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Do you like to go to war and your enemies? Below is a list of the best free shooting games of the moment. The list includes games for both Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Games that are not in this overview are included but which is also certainly worth visiting: Black Mesa and Team Fortress 2.


Xonotic is a well-designed shooting game for Windows, Mac and Linux. The game is free to download.

This game is based on the open source game Nexuiz. Dissatisfaction with the sale of that trademark to a commercial entity is Xonotic arise. A group of developers is from 2010, the game continued to develop under this new name.

By default, the game 18 official playing cards from small to large, 9 basiswapens and 16 full weapons. With the integrated XonStat statistics system you can get your speelresultaten follow. With the modular editor, you can set what you on the bet screen want to view. It is possible to choose the default view, additional extended display with widgets or just a minimalistic display.

Xonotic has the following characteristics:

  • free first person shooter,
  • 16 different game modes including Agony and Capture the flag,
  • based on Nexuiz,
  • suitable for Linux, Windows and Mac.

Xonotic trailer

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

"Return to castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free and legal download game.

In this first-person shooter experience to the player, the bizarre obsession of Heinrich Himmler with the occult and genetic manipulation. In the role of B. J. Blazkowicz, an Army Ranger recruited by the Office of Secret Actions (OSA), players need to various strongholds of the Third Reich infiltrate. In addition, they come face to face with super soldiers, zombies, and mutated creatures as a result of himmler's bizarre experiments.

Strengthened by enhanced QUAKE III Arena engine, Return to Castle Wolfenstein fast-paced action and provocative tension. What follows is a terrifying adventure full of action and shocking paranormal experiments, diabolical SS weaponry and bone-chilling encounters with the bloodthirsty enemies of the F├╝hrer.

America's Army: Special Forces

The game America's Army is free to download because it is funded by the U.s. army. The Pentagon hopes by this game more American young people to inspire to sign up for the U.s. army.

The big plus of America's Army is that the game is so realistic it is designed. Before you start the game, you will first need a comprehensive training to follow. So you can learn exactly what the body signals of your colleagues do. Since this game by the Pentagon itself is released, this is as realistic as possible.

America's Army is a full-fledged shooting game.

America's Army trailer

True Combat: Elite

True Combat: Elite is a game that comes from the game: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Although Wolfenstein is the basis, this game offers a very different gaming experience. True Combat is a tactical shootinggame, with an emphasis on stadsgevechten and realistic wapenfuncties. True Combat: Elite has two teams, the "terrorists" and "special operation forces".

War Rock

War Rock is a free first person multiplayer shooter. The game is free to play, only for extras such as special weapons or cards you need to pay.

War Rock is a realistic oorlogsimulator, it provides a realistic backdrop in which you the specialty of your soldier can choose from, including: doctor, sniper, engineer, etc.

You can choose from different game modes where you with up to 32 players at the same time, the fight can go on.

War Rock has the following characteristics:

  • free first-person shooter game,
  • multiplayer function,
  • up to 32 people at a time play.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is an online multiplayer game in which the player with tanks against each other to fight. There are around 500 vehicles available in the game. World of Tanks is only suitable for Windows. World of Tanks is free to play, the user can choose to have a small amount to pay for an emblem or logo on the tank.

World of Tanks has the following features:

  • free tank game,
  • multiplayer, play in teams,
  • suitable for Windows.

World of Tanks trailer

Combat Arms

Combat Arms is a free first person shooter game. The game can be done via the internet and with other users to be played. The game has more than 3 million registered users.

Combat Arms has the following characteristics:

  • first-person shooter,
  • free installation,
  • multiplayer,
  • only suitable for Windows.

Alien Arena

Alien Arena is a free first person shooter that can be played online against other users or alone against the computer. The player must help the alien creatures that he or she encounters off.

Alien Arena has the following characteristics:

  • first person shooter,
  • freeware license,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend is a free first person shooter and is released in april 2012. It is a multi-player game over the internet against others can be played.

Tribes: Ascend has the following characteristics:

  • free multi-player shooting game,
  • only available for Microsoft Windows.


AssaultCube is a free, lightweight shooting game for all the major operating systems. The program takes up little space on the hard disk. It can even over the internet against other users are played via a 56Kbps internet connection. This game is therefore very suitable to be also outdated computer to play.

You can AssaultCube play in a singleplayer and a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode features 12 different types of commands such as "deathmatch" and "capture the flag". You can use these commands alone or in teams to fulfill.

The default installation contains 26 different cards that can be played. But with the included editor you can also create new cards designs in which you and others missions can perform.

AssaultCube has the following characteristics:

  • singleplayer and multiplayer shooting game,
  • also suitable for old computer systems,
  • choose from a standard map or create a new card,
  • contains 12 different kinds of missions,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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