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Many companies choose to for meetings partially webinar software. This allows all involved remote online presentations. These programs make it possible not only to image and sound to share, but also to exchange files and put together notes on a whiteboard.

On this page you can find the best free webinar programs. A program that is not in this list is included because of the long time not updated but perhaps what might be interesting is WebHuddle. is a web-based webinar tool that allows you to without installing anything, and even without logging in, a meeting can carry up to eight people. Of all eight people to be the video of the webcam and the sound from the microphone is shared.

The homepage of the service consists only of a text field. Here you can enter the name of the virtual meeting room you wish to create. Then copy and share this link with the people in the meeting are going to participate. Anyone who click on the link it will directly logged in on the vergaderkanaal. No one need first to create an account or to download a program.

Users can to a webinar to participate by visit the website on their laptop or desktop computer. Mobile users can enjoy free app for Android or iOS to download and install. has the following features:

GoToMeeting Free

GoToMeeting Free is a free service that allows you with a click of the button a webinar can start. The disadvantage that there is a maximum of three people on the webinar can participate.

Setting up an online meeting couldn't be easier. The only thing you need to do is click on the button "start a meeting" button and the vergaderlink to share via e-mail, chat or social media. You can then use the participants to talk through image and sound, and your computer screen and share documents.

GoToMeeting Free is unfortunately limited to three participants. If you have more people in a webinar, we want to organize, you can use the paid version of GoToMeeting Pro purchase or one of the other programs in this list.

GoToMeeting Free has the following features:


AnyMeeting is a popular tool for creating webinars. All users for a meeting are signed up can talk to each other, the display portions, together YouTube videos to watch, forms to fill out, questions to answer, and presentations. The service is web based, so basically you don't have to install anything. To your shared monitor to be able to see the participants have a small application to install.

At the start of a webinar, we asked what applications you with the other participants want to share and or you the bandwidth of your presentation that you want to limit. This is useful when the participants have a slow internet connection. You can also choose to use instead of individual applications, just the whole screen to share. This requires more bandwidth but has the advantage that you do not need to switch between Powerpoint and the web browser.

You can have the meeting be interactive with the chat and by the opinion of participants with a mood to gauge. Also the participants can have their status change in, for example, "have a question". When several people in that status have assumed you know as the organizer, that it is time to a round to welding.

There are several versions available including a free account. This can on one webinar session for up to 200 users participate. In the program, ads will be displayed. Other limitations of the free version versus the paid-for accounts are that there are no files during the meeting can be routed and that the webinars will not be recorded. With paid accounts you can also select the logo in the user environment customizing and be able to people by telephone by dialing in to the webinar to participate.

AnyMeeting has the following characteristics:


OpenMeetings is used for presentations and online training sessions and webinars to organize. The communication takes place via separate virtual meeting rooms. Per conference room, the security level and the video quality separately. The development of the software started in 2006 and is now in more than 30 languages, including Dutch. OpenMeetings must be made by you yourself on a private server room will be installed. Then, the users online to create an account and log in.

OpenMeetings has the following characteristics:

  • webinars, presentations and whiteboard sessions to organise,
  • available on an open source license,
  • managed by the Apache Software Foundation,
  • audio and video, organize meetings,
  • webinars, record and share your screen,
  • manage files and upload,
  • whiteboard and chat feature
  • comprehensive management system,
  • participants and virtual meeting rooms to manage,
  • private messages send and received,
  • meeting scheduling with integrated calendar,
  • stemmingsronden organize,
  • backups of all user data export and import.


BigBlueButton is an open source webinar program. Lets you build your own online vergaderplatform. Through this platform you can not only have audio and video conversations, but also give presentations with extended whiteboard functions and both public and priv├ęchatgesprekken.

Each participant of a webinar by one of the role of viewer or administrator assigned. A viewer can participate in a conversation, and webcam images to share, a virtual hand raising and chat with others. An administrator has the ability to other users to suppress or remove. He or are can other select users that are allowed to present and to gain control over the slides displayed.

BigBlueButton offers the following features:

  • install your own webinar platform,
  • has an open source license,
  • free for an unlimited number of participants,
  • participants can be public or priv├ęchats run,
  • administrator can presenter, to appoint and remove participants.


MeetingBurner is a good online service to webinars and a computer screen to share. Within a few seconds, you have created an account and you can invite people to the presentation to participate.

With a free MeetingBurner account will be limited to 10 participants in a webinar to participate. In addition, the free version few restrictions. A brief overview of the extensive possibilities you can find below.

Since the service is completely online to use works on both Linux, Mac and Windows computers. Participants don't even have a plugin to download. With the free apps for iOS and Android, people can also go on a presentation log.

MeetingBurner Free has the following features:

  • free online webinar service,
  • a maximum of 10 participants per webinar,
  • instantly share your screen,
  • web-based so suitable for all operating systems,
  • participate in audio conferences with both computer and mobile,
  • webinars attend via mobile apps for Android and iOS,
  • meetings start immediately or schedule for a later time,
  • ability to your webcam images live to the participants to stream,
  • immediately the presenter of an event, change,
  • chat features on or off during webinar,
  • adjustable webinar registration page,
  • automatic reminders via email,
  • integrated Facebook promotion tool,
  • HTML registration widget on your own site.

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is the free conference service of Google Inc. This service is completely free, but offers all the possibilities for video, voice, photos, and share documents. The service works on mobile devices on Android and iOS running within the Chrome browser on computers. Within the web browser, is a file extension installed and on your mobile devices you can free to use a separate app to install.

When your contact is not available you can still send a message. This comes in as soon as the other party to the service start. You can see in the screen when a message is read, and when your correspondent is typing.

Because Google+ Hangouts are so many possibilities, there is a little bit of time with the service to learn to work. But once you have it once mastered it is a perfect service for webinars to give and work together. To make it less boring to make, is it even possible to funny visual effects to add and soundtracks to play. In combination with Google Drive, it is even possible to remotely collaborating on projects as if you were at the same location.

In addition to Hangouts-only the selected participants can also public Hangouts organised to be called Hangouts On Air. In this last category, all users can watch.

A Hangout with an unlimited number of participants to be conducted. Live video calls are limited to 10 persons.

Google+ Hangouts has the following characteristics:

  • public or private webinars,
  • participants fascinated by apps and visual effects to add,
  • make video calls with up to ten participants,
  • unlimited number of attendees that your webinar follow,
  • chats, enter and use emoticons
  • possibility against payment to regular phone numbers to call,
  • sound and visual effects add to presentation more fun,
  • extension for Google Chrome browser,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Download and install one of the versions programs Webinar software for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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