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Download free Virtual desktop for Windows 10

With a virtual desktop program allows you to have different virtual desktops on a operating system. On these different desktops, you can set the different open applications, organize. This gives a better overview for you as a user because not all applications more all in one desktop view.

On this page you will find a list of free virtual desktop software.


With the free program WindowsPager makes it possible to add unlimited number of virtual desktops to the Windows operating system. By right-clicking on a window, and a desktop to select it, move that program to a virtual desktop.

The program installs itself in the taskbar of the operating system. Every desktop as a separate icon right at the bottom of the display is shown. By clicking on such an icon, all windows on that desktop are opened at a time. These windows can also be moved by them to another desktop to drag and drop.

For the use of WindowsPager is not necessary to use the program first to install. The software is portable so can even from a USB stick to be opened.


Dexpot is a virtual desktop program that is free for personal use.

The program can handle the use of multiple monitors, the behavior of these displays can be adjusted independently. You can also for each individual desktop, a different background image to add.

Applications can be assigned by default to a specific desktop. You can open applications, move to another virtual desktop by dragging and dropping.


9Desks is a free virtual desktop program for Windows computers. Where Apple in the Mac operating system, the feature "Spaces" for years, the standard has integrated should Windows users install a program for the use of multiple desktops.

With 9Desks, you can have up to eight additional desktops to your workplace to add so that you there instead of one but up to nine can use (hence the name 9Desks). Between those desktops, you switch with speed dialling, or via the icon in the taskbar.

9Desks distinguishes itself from other virtual desktop software that every desktop with a password protected can be.

Further, it is possible to program windows to another desktop to move to set the rules by which programs automatically within certain desktops to be opened.

9Desks has the following characteristics:

  • free eight extra desktops to Windows add,
  • application windows, move between desktops,
  • desktops to set which programs open automatically,
  • any desktop with a personal password-protect,
  • only available for Windows operating systems.


Virtuawin is an open source program for Windows for virtual desktops to create. Allows you to applications organizing via different desktops.

Virtuawin has the following characteristics:

  • open source virtual desktop software,
  • organize open folders and programs on different desktops,
  • only available for Windows.

Virtual Dimension

Virtual Dimension is an open source program to run a virtual desktop to use on Windows computers. It includes many useful features such as an unlimited number of desktops and the ability to the settings of all these desktops individually. For instance, the wallpaper and the name.

You can desktops, select always on top should be shown and desktops by drag and drop or minimize in the system tray. Windows within a desktop are open, you can drag to another desktop.

Virtual Dimension has the following characteristics:

  • virtual desktop program,
  • windows to other desktops by dragging,
  • unlimited number of desktops open,
  • open source license.

Download and install one of the versions programs Virtual desktop for Windows 10.

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