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In times of crisis, it is always nice to have money to save. Therefore, we have made an overview of apps that can help. This allows you to, among other things, the fees for your phone plan down, the cheapest gas station find, good deals to find, and cheap second-hand items.

On this page you will find an overview of the best apps to save money. Another way to get to the end of the month money about to keep it is to save on your mobile internet usage. Have a look in our overview of free data saving apps.


All young people are nowadays using WhatsApp to send text messages and receive. The sending of text messages is unlimited, free and in addition, you can also easily take photos, voice messages and share your location with others. It is, however, necessary that both the sender and the receiver of this app on the smartphone installed.

The app itself is not free. For the iPhone costs the one-off 79 cents to get the app to buy and for Android and Windows Phone, you need an annual subscription of around 1 euro exit. Since you then will not have to pay for TEXT messages we have the app yet in this overview.

Spotzi Parking

Spotzi Parking is a free app that allows you to see how much it costs to be in the 130 municipalities in the Netherlands and Belgium to park.

The different parking zones are clearly on a card so you can instantly see where you cheaper parking. Per zone are also the times given for which the rates apply. When there are details to be reported, for example, when you are anywhere but a maximum of 2 hours parking.

Spotzi Parking has the following characteristics:

  • details consult such as maximum parking time of 2 hours,
  • zones be with the colors on a street map indicated,
  • times which must be paid on a per-zone display,
  • available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Tab App

There is almost no more annoying way to get through your money back to hit as friends that borrowed money is no longer pay back. When going out, doing errands, or when there is a birthday gift for someone is to be bought there must be paid then it is easy when one person in advance. That person is then often responsible for endless behind the loaned amount to.

The free iOS app of Tab helps you to set up a list of loaned sums of money to keep track and send reminders to friends to have this money to get back. Per transaction, you can take a photo and add a location. All transactions are also stored in the cloud and shared with other users. So can you find the one that is right for you in red the next time you make a payment to the account to settle. The app calculates itself the amounts per person when you for more persons at the same time has paid.

Tab App has the following features:

  • free app to balance of loaned sums of money to keep,
  • communication is possible with the help of push messages,
  • clarity in the overview by adding image and location data
  • add contacts using e-mail address,
  • data are also saved in a personal online account,
  • internet access is not necessary, so it is also suitable for use abroad,
  • only suitable for iPhones and iPad.

Smart Cooking App

The Nutrition centre is an independent organisation which in life are called to the Dutch citizens of reliable nutrition information.

As a supplement to existing services about nutritional values and the effects of food on the health, The Nutrition centre, an app that helps you to provide food in measured quantities to prepare and to save so you don't need to throw away.

Research shows that the Dutch are on average 150 euros per year on food disposal. The app helps to prevent this by clever recipes for leftovers show, quantities to prescribe and preservation tips for ingredients.

Smart Cooking App has the following features:

  • free app food waste,
  • offered by The Nutrition centre,
  • give preservation tips, good recipes and the correct production quantities,
  • available for Android and iOS.

Offer App

With the Listing App you can see which grocery store your favourite products in the offer. You do with this app so not all the folders by browsing to find the best bargains.

The app compares all offers from 17 Dutch supermarkets. In addition, it also shows which supermarkets in the area, and what the opening hours are. Within the app you can select a shopping list create and coupons for new products are available on request.

The app itself is free to install on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Offer App has the following features:

  • overview of all offers in Dutch supermarkets
  • overview of the supermarkets in your area with the corresponding opening,
  • available for iOS and Android.


Scoupy is a free app from Dutch soil that allows you to discounts from local companies that you can find. After the app has launched gives it automatically a list of discounts from businesses in your neighborhood. To determine your location makes the app use the GPS system in your smartphone is built in.

The actions within Scoupy are offered range from discounts on meals and products to fun activities. There are thousands of actions offered so you can in almost every Dutch place a very interesting coupon. Interesting actions you can save in a separate folder. Then, when you at the company are arrived then you can use the digital coupon directly from your smartphone to redeem. There is no printer to be used.

Scoupy has the following characteristics:

  • free smartphone app for Android and iOS,
  • local deals from thousands of Dutch companies,
  • automatically an overview of the deals are for businesses in your immediate area,
  • interesting discounts in a separate folder within the app store,
  • coupons redeemed through the app itself.

Court Of Auditors Free App

The Court of auditors is a television program on the TELEVISION, in which journalists investigate what exactly we products pay and which costs are built up.

On the occasion of a broadcast about apps that the creators decided to create a mobile app of its own to bring that allows users to see what free things they have in the surroundings you can visit. This can, for example, free museums, concerts, walks, lectures or sightseeing. Within the app, a list will be displayed with all the free trips in the neighborhood or a map where all of these outings are shown.

By on an outing to clicking will take you to a detailed description with the days on which you can visit, and a link to the website. Via the route button is the shortest way to the getaway calculated.

When you have a free getaway do not know in the app is included than you can add it. Thus, in cooperation with all the users with a complete list of free activities in the Netherlands.

Court of auditors Free App has the following features:

  • all the free places to visit in the surrounding area in a list or on a map,
  • released by the KRO,
  • includes descriptions and opening hours of activities,
  • direct is the shortest route by using the route button,
  • available for iOS and Android.


Groupon is the most popular site in the Netherlands for promotions.

You can get a discount on restaurants, travel, articles, and leisure-time activities. The app allows you for which cities you specific offers to receive. By the app to pair with your Groupon account, you can direct coupons to purchase and save it in your account. From the app you can get an overview of the purchased coupons to consult.

The Groupon mobile app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone.

Marketplace App

Marketplace knows, of course, everyone. It is the most visited site of the Netherlands to second-hand articles to buy and to sell.

When you are looking for something, it can never hurt to take time on ebay to look. There is always someone who makes a product wants to sell what you are looking for. The mobile app Marketplace is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

An advantage of the use of the second-hand range with your smartphone is that you can respond immediately by pressing the call button clicking.

With the app, it is possible to search on price and location. By clicking on the button "Marketplace Listing" button, you will get a overview of the daily deals that Marketplace itself is offered.

Marketplace App has the following features:

  • used items,buy and sell,
  • search articles which are sold near you,
  • your own bids on products,
  • ads from the app, share with friends,
  • comments on offered by you receive the products,
  • suitable for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


TankZe shows the fuel prices of almost all gasoline stations in the Netherlands. The prices are continuously updated so that you always have the current prices see.

This iPhone app costs 69 cents, but then you can immediately start saving on your petrol. In the settings you can select whether you are euro 95, diesel, super or LPG re-fuelling. You can also use less conventional fuels to select such as bio diesel, red gasoil and plus 98. You can also check which brands, whether or not the summary should be included.

You can find the list of gas stations to organize by price, distance or brand. When you see a gas station will give you the address and the location on the map. Via the button "route" the shortest route to the station.

In addition to filling stations near your current location, you can also stations on the basis of an entered postal code.

The TankZe app is only available for the iPhone. The app of the Gasoline-Jip provides a similar service that is available for both iPhone and Android. Gasoline-Jip is free to install.

TankZe has the following characteristics:

  • fuel prices of petrol stations in the Netherlands show,
  • easily the cheapest gas station in your area,
  • only suitable for iPhone.

Download and install one of the versions programs Money saving apps for Windows 10.

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