iOS.


Safari is the free web browser from Apple. Safari is included by default if you have an Apple PC purchase. It was once possible to this browser is also free to install when you are using a Windows PC. Since July 2012, however, the link from the Safari product page of Apple removed.

Safari has a number of useful features included such as “Private Browsing” which allows your internet activities are not being saved. Apple claims that Safari websites faster to load than, for example, Firefox and Internet Explorer. In practice this seems not always to be correct.

Safari has the following features:

  • free internet browser,
  • the famous “Apple look”,
  • bookmarks,
  • automatic blocking of pop-ups,
  • convenient text search within the browser in which the searched text is highlighted,
  • tabs to have multiple websites open within one window,
  • “SnapBack” feature, where you not only are able to return to the previous page, but also to the original search results or the homepage of a website,
  • auto fill for forms where data from the address book directly in online forms,
  • built-in RSS reader,
  • “Private Browsing” feature where your online activities are stored within the browser.


Opera is a web browser with extensive features. This browser provides extended capabilities including a built-in torrentapplicatie and the ability to have a web site read aloud. You can also From version 11, supports Opera also the installation of extensions which extend the functionality even further can be extended.

Opera is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It is also developing Opera is also a browser for mobile phones.

Opera has the following features:

  • fraud protection,
  • blocking specific content to save bandwidth,
  • thumbnail on tab of the internet screen when your mouse hovers over, so you can quickly find the window you are looking for is located,
  • widgets: small applications to download for extra functionality,
  • built-in Bittorrent application,
  • add your own favorite search engine,
  • site preferences adjust, so can you, for example, cookies ward off certain sites,
  • mouse gestures, a gesture with your mouse to perform a command. This provides a considerable gain of time during the browsing,
  • password management,
  • pop-up blocking,
  • support for control via touch screens,
  • voice feature that allows you to websites can be read aloud by Opera.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. Chrome is especially noticeable due to the very tight design with little superfluous buttons or decorations. In addition, the browser is very fast with booting and loading of websites. Likewise, security is thought, so all searches default to using an encrypted connection (SSL). Using the incognito mode you can browse and perform searches without traces left behind on your computer.

Since 2012, Google Chrome is the most used browser worldwide. In that year, the both Internet Explorer and Firefox in popularity, overtaken. The use has a so in 4 years a strong growth for the first version of Chrome came out in 2008.

You can add free apps to Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store. In the same store, you can also download templates that change the appearance of the browser can completely customize.

Google Chrome is based on the open source Chromium project and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, there are also mobile apps available for Android and iOS.

Google Chrome has the following features:

  • web browser developed to be fast to be able to surf the internet,
  • suggestions for websites and searches while typing in the address bar,
  • automatic display of the screenshots of most-visited websites on the home page,
  • easily add shortcuts to favorite websites on Windows desktop,
  • use of tabs,
  • Incognito-feature that no traces of your browsing to be saved,
  • Do Not Track feature that allows you to prevent sites from your browsing habits to follow,
  • browser crashes not whole as an application within a tab crashes,
  • apps, extensions, and templates download via the Chrome Web Store,
  • integrated PDF reader.


Wyzo is a free web browser based on Firefox. The software distinguishes itself from other browsers by its integrated BitTorrent client, and downloadversneller.

The purpose of this program is to make your online media experience to improve. The home page of the browser contains a list of the most popular videos from sources like YouTube and Hulu.

Because the program is based on Firefox, you can also use all the add-ons that are available for that browser. This browser is especially suitable for people who download from the internet but also on the flexibility and the possibilities that Firefox has to offer.

Wyzo has the following characteristics:

  • fully compatible with Firefox add-ons
  • integrated BitTorrent-client,
  • download from multiple sources at the same time for the speed to increase,
  • private browsing mode in order to protect your personal information,
  • quickly switch between tabs with Ctrl + Tab,
  • suitable for Windows and Mac.

Avant Browser

Avant Browser is a fast browser for Windows operating systems. This web browser is also available in the Dutch language. Avant Browser makes only limited use of the memory and the processor of the computer.

Avant Browser can be used with three different rendering layouts: Trident, Gecko and WebKit.

Avant Browser has the following features:

  • free web browser,
  • freeware license,
  • integrated RSS reader,
  • integrated ad and popup blocking,
  • integrated download manager,
  • only suitable for Windows,
  • available in the Dutch language,
  • portable version from a USB-stick to boot.


Go launcher ex is a free browser for Windows and Mac computers. This browser is especially popular in Japan where also developed. Still has these functions that the browser may also be of interest to you. The most striking feature is that you can a app you can install on your iPhone or Android smartphone, and it can link to the browser on your computer. In the Sketch browser for Windows and Mac of phone numbers automatically have a shortcut created. When you click a number, then is a push notification sent to your phone, allowing you to instantly with this call can be made without having to writing. Also, you can in the same way, a link to internet pages or any selected text to your mobile send.

Titanium has the following characteristics:

  • free web browser for Mac and Windows,
  • developed in Japan,
  • home page is automatically filled in with information you find interesting on the basis of your browser history,
  • suitable for Windows and Mac,
  • mobile app for Android and iPhone to receive push notifications.

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a free browser Windows. Comodo, the developer of this software, is a provider of security software. This web browser is mainly focused on the increase of the safety during the use the internet and protecting the privacy of the user.

Possibilities are, among others, all internet traffic through a server to filter malware, the internethistorie not, by default, to save your location and IP address to hide.

Since Comodo Dragon is based on Chromium, you can all of the apps in the Chrome Web Store also in this browser install.

Comodo Dragon has the following features:

  • free internet browser,
  • focus on safety and protection of the privacy,
  • based on the open source Chromium project of Google,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows.


SeaMonkey is an internet suite that is not only a web browser, but also an e-mail client, IRC chat, and HTML editor.

The suite is open source and was originally developed by the Mozilla Foundation. This foundation is also responsible for the Firefox web browser. In 2005, Mozilla has decided to focus on Firefox and the standalone e-mail client Thunderbird. The further development by a group of volunteers acquired, but Mozilla regulates the infrastructure for the project. We regularly appear for new updates, so SeaMonkey is still actively maintained.

SeaMonkey is a multiplatform application and is therefore suitable for both Windows, Mac and Linux.

SeaMonkey has the following characteristics:

  • free internet suite including web browser,
  • also includes a chat and e-mail function and an HTML editor,
  • open souce license,
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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