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A bible is not only on paper to study. With special software and apps can you the bible on your computer, tablet and smartphone reading. On this page you will find an overview of free Bible software and mobile apps.

Are you looking for a good presentation for the organization of religious services? Then take a look at the open source program OpenLP.


e-Sword is an advanced and easy to use bible program. When a function makes the tool more difficult to use than removes the developer this again. This will keep the software accessible for everyone. There is also a mobile iOS app for iPad and iPhone released.

e-Sword contains bible texts including a word processor, to studies, to work, an audio player for sound clips and a tool to display images. It is so much more than just a digital bible. The advanced features help in performing extensive bible studies.


Bible+ is a free bible study program for Mac and Windows. Also, there are mobile apps for Android devices, the iPad and the iPhone.

Bible+ is one of the most comprehensive tools in this category. It looks incredibly beautiful and includes digital maps that show where passages in the bible happened. When you have an online account to be the Bible+ data between your mobile devices and laptops synchronized. In the online shop from the creators download you for an additional fee study bibles.

Bible+ has the following features:

  • free bible study software and app,
  • desktop application for Mac OS and Windows,
  • mobile apps for Android and iOS.


BPBible is a free Bible software for laptops and desktops that run on Windows. The program contains digital texts, a search function, a notes function and a dictionary.

BPBible is released under a GPL license and is completely free.

BPBible has the following characteristics:

  • free Bible software,
  • in addition to digital biblical texts, it also contains a notes and search function,
  • has a built-in dictionary,
  • available only for Microsoft Windows systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Bible for Windows 10.

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