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It is possible to use free software files, such as music and movies to download. These programs are mostly peer-to-peer software. This means that the files that you download are also available at the same time proposes to the others to these of you to download. In this way, we created a network where everyone can share each other's files.

The making available of copyright-protected files to others, the upload, is punishable in the USA. Also the download is since 2014 prohibited. To look for in advance if it is allowed to share a file or not.


Flud is one of the best BitTorrent client apps for Android devices. This share and download files on your tablet or smartphone.

Since the end of 2014 a stable version of Flud offered. This is free, for a fee, install a torrent client that no ads will be shown.

Flud can deal with all torrent files and can be linked to so-called magnet-links within web pages. When you click such a link in the mobile browser, click this torrent file automatically with Flud downloaded. This works Flud on a mobile Android device so more or less the same as a BitTorrent on a laptop computer.

This app is a must for owners of an Android device! Unfortunately, there are for iOS (the mobile operating system for iPhones and iPad) none at all torrent clients are available. This is because Apple prohibited apps with this functionality out of the App Store, and more.

Flud has the following characteristics:

  • free mobile torrent download client,
  • download and share without limit,
  • supports RSS for automatic download of files,
  • recognize "magnet"links in the browser so that it directly with Flud to be opened
  • the possibilities for encryption, filtering of IP addresses and the use of proxies,
  • it can be set that the download only takes place with a Wi-fi connection,
  • only available for Android mobile operating systems.


Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a Java BitTorrent client. With the freeware program can torrents be downloaded, a popular way to quickly make movies and music (often illegally) to download. Vuze works just like Bittorrent with so-called "torrents" that you can download from sites like Pirate Bay and isoHunt.

Vuze supports Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. Vuze makes it possible to have multiple downloads in a single GUI to manage it.

The Vuze software also gives the user detailed options, information and configuration. During the download of a Torrent, it is possible the following information:

  • the files that are being downloaded,
  • what percentage of each file and or ingredient still merge required, and the availability of that file,
  • of whom is downloaded, their download and upload speeds, their port, their IP address, their client and more options when you super-seed,
  • download and upload rate, the remaining download time, the files and trackerinformatie.

The functionality of Vuze may, in addition, through various plugins will be expanded.

Find music, movies, and other files works the same as in BitTorrent. Look for the explanation about how these files can be found in the description of BitTorrent above.

WARNING: the sharing (uploading) of copyrighted material is punishable in the USA.


BitComet is a P2P software application that you can search for files, upload and download. The freeware application, BitComet makes use of the BitTorrent network.

BitComet offers you, among other things:

  • simultaneously download files,
  • wachtrijfunctie for downloads,
  • chat,
  • possibility of speed limits,
  • fast-resume,
  • IP-filter.

BitComet also has an embedded Internet Explorer window integrated. Thus the search for the correct torrent files much easier. There is a basic list of websites that torrents offer added.

WARNING: the sharing (uploading) of copyrighted material is punishable in the USA.


Tribler is not only a BitTorrent client, but also an audio and video player and search engine for media files. So, you can from one program media to search, download, and play. You can search for media files shared by other users, but also via Tribler, search on online video services such as Liveleak and Youtube.

On the basis of your history and all the friends you can add within Tribler automatically new media advised that to fit your interests.

The program is by the Dutch government financed and developed by a team affiliated to the Technical University Delft and VU university in Amsterdam. So, there is a not-for-profit behind this software, with the advantage that in the program no irritating ads are shown. Everything is in the development focused on creating a good user experience.

Tribler has the following characteristics:

  • free BitTorrent client,
  • search in the files of other Tribler users,
  • integrated search for video on online portals such as Youtube and Liveleak,
  • search within different categories such as audio, video, and photos,
  • developed in the Netherlands, at the university of Delft,
  • suitable for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu Linux,
  • open source.

WARNING: the sharing (uploading) of copyrighted material is punishable in the USA.


eMule is the name of an open-source P2P client. Both the Kadnetwerk as the eDonkey2000 network (eD2k network) is used. eMule is known that especially larger files to share, such as entire movies and music albums.

By uploading to users collects you credit so that you higher in the queue of that user to connect. It is of no use to the upload speed is very low. A user must have with a minimum speed of 10KB/sec upload with full speed to be able to download. Uploading more supplies in the longer term a higher speed. Users are thus more or less forced to make their contribution, what the range of files only increases.

The download speed with eMule is depending on the other users you're connected to. Popular files with many sources can therefore faster to download than files that only few users will be offered.

WARNING: the sharing (uploading) of copyrighted material is punishable in the Netherlands.


uTorrent is a lightweight freeware bittorrent client. uTorrent has many of the features of other torrent clients, but it stands out because the very little attachment on your computing resources. So has this Torrent client is very little computer memory needed, and so you do not suffer from a slower PC.

The free uTorrent software is available in many different languages, including English.

µTorrent has the following characteristics:

  • free torrent files download
  • a very small and efficient Torrent client,
  • little computer memory,
  • uTorrent takes up very little space on the hard drive.

WARNING: the sharing (uploading) of copyrighted material is punishable in the USA.


FrostWire is an open source peer-to-peer download application. FrostWire is used to transfer files with other P2P users to exchange movies, music, photos and software.

FrostWire used to use the Gnutella network to share files, just as LimeWire. Since June 2011, the program switched to the sharing of files through the BitTorrent network. In addition to that the program is suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, there is also an app available for Android.

FrostWire has the following characteristics:

  • BitTorrent client for large files to share
  • does not contain any adware or spyware,
  • open source license,
  • iTunes integration,
  • firewall transfer support,
  • support of internet radio,
  • support torrent magnet links,
  • integrated chat rooms,
  • suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux,
  • also a mobile app available for Android.


Transmission is a BitTorrent client for Mac and Linux you free can install. This open source software is one of the most popular clients for the Mac. In many Linux distributions is Transmission included as standard, including Fedora, Ubuntu and Solaris.

Transmission supports downloading via magnet links. By on a torrentsite clicking on the magnet link you don't need one .torrent file to download, as was previously the case.

Transmission has the following characteristics:

  • open source BitTorrent client,
  • low CPU usage,
  • support for magnet links,
  • no meegebundelde toolbars or ads,
  • suitable for Mac and Linux.


Bittorrent is the first program that made use of torrents. Still it is one of the most popular software in this category. This freeware program is very easy to install and use.

The use of torrents is particularly useful if you have large files, such as entire CD's, or movies to download, but a program such as BitTorrent can also be used for the downloading of individual music tracks and short movies.

The operation of BitTorrent is as follows: after installation of the program you searching for torrent files. These are identified by the file extension " .torrent" If you have any .torrent file has been found and you want the corresponding data to download just click this and you indicate that this file needs to be opened with BitTorrent. The rest is easy. Today is usually made use of Magnet links. These are very small files of around 1MB which only refer to one .torrent-file. This is then searched for and downloaded from the computer of another user who shares the file. Then start the real download automatically.

A way to search for torrent files is by using Google to search the name of the file you are looking for and there ".torrent" to add to it including the quotation marks. Then Google sites that the torrenbestand offer.

When you have a smartphone or tablet that Android runs, it is also possible to from your mobile device the downloads to start, track, and pause on your computer occur. For this you will need the mobile app to download in Google Play and an online account via the BitTorrent website. This service has the name BitTorrent Remote.

There is also another Android app that allows you to files directly on your smartphone or tablet can download without the intervention of a computer. This app is called BitTorrent® - Torrent App.

WARNING: the sharing (uploading) of copyrighted material is punishable in the Netherlands.

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